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Christmas Photos..

Just a quick post as many of you (yes family members) have asked to see some pictures of the day...

The family just after breakfast...

Pulling the crackers...

Silly hats...

Setting fire to the Christmas pudding.... such fun...

We had such a great day filled with laughter and some great food, we are so lucky. I hope that you all had a great day doing something you enjoyed.
take care

Its raining...

Hooray, its raining which is a blessing as we have been so short of water. Not so much fun for all the holiday makers who are here on the coast as many of the beaches have been closed due to the high winds and heavy rain which is predicted to worsen over the weekend. It is however perfect stitching weather! So, with my feet tucked under me and a good movie on the screen.........I have just been reminded its the boys turn to choose what we watch.... ah well, no matter what it is I will be stitching to my hearts content surrounded by some of my family...bliss.

Baby Jane blocks have been cut in readyness for our week away after new year, my parents have a beach house about 2 hours north of here, its an incredibly peaceful place and we all love it there as there is nothing to do but walk, talk, swim in the sea, eat, stitch, read and of course sleep.

The only baby Jane block I have stitched in the last couple of days is this one which is H-10 Ben's Bowties..

Yes, but what did you get for Christmas I can hear you all say? Well of course I was spoilt, I had a a couple of new charms for my Pandora bracelet which is looking good and getting heavy! I also had some sewing related things, a wonderful jelly roll called Wildrose by Brannock and Patek. A new rotary cutter with a floral motif printed onto it, much more attractive than the old yellow one I have had since about 1985 which was getting a bit wobbly from much use over the years. A Clover mini iron which I havent tried yet but looks prefect for keeping in my workroom which is fairly small and does not have room for a standard ironing board and iron.

I hope that you had a lovely Christmas break, enjoy your stitching,

Its Christmas tomorrow!

I think we are ready for the big day tomorrow, unless we have forgotten something in which case.... well we have forgotten it haven't we! Today we have been busy making the stuffing for the turkey, making sure the turkey is defrosting and trying to squeeze the vegetables into the already over full fridge, as long as no one opens the door it should be fine!

These are the lovely christmas plates that we will have our breakfast on

Hopefully this is what my oven will look like at about 6.30pm tomorrow evening, there will be 15 of us sitting down for dinner, I just love it when all my family is at the table.

Here is an update on my baby Jane blocks, this is K-12 Doris's Dilemma,

This one is called Brandon's Star and I am really pleased with how the fabric has worked our on this one.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day tomorrow, I know I will

Two more..

Ok, after the grand sum of 'three made' I am almost addicted to making these gorgeous Dear Jane blocks!

This one is called Uncle Homer and was very easy,

This is Stability and was far more of a challenge!

My other fun thing for today, well I am in holiday mode so who cares about the housework (I thought the elves did that at this time of year??). I spotted these really cute blank mini canvases and easles (think I have spelt that wrong but you know what I mean?) at the art shop yesterday, how cute are they, this one is just 5cm (2") square. I have had fun with my paints and pens and for a first attempt I am quite pleased and definitely think I need to go and buy some more, maybe I could sell them?

This one is called Daisy Bird...

On a work note my new brochures have arrived (did I hear a big cheer go up from all the store owners just then?). They have turned out really nicely and hopefully will increase my sales, so if any of you have a store near you that might be interested send me their address and I will get one in the mail for them, thank you for your help with this.


Work is calling though so I will have to be restrained for the next few days and complete a few work projects or I will fall behind.... groan... still as my work is a wonderful combination of drawing, stitching and playing with fabrics I cant really complain........ but first I think I should just cut out a couple more Dear Jane blocks....hmm I think I might try a J-6 Granny Weaver, its in pink (not my favourite colour as alot of you would already know!) but the pink civil war fabric I have in my stash is quite nice considering its pink!

bye for now

I've made the first one...

Well here is my first Dear Jane block, dont look too closely as I have lost a couple of points, other than that I am quite pleased. I have stitched it by hand which I really enjoyed although I have to say I think it took longer to cut out the pieces than it did to stitch it! Now which one will I stitch next?

This is block A5 Cathie's Campfire

I have also been working on a project for The Quilted Crow's Autumn Gathering (April next year) where I will be a tutor. The girls at The Quilted Crow are taking bookings now and I for one have already booked my flights, perhaps I will see you there?


Its raining here at the moment and I am still quite wet from taking Hugo for a very short walk! So its off for a shower and some dry clothes and then....hmmm...a perfect day for stitching.... so Dear Jane here I come...


