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Gorgeous old tin...

Well, what a find, this gorgeous old tin which was most probably a tin of chocolates for Mothers Day once??


I am sure the chocolates were scrumptious... anyhow the contents today is just as good!

Some off the buttons are just so beautiful, there are a few bakelite and lots of mother of pearl and a couple of interesting engraved plastic of some sort. A few buckles which could make interesting gates on a stitchery?? Hmm the mind is buzzing with ideas already, may have to get the pencil and paper out!

Here are my most recent Dear Jane blocks, not a very good photo but its raining here today.

I hope you are all well and enjoying your stitching?

Civil War fabric swap... its here

Whoopie, I bet you all heard that it was so loud. I picked up my mail yesterday and was very restrained and took pictures before I ripped it open!


then after I ripped it open...look... yummy fabrics for my Dear Jane blocks...

OK, I know you want to see close ups of the fabrics,
A big thank you to my swap partner Marian for these gorgeous fabrics, thank you Marian.

Mmm, well I have been busy with my scissors and cut out a couple of blocks, so when I am ready to stitch I can.
Tom had his orientation day at his new school this afternoon, so after dropping him off I took the opportunity to get a pedicure, yes I know my toes are a bit bent... but dont you love the shoes...

and then a quick visit to the quilt shop for essential items... I needed some DMC threads!

then back to collect Tom and home for a cuppa tea... I love my cuppa, do you?

Australian Needlecase...

I rushed home yesterday from the post office with a package in my hot little hands that contained the latest Australian Homespun magazine, having unceremoniously ripped the envelope I flipped thorugh to find my.....

'Stitches Down Under Needlecase'

I should apologise in advance as I guess there are going to be a fair few of you overseas readers who certainly dont want an Australian themed needlecase but perhaps it will inspire you to convert it to fit your country flag.
Thank you to everyone who has left me 'happy birthday' wishes and for those of you who asked yes, I have eaten my chocolate it was delicious, trouble is I got chocolate crumbs on my computer!! but its OK as I have licked them off and thanks to Lucy who warned me just in time I did not get to eat the undesirable dust and gunk that get stuck between the keys. Thanks Lucy (who has obviously had a similar problem herself before!)

Off now for a training session with Hugo and the puppy coordinator, wish me and Hugo luck

My birthday weekend..

What a wonderful birthday weekend I have just had.
On saturday night we went to a restaurant in Nossaville that we had wanted to try for ages called River House, it has a great reputation and certainly the food and service was faultless. I had the most delicious piece of mahi mahi and Vince tried their Waigu beef, both were delicious.

Sunday morning arrived and it was 'the day' for a few short weeks Vince and I are the same age, I know he will be reminding me of this quite frequently!

This brilliant card which sums me up so well was given to me by Vince, who said it only took a second for him to choose it for me, it was designed by Edward Monkton, for a guaranteed laugh be sure to visit the gallery in his website. Bday_card

The family all arrived for a lunchtime BBQ, we managed to eat outside, the rain having decided to stay away. After much laughter, chatter and heaps of delicious food (including chocolate mousse puddings and a chocolate birthday cake, thanks mum) we all decided it was time for an afternoon nap... perfect!
Of course when its your birthday weekend you are also allowed to stitch to your hearts content.... so here are my latest blocks from the Dear Jane book.


I have also agreed to swap some civil was reproduction fabrics with a couple of other Aussie girls who have also just begun their Dear Jane quilts, its so exciting. This morning I have cut my 25 fabrics up and am off to the post office after lunch to send the fabrics to their new owners, when my swap parcels arrive I will show you what I got in exchange. I hope that you are having a great day wherever you are,


New redwork stitchery....

Having decided to go to the USA with my work this year I thought I had better get a move on and finish off a few of the new things I have been working on. One of which will be a new redwork pattern that has three different designs inside, however I got side tracked and thought wouldn't it be fun in miniature so I reduced one of the drawings by 50%..... yes, its now very small but using a single strand of DMC stranded cotton I have managed not only to stitch it but also make it into a tiny cushion... very cute... it was challenging to stitch and no I don't want to make another one!


Having had fun playing around with a single strand of thread of course means that I still haven't written the pattern! Ah well, the wonderful thing about working from home is that I can work any hours of the day or night I want.... so I will be burning the midnight oil tonight.

With all the rain that we have had here on the Sunshine Coast there are mushrooms and toadstools in all shapes, sizes and colours popping up everywhere. Hugo and I saw these wonderful red ones this morning, hmm I think they are probably poisonous.


