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Ready for action..

I have been feeling a bit flat since the wedding but today I am feeling very inspired by some new fabrics that I bought from The Quilters Barn when I visited them at the Stitches and Craft show in Sydney recently.


The half done stitchery I have put with the fabrics is from the pattern 'Welcome Home',see picture below. I am just playing with the fabric and thread colours at the moment...not sure what the fabric will emerge into but I am very happy with the fabrics.... so its pencil and paper out for me after lunch and I wonder what I will come up with??

If you are interested in the stitchery with the little outback house on just ask your local quilt shop if they have the pattern, if they dont maybe they will order it in for you. Or try Kim at Honeysuckle Cottage here in Australia or
Dragonfly Dreams, isnt that a lovely name for a shop!


Gorgeous_boyHugo our SEDA puppy is growing so much and he is trying to be such a good boy... my dad has a saying 'when he is good he is very very good and when he is bad he is horrid'.... this is very true of Hugo!

On that note I will leave you with this gorgeous sign that I was sent a picture of....


Have you seen any good signs recently???

The wedding day arrives...

Many areas on the Sunshine Coast has had almost 1 metre of rain in 4 days.... which has caused some very serious flooding in many areas and as you can imagine everyone was very concerned about 'the wedding' on Sunday but we woke Sunday morning to a perfect blue sky, thank you to everyone for their prayers for a fine day. The official photographs wont be available until David and Shona get home from their honeymoon on South Mole Island. So here are a few of our snapshots.

Here I am with the groom, who was a bit nervous waiting for his bride..

The gorgeous couple...

As you can see the brides dress was very daring at the back...

Footwear suitable for a Australian wedding?

Signing the register...

Dave and Shona asked Gran if she would make their wedding cake, for years Gran has made a chocolate orange drizzle cake for all the boys birthdays each year and so of course this was what David wanted for his wedding cake only a very large version! After many practise runs at making such a large amount to test for cooking time etc, Gran produced the most amazing cake and Grandad made the cake stand. I think you will all agree they did a great job...



Mum, Dad and me...

The proud mothers...

We had a fabulous day and as you can imagine, there are lots more photos, I hope that you have enjoyed sharing a part of this very special day with me.

Workshop project...

Remember I mentioned before that I was going to be teaching at Canberra Needlework in November this year.... well Jo and Robyn enjoyed the punchneedle DVD that I did with Homespun Magazine so much that they thought a punchneedle/stitchery project would be perfect for their store.
Technically I am going to Canberra for a wedding, my favourite cousin Christine and her family live just outside Canberra and its thier number two son, Tom who is getting married. Christine and I grew up together in Dorset, England, we went to school together, we got married the same year, our eldest boys were born within 4 days of each other but not in the same hospital as we lived on different sides of the town and came under different catchment areas! The next boys arrived within 2 weeks of each other albeit on the other side of the world to each other as Christine and her family moved to Australia some 10 years before I came.
OK, enough family waffle, as you can imagine we are still very close and its very exciting to be able to share those special moments.
Back to the project for Canberra Needlework, if you are interested in coming along for the workshop I would love to meet you have a chat with Jo and Robyn, they are putting togther kits for the workshop to ensure that everyone has what they need for the morning which I think is a brilliant idea.

If you cant join us in Canberra for a workshop because you live interstate or overseas as many of you do! Dont worry the pattern for this 'Lovebirds Purse' will be available early November after the workshop.


PS. Only two more days until my eldest son gets married and for those of you who are worried that I havent got my outfit yet, dont worry I do.... going shoe shopping in a moment... oh and I need to look for some earrings as my DH bought me a gorgeous necklace... pictures after Sunday!

Today, I thought I would make something delicious for dessert, so lime and ginger creme brulees are on the agenda. Having chosen from the zillions of recipies that I have tagged in my recipie magazines I decided one from my March 2006 Delicious magazine....yummy.
As you can see I needed tha aid of a bar of chocolate! Yes, it was delicious too!

Also an update on Hugo, thank you to everyone who sent their good wishes for a speedy recovery when he had a limp. After a couple of weeks rest, it would appear that thankfully it was probably just growing pains! He has grown so much, he loves to play in the garden and
on the beach, he is so sweet natured (if a little stubborn) and of course we love him dearly. It will be very hard to give him back, but the person to whom he will eventually go to needs him far more than we do.
I hope that you have a fun weekend, Tom my 14yo has tennis tomorrow morning and Vince my DH is going cycling at the crack of dawn (not my best time of day) and I am busy working on a punchneedle combined with stitchery project that I am going to teach at Canberra Needlework in November this year. Keep looking as I will post a picture of the project later next week.... to see if I can tempt you to come and have fun with us in Canberra.

