Hugo's day out...
Decorations begin...

Close up with a snake....

Did you see me running...... no? .... well thats coz I can run real fast if I need to. I was just sitting writing the last few Christmas cards and feeling very smug when my 14yo called me, there was a sense of urgency in his voice that got me to the TV room very quickly. There is Tom sprawled watching some awful movie (its the first day of the summer holidays) he is pointing to the middle of the floor..... ahhh...

..... a wriggling snake! Snake_arrives

We were brave, having decided being barefoot was not a good idea we put our winter Ugg boots on, then with the aid of a mop and a broom we tried to coax the little beast back outside. It was very feisty and decided to go behind the bookcase, no chance of us getting it now! Time to ring for help, the local vet provided me with a couple of numbers for snake catchers and David arrived within 40 mins.

A bit of a scuffle ensued and then he was caught!

An eastern brown baby... venomous snake

Tom and I have closed all the doors and put the air con on so we can have no more invaders of the wriggling variety!
I hope your day is quieter than mine has been so far!