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Last few days...

Thanks for all the wonderful messages from my overseas readers who are hoping to be the lucky recipient of one of my new stitchery books, Rainbow Cottage. If you live overseas and you havent sent me a message then you need to soon as I will be drawing the names of the winners on Monday. If you live in Australia or New Zealand you can enter the Homespun Magazine online competition for a chance to win a copy. As you can see the two books are all ready to go, I have been very organised and already bought the envelopes to send them in!
Tomorrow we are off to the end of year SEDA training day which is going to be followed by a BBQ party for which we each have to make a salad. The venue is a good hour and a half drive from where we live which means we need to leave at about 7am tomorrow morning! So my mission today is to get everything organised to make our salad, I have chosen a rather nice Cous Cous one which had roasted cashews, fresh dates, roasted pumpkin and coriander in it.... yummy. I think I am going to take all the ingredients separately and assemble it when we get there so it doesn't go soggy!
My friend Leanne May of candlelight Creations has recently joined the world of blog, Leanne's designs are just gorgeous and I am sure that many of you are already familiar with her work, so why not pop over and visit her. Leanne and I are busy working on a new button which I am hoping to get the first samples of this morning in the mail.... so exciting!
Hope you are having fun today, talk to you soon and dont forget to drop me a line if you havent already done so for the chance to win one of my new books

Fabulous day..

What a fabulous day Mum and I had yesterday, we gave mum a cooking class gift voucher for her birthday earlier in the year. the Spirit House which is about half an hour from us not only has an award winning resturant but also has a fantastic cooking school where you can learn how to cook some beautiful Thai dishes hands on.
There were 17 eager students yesterday who had come from far and wide, we were each issued an apron and told to find a place at the work table..... ready for action!
Mum had chosen the 'One Bowl Wonders' class for us and during the morning we worked in teams to cut, chop, pound and fry.
We were to learn how to make four different dishes, Singapore Laksa, Thai style prawn salad, Nasi Goreng with beef and prawns and Asian greens with Chinese roast pork. Yeah, you guessed there was alot of chopping invloved and I got to use a fantastic knife called East West made here in Australia by Furi, it was great and I have put it on my Christmas wish list, you can see what they look like here.

Here's mum trying to get the seeds out of a dried red chilli.... it was a challenge!

We laughed and chopped our way through the morning, everyone at the class was so friendly it made our day so enjoyable, then when everything was ready we got to sit down and eat what we had worked so hard to produce.

The table...

The Laksa....

The Nasi Goreng...

We came home with our recipes and baskets full of ingredients so we can recreate those dishes again at home, I loved the Laksa and can hardly wait to cook it again...mmmm and to eat it of course!

Friends For Christmas....

Last week I was thrilled to get these pictures of the quilt that has been made by Françoise, the quilt is from the book Friends For Christmas. This morning I thought I would like to share with you the pictures that Françoise has sent me. The colours that she has chosen to make her quilt in are really nice and then just look at the beautifully neat handquilting that she has done. Which quilting thread is that I hear you ask? Its made by Coats and back in the old days (about 27 years ago) when I handquilted all my quilts this particular brand of thread was my favourite to use as it was so smooth and rarely if ever shreaded, the range of colours was good too. Françoise has also been kind enough to send a picture of the spool so we can all see it, thank you. I hope that these pictures inspire you and if you have something of mine that you have made I would love to see a picture.
Best wishesSignatureThreadThread1


I got 5c plane tickets!!!

Wow, how exciting last night Jetstar were offering 5000 x 5c airfares to a limited number of destinations and with limited dates so with alot of determination I finally got to thier site and yipee! I got 2 return tickets to Mackay later next year, all for the cost of 20c plus the credit card charge of course! We are thinking that maybe a week sailing around the Whitsundays might be rather idylic at that time of the year and as my husband is a great sailor I can just sit back, relax and stitch!
Signaturewho is dreaming of sailing whilst stitching a bag handle

Home from Melbourne...