Works in progress

Earlier in the week I recieved a lovely email and pictures from the lady in France who was the winner of 'My Sewing Bag' pattern. She was very thrilled that she had won the pattern and I am equally thrilled to have received this picture of her bag in progress. She tells me that she has stitched it using the new Variations threads from DMC, I think it looks great. If you are interested in making your own 'My Sewing Bag' the pattern is available from your local quilt store or by mail order from Honeysuckle Cottage, or Moore Patchwork and Quilting both have an excellent mail order service.
This same lady is also enjoying working on one of my christmas quilt patterns 'Santas Blessings', this is one of my favourite quilts and she tells me that her young children are already dreaming of Christmas! This quilt pattern is available from your local quilt store or by mail order from The Patchwork Angel here in Australia, if you live in Europe try Cotton and Color. If you live in the USA try the wonderful ladies at Homespun Hearth. The Patchwork Angel also offers a starter bundle of fabrics to get you started which is great, then you can add to the bundle with fabrics from your own stash, making your quilt quite individual.
I had a student in a 'Santa's Blessings' workshop a couple of years ago who had come up with a lovely idea, instead of doing the fly stitch embroidery on the baubles she was embroidering her family names onto them, what a great idea.
Thank you to the winner from France (you know who you are!) for sharing your pictures of My Sewing Bag and Santas Blessings, its lovely to see my designs being made by other people.

Skippy the Kangaroo

Thought I should share this with you, my husband called me the other morning from outside to say "there's a kangaroo hopping down the our road, quick come and see" .... "ha ha" was my reply "I am not in the mood for a joke."
I really needed to finish the stitching I was working on as I had to get it in the mail that afternoon for a magazine project deadline. Vince insisted I came and lo and behold there was a huge kangaroo hoping happily down the road! He hadn't read the signs to see it was a no through road and so he had to hop past us again and although its not a brilliant picture I was ready with my camera!


My mum just phoned me to see which day I am going to take her out so we can choose something for me to wear for my eldest sons wedding.... I really do not like clothes shopping...but mum is right its only two weeks until the wedding and I really should have something new to wear! I am truly hopeless at knowing what I look good in, what colour should I have etc etc. The only thing I am good at buying is shoes, I love them and we have a couple of absolutely gorgeous shoe shops here on the coast... I am hoping that when I have my new outfit I will need some shoes too! I have managed to put off looking for anything until next week!

Still opening boxes

Yesterday morning after a 3 month wait for my specialist appopintment I went to have a mini operation on my eyelid....YUK. Consequently most of yesterday was spent feeling very sorry for myself, not because of how much the injection into my eyelid hurt... trust me I wanted to scream it hurt so much but I now have rather alot of eyelashes missing.....apparently they will grow back....which I sincerely hope is true otherwise I need eyelash implants!
This morning I have returned to emptying boxes and found a couple of treasures, two samples that i had thought were lost were crushed in between some 'fragile' glass vases... I dont know what those packing men were thinking!
This is 'A Bees Life Bag' from my weekend project range of patterns, its a simple bag that has been very popular, partially because so many people love the bee theme.
Another pattern from my weekend project range is this gorgeous 'Redwork Needlecase' is one of my favourites, it looks great in any clour and is quick to make as a pressie for a friend.
There are lots more great projects for you to choose from, to have a look at the others look in the Weekend Project photo album, be sure to ask at your local quilt store to see the patterns from this range.
Whatever you are stitching this week I hope you are enjoying it

It must be spring?? Well maybe not quite yet but I seem to have the cleaning and tidying bug and wow it feels good. I cant believe how many boxes I have still not unpacked since we moved to this house and the terrible fact is we have been in this house for two years, two years last sunday in fact!
I love this house, its a very modern open plan house which is great for our warm climate. Most of the walls on the water side of the house (which is the back of the house) are large bi-fold doors which we have open all summer to catch any breeze that may be out there! The floors throughout are tiled this is to help keep us cool, we do have a few rather gorgeous persian carpets and the bedrooms are carpeted.
So first of all I thought I would share with you the view to my left as I work at my computer.
Then the view across the room from where I sit.
I hope that you have enjoyed a sneek view of some parts of my house?
I must get back to a few more boxes as I have now become obsessed with looking in them all....yeah well I have good intentions about unpacking them all but some of them have boring stuff in them and I have no idea what to do with it.....so its back into the box with it!