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Workshop in Canberra..

We had a great wedding anniversary, thanks to everyone for their good wishes. We just popped down the road to the Hyatt at Coolum and had two luxurious nights there. We pampered ourselves with a fabulous massage at the sun spa and some gorgeous food, it was lovely to just enjoy each others company.
Love_bird_purseNow I am home and my thoughts have turned to this coming weekend when we are travelling to Canberra where my cousins son is getting married, I have been very organised and got my outfit already.... most unusual for me to be organised with clothes!
On Saturday morning I am teaching at Canberra Needlework, for this workshop I have designed a very gorgeous punchneedle purse that combines punchneedle and stitchery rather effectively, the pattern is called 'Lovebird Purse' and will be released later this month.
bye for now
Signature PS. Another piece of the puzzle....

Wedding anniversary..

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and I have been told this morning to pack a bag for two nights as we are going somewhere after work tonight... just the two of us! Ma and Pa are going to have Tom (14yo) and Hugo (dog) for us, which they will both love as they get spoiled rotten! I have no idea where we may be going, there are so many lovely places to stay near us, what will I pack?
I will post the winning receipients their patterns today, thanks for getting back to me so quickly with your postal addresses.
Here's the next piece of the jigsaw puzzle.... he, he, what a tease I am....

Oh and here is one of the blocks from the quilt just done on its own and framed in a gorgeous rustic frame, I think it looks good. I am half way through a different block in this colourway to frame as they will look good in my bedroom together. My bedroom is mostly beige with splashes of red.

Talk to you all when I get back,


Congratulations to the winners of one of my new patterns, they are Kicsikato from Hungary, Fiona from New Zealand and Chris A from Australia. If you would like to email me with your postal address and which pattern you would prefer I will get them of to you in the post. Thank you so much to everyone for all the wonderful comments.
Now I have had a bit of a fun trying to make a photo jigsaw this morning as you can see I am not very good at photoshop techniques yet but I thought this would be a bit of fun... keep watching this space...


Launch date here in Australia November 1st, hope your tempted?

New fabric, cat help and winners...

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments about my designs. Every morning when I look at my emails its been a thrill, its so exciting to know that there are lots of you who are enjoying stitching my designs and from so many places around the globe! Thank you, I love my job and having you all out there so close and yet so far is a real thrill. Tomorrow, I will put everyones names into a hat and draw a winner for the lampshade pattern and a winner for the bag pattern... so watch this space!
Thought I would tempt you all with a back view of my new BOM, 'My Home or Yours'.... sorry I know you all want to see the front! As you can see one of my cats was helping me to put the binding on! The patterns will be ready from Nov 1st and I will let you know who has them available online.
I popped into one of my favourite local patchwork stores on the way to pick Tom up from school this afternoon and opps! I came home with some gorgeous new fabrics.... my fingers are itching to get stitching...but first I need to do some drawing.
Hugo is jealous as I have put a picture of Fat Kat he wants his picture here too. So here is a cute one of him fast asleep on his blanket! Ahhhh isnt he cute!
bye for now


Thank you...

Collage Its so exciting getting messages from people around the world who are working on my designs, currently there is a group of ladies in France who are each making a Santas Blessing quilt, hopefully in time for Christmas. Of course the good thing about Christmas is that it comes around every year! This year I am going to buy a new tree, we generally use pretend trees here in Queensland as its so hot at Christmas that a real one would only last a few days.... I really miss the wonderful smell of a real tree. Anyhow, I wanted to share with you the wonderful pictures that the French ladies have sent to me. As you can see they are doing a great job and the quilts are looking fabulous, thanks ladies in France for sharing with me.

I have just received a couple of copies of my new patterns, if you would like to win one leave me a message and you can go into the draw to win a copy.

I look forward to hearing from you

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum...

Having just watched The Pirates Of The Carribean, I have to say Johnny Depp is gorgeous! I definitely prefer his pirate make up to his Willy Wonka make up! Seeing pirates made me think I should do a 'show and tell' of my Pirate Treasure quilt. As you can see I also had alot of fun making a cushion and decorating a cardboard treasure chest, first I painted the box and had alot of fun stencilling anchors and ropes on the inside, then I fused the fabric pirates, trees and treasure chest onto the outside, exactly the same way as you would onto fabric but no stitching! I then gave the whole chest a coat of varnish to seal it and I have to say the end result is fun. My boys love it and I am sure yours will too. Penny at The Patchwork Angel has the patterns in stock, she is also offering starter bundles of fabric which is a great way to get your quilt started.
Thank you too to everyone for the wonderful comments about my new BOM.... coming soon.... when it comes back from the wonderful Belinda who is quilting it for me I will show a full picture and gives some links to shops that are stocking the patterns and who are offering the block of the month program... keep watching this space!
Have fun stitching today

My busy week...

This last week has flown by, I picked my youngest son (14yo) and my parents up from the airport on Wednesday, it was so good to see their smiling faces, they had been visiting family and friends in the UK for the last 5 weeks and I have missed the dreadfully.
Off_to_the_quiltersDuring their absence I have been frantically drawing and stitching, I enlisted the help of one of my wonderful stitching ladies and today I am putting the finishing touches to my new quilt "Your Home Or Mine", the theme is houses of course! As we completed each block it was definately 'the favourite', now they are all done I love them all and 'the favourite' is the one I am looking at that moment! I know you will all love it too. The 12 different blocks of this quilt besides being really cute combine applique, stitchery and english paper piecing they will be available two ways for purchace, either individually as I think they would look great framed, you could make a series of cushions with your favourite ones, maybe you will want to make only four as a smaller wallhanging? Or,"Your Home Or Mine" will also be available as a BOM (block/pattern of the month) with the final pattern containing instructions for a joining block/borders etc.
I am just making a couple of the blocks up in a blue colourway which I think is going to be gorgeous as I wanted to give you all an idea of how it could look in an alternative colourway. These patterns should be in your favourite quilt store by mid-end of November.
Well I am off to the post office so that the wonderful lady who is going to do the quilting for me can get creative with the quilting.
bye for now