I know you didnt know I was away, well I was and I have to say that the best part of going away is getting back into your own bed....sigh... ours has to be the most comfortable in the whole world! Actually I have to say that the bed in the B&B we stayed in whilst at the trade show in Melbourne was pretty good. The B&B itself was gorgous and I have to say a huge 'thank you' to our hosts Sharyn and Andrew.
Our booth at market looked great, everyone had a great time, gossiping, looking at all the new fabrics, threads and trims etc...... oh I almost forgot and we took heaps of orders, thanks to all the wonderful store owners.
Here we are eagerly awaiting some customers! Gail, Leanne May, Leanne Beasley, Rosalie, Lynette and Melly.
I caught up with Helen from hugs n' kisses, she had a great new block of the week quilt on display.
We had an after the event meeting at a wonderful place just out of the city where I fell in love with the mini donkeys......
and the gardens......
I have come home with a sore throat from all that talking and am going to try and have a quieter week this week....
Bye for now

Your chance to win...

Earlier this year I released a new stitchery book, inspired by a visit to the village in England where I grew up it contains five gorgeous projects. Homespun magazine have 20 copies of my new stitchery book Rainbow Cottage to give away, to enter the competition visit them online here.
Homspun_comp_2Today, I am dropping the cats to the cattery as this weekend we are launching my new patterns at Market in Melbourne. I love catching up with everyone else in the industry, both the wholsalers and the retailers, looking at the new fabrics, threads and gadgets, its a weekend of talking, eating and hopefully the odd glass of red! We are staying at a gorgeous B&B that a friend has reccomended and Vince is taking his bicycle and hoping to explore the area (just a quick 70kms every morning or so!), personnaly I am hoping for a lie in! Good luck to everyone with the competition
PS. I have just realised that the competition is only open to residents here in Australia or New Zealand, thats not fair is it??? So for all my wonderful overseas friends please leave me a message and I will have two books to giveaway plus a button that has been designed and handpainted for one of the projects within the book.

Sleepytime dog and verse..

I couldnt resist sharing this picture with you, it was sent to me by a local lady whom I met one whilst out walking Hugo (when I had only had Hugo a few weeks) and she was out walking her Ben. It turned out that she is a stitcher and has made a few of my things (this beautiful cross stitch however is not one of my desgins). I checked with her if it was OK to share this picture with you and if I needed to pay Ben a moddeling fee!
Happy stitching

Happy Birthday Eddie..

Saturday was my third sons 19th birthday, we had all decided to meet in Mooloolaba for breakfast. Mooloolaba in the 17 years that I have lived in Australia has changed from a sleepy seaside town into a thriving modern place with architec designed apartment blocks that have shops galore and cafes that sprawl out across the purpose built wide pavements beneath. I think you could eat out in Mooloolaba for a month and never have to eat in the same place twice!
So here is a picture of my clan (Vince kindly took the photo for us, so he is missing but was there). As you can see I had alot of fun playing here to make my photos look a bit different, I found the idea on Dutch Blues blog site, have a go its fun.
Of course Hugo came too, here he was showing off whilst a passer by told him how handsome he is!
Thank you to everyone who has written to say how much they love and are going to do my new quilt 'Your Home or Mine' there are a few place where I know it is available already, so for those of you who are wanting to order it for Christmas try here, soon to be here or here.
Today I am working on a drawing/painting for my christmas cards, if it turns out any good I will show you later!
bye for now

Christmas Club...

Kim from Honeysuckle Cottage invited 11 designers to produce an exclusive to the club small project for her Christmas Club 2008 and I was one of the chosen ones. It sounds such fun, each month you get a parcel in the post containing the pattern and a kit to make the christmas project, sounds such fun I may need to sign up!
Ywp21christmas_time_needlecaseKim has given me permission to 'show and tell' my project. A Christmas needlecase that you can use throughout the festive season, with a cute reindeer on the front that I have coloured with some paint, the needlecase opens to reveal a sweet saying. Inside there is a wool stocking to hold your pins and needles and a little pockets for you scissors and threads. What more can a girl want!
I hope you like my needlecase? If you are interested in finding out more or participating in the Christmas Club look here
talk soon