Waiting for Santa?

Yes, thats the title of one of my favourite quilt patterns, its one I designed a few years ago now but it gives me great pleasure every year when we hang it up. Can you see the face in the upstairs window? Thats my eldest son who no matter how late we allowed him to stay up on Christmas Eve, could still be found at 2am peeking out the window hoping to see a certain someone!

So here is 'Waiting For Santa', its available from your favourite quilt shop or try here.

Heres someone else who is waiting for Santa, or perhaps its just a peaceful and safe hiding place from Hugo the dog!

This is one of my table runners, made on cotton batting that has been coffee dyed and then embellished, pretty cute dont you think?Ywp18_merry_christmas_tabblerunner

A photo album with a Christmas redwork stitchery cover...

I ordered the Dear Jane book from The Quilters Store in Brisbane and it arrived in the mail the next day, yesterday I had fun pulling out all the civil war prints that I already have....of course I will need some more! So this morning I am off to the quilt shop for some freezer paper and to look at fabrics....yipee! Ah but first I have a dog training session with the puppy supervisor and we are going to Mooloolaba which since its holiday time will be very busy!

My Civil War Stash fabrics...


I hope that you are doing something fun today? Oh, and its my cookie swap today, baked them all yesterday morning and have forgotten to photograph them! I will try and take some pictures at the swap lunch today.
PS. I forgot to tell you that Penny at The Patchwork Angel has got the self adhesive lampshades in stock that you need for my Millhouse lampshade pattern.

Old quilt...

I am feeling very pleased with myself because yesterday I finally got around to steaming my Christmas puddings, yummy, they smell good enough to eat! I have been good and made two so that I will have a very mature one for next year.


I am also doing a cookie swap with some friends on the 17th, I bake 7 dozen cookies from the same recipe, keep one dozen and wrap and exchange the other 6 dozen. I will end up with 7 dozen assorted cookies.... what a great idea. So what to cook? Well I surfed the net for a good sounding chop chip cookie recipe and tested the double chocolate chunk cookie recipe from the bottom of this page..... theres no picture of the ones I baked as they got eaten as soon as they were cool enough! So I can safely say they were really delicious!

Now for something sewing related, I am still deciding what to stitch for pleasure over the holidays, I am thinking maybe a Dear (baby) Jane, this would keep me amused for the next few years? Anyone making one? Got any tips? I had a look at the wonderful website, its full of helpful info.

I thought I would share with you one of the old quilts from my collection (its not a big collection, six so far), I bought this one on one of my trips to the US a few years ago. I have no information about its history which is sad, the approximate date of its creation is about 1860. I love it, just two prints and muslin, the beauty is all in the design. Its in quite good condition given its age and I regularly refold it and pack it back into its dark draw. I would love to have it on display but our house is mostly windows and I fear it would fade very quickly.



Hope you are having fun stitching today, when I decide what I want to stitch I will be very happy

Decorations begin...

Its beginning to look a bit like Christmas in my house, we put the tree up last weekend and I have been slowly getting out all the other goodies this week, the house is looking really lovely. However disaster has struck in that all the lights have failed on the tree and 'thank you' to everyone for suggesting its only one bulb thats gone.... well guess what I am not going through the 300 bulbs to find the 'one'!! This morning I braved it into the shops and bought some new ones and tomorrow I will have to un-decorate to redecorate!!

This is one of my favourite little corners to decorate...

Here's my Ma and Pa with their christmas tree, dont you just love the cute hats?

Well, its almost time to think about starting dinner, of course first I need to decide what I am going to cook!
Happy decorating,

Close up with a snake....

Did you see me running...... no? .... well thats coz I can run real fast if I need to. I was just sitting writing the last few Christmas cards and feeling very smug when my 14yo called me, there was a sense of urgency in his voice that got me to the TV room very quickly. There is Tom sprawled watching some awful movie (its the first day of the summer holidays) he is pointing to the middle of the floor..... ahhh...

..... a wriggling snake! Snake_arrives

We were brave, having decided being barefoot was not a good idea we put our winter Ugg boots on, then with the aid of a mop and a broom we tried to coax the little beast back outside. It was very feisty and decided to go behind the bookcase, no chance of us getting it now! Time to ring for help, the local vet provided me with a couple of numbers for snake catchers and David arrived within 40 mins.

A bit of a scuffle ensued and then he was caught!

An eastern brown baby... venomous snake

Tom and I have closed all the doors and put the air con on so we can have no more invaders of the wriggling variety!
I hope your day is quieter than mine has been so far!