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The parcel arrived...


Yipee, my PO Box this afternoon was stuffed full, partially due to the huge quantities of mail that my parents-in-law are having re-directed to us whilst they travel around Australia for the next six months and secondly because I was very naughty and ordered some fabric from Candleberry Country.
Well you will have to agree its scrumptious, Natalie sneek peeked the fabrics on her blog and I have low fabric resistance syndrome so I ordered 20cm cuts of everything Natalie had in the range but had bigger chunks of the sampler ones.....mmm....now I need to get drawing. The colours in the photo are a bit brighter than the actual fabrics, as you would expect from blackbird designs the colours are slightly muddy and interesting, I particularly like the dirty turquiose, its very exciting. On my one day list is the quilt from their book Home Sweet Home although which colourway would I make it in as I love both shown in the book? Has anyone made it? Or at least started? Maybe I could make mondays 'stitch something for me day' how about that for an idea?


Miniature Quilt

Here on the Sunshine Coast its been raining heavily all night and I have to say it looks as if its going to contiue all day which is excellent as the rain is needed. So in an attempt to keep warm I have a million layers on!
Today I thought I would share with a wonderful miniature quilt that I bought when I was in America a couple of years ago. 'North Star' is truly a masterpiece, made by Kate Adams to 1" scale, as you can imagine some of the pieces in the flying geese and incredibly small. Its stitched entirely by hand and a very careful selection of fabrics from the makers own collection of antique fabrics have been chosen to create the right look.


Adventures with Hugo

Hugo has been with us all week and we have had many adventures as our job is to socialise him so that he is not distracted/frightened by anything. We have had lunch with our 'buddy' Ngaire and her dog Aslan, been in a lift, visited a worksite, played tennis....no that was Tom, we just watched! Today we went into Woolworths which was very necessary as we were totally out of food! Yes, I had been avoiding the supermarket all week (yes, I am a chicken), as it turned out Hugo was on his best behaviour and coped well even though there were lots of weird noises, the really good thing is that now we will be able to eat again!
Hugo had a photo session this morning, here he is in his 'working coat' and doesnt he look gorgeous.
We are going to have such an adventurous year with Hugo and dont forget you could be a part of a SEDA dogs life by becoming a puppy trainer like me or by giving a donation.
woof from Hugo

Fresh Hope patterns

Today I approved the proof for a new pattern that I have donated to Fresh Hope. It is a baby sampler stitchery with instructions for both a boys and a girls version.
Let me tell you about Fresh Hope, they are a charity based near Toowoomba in Queensland. Fresh Hope offer live in accomodation for mothers and their children whilst the mother learns to live without alcohol or drugs, during their time with Fresh Hope they are also encouraged to acquire some skills that will help them get back into the work force and regain some self esteem.
Several designers were invited to design and donate a pattern to Fresh Hope patterns, these patterns are available from your favourite quilt shop, check out the Fresh Hope web site for more information about the patterns and the home itself.
I know that there will be many of you who want to support such a worthy cause and some of the patterns are just gorgeous, go on add one to your collection today!

Slept through the night..

Hugo has arrived and we all fell instantly in love with him and judging by the warm sleeping puppy by my feet he feels quite at home already!
We put him to bed on his gorgeous Australian wool bed which kept him snug all night in the laundry as instructed by Bev our puppy carer instructor. We were quite expecting a crying puppy at some time in the night or the early hours but nothing until 6.30am, brilliant!

I am sure that I wont get much stitching work done today!

Still waiting but not patiently...

I have got three new things drawn up and I dont know which one to do first.... hmmm... think I will go and play in the fabric heap... or maybe I need to go to a quilt shop as nothing I have is right!!! In any case who wants to use old fabrics and I know that the stores near me have just got a whole heap of yummy new stuff..... yipee off I go
Anyhow I am scoffing a bar of chocolate (its only small, problem is I bought two!) and planning dinner and just waiting..... for Hugo to arrive so I can take his photo so you can all get to see him....only 4 hours to wait.

I'm so excited...

....cant wait to tell you all that tomorrow we are going to have the pleasure of welcoming Hugo a ten week old puppy into our home. Hugo is a 'Seeing Eye' puppy in training and with a year of nurturing from us will hopefully graduate and become a seeing eye dog. Seeing Eye Dogs Australia are wonderful, we had decided that although we miss our beloved dog who passed away last year we did not want to make another 10 year commitment. On hearing about the wonderful job these dogs do and how much volunteers are needed it seems a perfect solution for us and we eagerly await the arrival of Hugo......only 18 hours to Hugo!

The Dalai Lama....

With tickets in hand we set of at the crack of dawn (well 7.15am) for our very own Australia Zoo to see the Dalai Lama launch kindness week here in on the Sunshine Coast. The queue as you can see went round the car park a couple of times, 5000 people patiently waited to be seated in the crocoseum.


Terri, Bindy and Bob Irwin introduced his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The message from the Dalai Lama is a simple one, to show kindness to everything and everyone.

We bought some traditional Tibetan prayer flags to hang up at home, the profit from the sales of these flags is going to Karuna hospice services, why not get some prayer flags of your own to hang up.



Sydney trade show and my new BOM

The trade show was great, I love to catch up with all the store owners and to try to tempt them to my new products. The notepads went down very well and I feel sure they will be in a store near you within the week, if not you know what to ask for!
Dscn3238_2I revealed my new block of the month quilt called Pond House, everyone loved it, including all the men who felt it was a quilt they could live with! As you can see my feline friend was very happy to contribute her considerable expertise to help stitch the binding on!
I have used fabrics collected from far and wide and had alot of fun over the weekend looking through the fabrics that will be in the stores soon and I am pleased to report that there are lots of gorgeous sludgy fabrics around.....mmm...my stash will be growing again soon.Signature
The ladies at Honeysuckle Cottage have already got this one on their web site so if you are interested take a look.