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Sneak Peek, my new book

In a store near you early your order with your favourite store today....are you ready to activate your 'itchin to stitch' fingers? Coz here is a sneak peek at the front cover for my new book....rainbow cottage (OK, and and some of the inside). The front cover looks fabulous, I hope you like it too? It took me ages to choose which picture I wanted on the cover, Cath Conroy the photographer has once again done an excellent job.
Colour floods each page in the book, there are five 'must do' stitchery projects and Leanne May of Candlelight Creations and I have developed a new range of handpainted buttons just for the projects in this book.


Happy Stitching

First book proof....

Yesterday was very exciting, mum and I set off early heading to Brisbane to meet with Lara the very talented young lady who worked with me on both my books Friends For Christmas and An Angels Wish. Lara designs the covers and does the layout for my books. We were to see the first proof of the book and I was to have my photo taken for inclusion in the book.


Here we are choosing which picture should be used in my new book, its amazing the pictures went straight from Caths camera to her computer, we could see instantly if any of them were any good. Personally I thought they were all awful....why is it that as a child we all want our picture taken but as adults we all want to run away and hide??


Lara has made a mock up of the book, which is absolutely gorgeous, next job is to proof read and to decide exactly which picture I want on the front cover.....think I have decided....but since its a secret I cant tell you.......he he he

An Angels Wish combined with Fox and Friends

I thought I would share this picture with you, it came to me from a lady called Lynda whom I think you will agree has had a great result combining two of my patterns. The basis of the quilt has come from my book An Angels Wish and Lynda has very cleverly added componenets from the pattern Fox and Friends resulting in a very lovely quilt.


Thank you Lynda for sharing this quilt with me. If anyone else has something they have made from one of my patterns I would love to see it.

Confessions of a blond!

Ok, I have to confess I have been blond for almost three months.....yes I know I should have told you before but its taken a while to get used to having been a wild red head for....hmmm....about 15 years! For now heres a picture of the new blond me with my gorgeous husband, I promise a better photo soon. I am off for a photo shoot for my new stitchery book due out early June and we will be doing a new potrait of me for that.


our 'weekday' weekend

A couple of our friends recently stayed at Woolumbin Palms Retreat and having had a good time they suggested that we too might enjoy it. There are three logdes that you can choose to stay in, each with its own different character. We chose Altwood Lodge, I am sure that Fred Flintstone lived in it once! Cut into the hill and made using huge boulders, huge hunks of local timber, lots of glass and totally secluded, there was even an outdoor spa and shower. Breakfast arrived in the shape of homemade hot bread, freshly squeezed OJ, bacon, eggs etc via a pulley system lowered from the hill above, which hapened to also be the roof of our lodge!


On the road into Uki, NSW we stopped at a gorgeous fruit and Veggie stall where the very helpful Patrick helped us to choose some delicious ladyfinger bananas and we were spoilt for choice with the vegetables.