Then in between the clouds we saw this,


Ok, well I am off to stitch something, or maybe I should write that pattern...

Helping paws..

Hugo is getting to be an expert at patchwork, just look how eager he is to learn to use my rotary cutter! Mummy has said NO and see the look I got!

Hmm, I have to cut big things out on the floor as the table in my workshop is not very big.... or maybe its just that it has sooooo much stuff on it gives the appearance of being very small! Anyhow after sitting still for a couple of hours its probably good exercise to bend down and grovel on the floor, Hugo was thrilled as it meant he could help.

I have also managed to make one of the triangles for the border of my Dear Jane quilt, not as hard as I thought but still a bit tricky. I managed to spend some of the morning cutting out a couple more blocks so that if I get any spare time this week I can get stitching.


The other exciting bit of news is that I have got all my paperwork through to have a booth at the Spring Market in Portland, Oregon in May this year. We have added three days to our stay and plan to drive from Portland to San Francisco from where we can fly home. If any of you ladies know of any good places to visit and stay along that route I would love to hear from you.
Looking forward to seeing what you are all up to,

Wet days, lazy cats and a scrap quilt...

Nothing much has happened in the last few days and its still raining and very windy, the weather people are predicting more rain to come until after the weekend!

The cats are not happy that its so wet, it rather limits their outdoor time... so its the armchair for Fatcat, its a hard life being a cat!

Today I thought I would show you 'Star Of The Orient' a scrap quilt that I made when I was living in Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK (circa 1988). The pattern came from a book by Judy Martin called Scrap Quilts. Made using the traditional template method, I can remember how much my hand hurt from cutting with scissors, rotary cutters had only just started to make an appearance in my sewing world. Each star is made up of eight colours from the rainbow, then each star is turned so that the different colours are on the top of the block, simple but effective.

My 'Star Of The Orient'...

Mum taught us a little rhyme as kids to help us remember the colour order for a rainbow 'Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain', the first letter of each work relates to a colour ie. the R in Richard is for red, the O in of is for orange etc, do you have a way to help you remember the rainbow colour order?

Hugo and I off to the shopping centre, lets face it who wants to go walking outside in the rain and wind when they can be indoors!

Hope you are doing something nice today?


Home from the beach...

What a wonderful few days we have have had at our home away from home. The weather was wet and windy and absolutely perfect for stitching and reading. I finished reading 'Clean Cut' by Lynda La Plante and Vince waded his way through Ken Follet's new book "World Without End', which he thoroughly enjoyed and since its such a big book felt he had done his weight lifting for the week! Tom (15yo) managed to do nothing but read, unless you can count moving to different chairs?

Here are the Dear Jane blocks that I managed to stitch, I think I am getting better at these small blocks,

On Saturday my dear husband drove us into the closest town as I wanted to visit Leanne at Patchwork On Pallas, Leanne has been stotcking my patterns and books for a few years and I wanted to say hello and thank you as I havent seen her in ages. How exciting it was to find a fellow blogger and her daughter at the front counter, Beth and Amanda were busy buying batting for a lovely wallhanging that Amanda had been making from a pattern by Jan Mullen of Stargazey Quilts. These two bloggers were also thrilled to meet Hugo, who was very hot and in need of a drink of water which along with a cuppa for us Leanne provided for him.

Leanne of Patchwork On Pallas, Amanda, Beth and Me....

Now did I mention that I also came home with a bag of goodies??? Well, it would have been rude not to buy anything... wouldn't it?? Yes, I bought a bit of fabric, but I promise its for a project I have already done the drawings for... oh, yes and a bit of ric rac...

Then there was this wonderful hammer, designed for a girl, shame its pink but all the other colours had sold out and I had to get one right now... I didn't want to wait for the new stock to arrive, do you blame me?

I hope that you have all had a good time whilst I have been away, thanks to you all for the wonderful messages over the Christmas and New Year period, its so good to have so many friends around the world, thank you...

Happy New Year..

May I wish you all a Happy New year and may your year be filled with goodness. I hope that you have all had a great evening welcoming in 2008, due to the terrible heavy winds and storms we had to change our plans at the last moment. Usually there are a number of locations along the coast where there are street vendors, live performances etc ending the evening with spectacular fireworks over the ocean but due to the weather everything was cancelled. We ended up having a fantastic evening one of our local resturants, the food was wonderful and the other diners were all in good spirits!



I am pleased to say the local council has rescheduled the new year events for Australia day which is at the end of January, so we can plan another family get together!

Of course I have managed to fit in a couple of more Dear Jane blocks...



have fun whatever you are doing, what are you doing?