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Arks of different sorts...

Well, its almost time for the next installment but not quite! To get you in the mood I thought I would show you one of my favourite childhood books.

The Ark book
My Grannie Law used to read it to me when I was small and my Dad can remember her reading it to him, its obviously quite old and is sadly in need of repair but I have no idea who/how or where one would get something like this restored.
Inside the book
Inside the book1 

I have recently had a couple of people show me their Ark Bom blocks, go and take a peek they are just looking so good. I love these redwork ones from Anne Heidi, and these very delicate ones by Inger and these are by Elin. 
Its been great to see so many of you with the Ark painting loaded into your side bar, thank you and if you haven't loaded it onto your sidebar yet...come on, what are you waiting for? Its fun and it was quite easy to do.. well so I am told! 
happy stitching

The first 'Woof' quilt...

How speedy are these wonderful ladies, feels like only yesterday I launched the 'Woof' pattern!
Holding the quilt are LynnAnne (puppy raiser), Becky, Mindy, LuAnn and keeping the quilt warm is Arcadia (Guide Dog puppy in training).  This special quilt has been made to raise funds for Guide Dogs in the US. Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20, thats a bargain price for the chance to win a quilt and at the same time help towards raising money towards the training of a puppy. If you would like some tickets for the chance to own this gorgeous quilt email me (lynetteor@ozemail.com.au) and I will forward your request to LynnAnne so she can organise it for you.


Whilst we are talking about service dogs its time I let you know that Hugo now officially belongs to us, he was withdrawn from the program a few weeks ago due to his fear issues and sound sensitivity. Whilst we are very deflated with that outcome having put alot of time and effort in we are very happy to be the proud new owners of Hugo.

I got a lovely letter from my Aunt in the Uk with these gorgeous stamps on them, just the perfect theme!
Service dog stamps

I had lunch today with my friend Sue today, we went to a gorgeous organic new cafe at Cotton Tree called Sister. I just love the pineapples up on the shelf, they are very inspirational...hmm maybe I can feel a new design coming on! Do you think the pineapples will ripen whilst they are up there?
Sue at Sisters cafe

I had the most delicious warm chicken salad with roast beetroot, parsnips, walnuts and fetta, it was yummy. It turned out one of the cafe owners worked with Jamie Oliver in the UK, she now has come back to Australia and has her own cafe but if Jamie is here in Australia she goes and works on his show. If you want a signed copy of his cookery book (not sure which one but I can go back and look) she still has a few on her shelf for sale.
Sue and I chatted alot and did some planning for a fun future event together....cant say more now as we need to do a bit more planning first!

Well thats got you all thinking hasnt it!

Donuts and kitty....

The two things in the title are not necessarily related, just two things that I need to tell you.....well....as you can see I found myself in here recently.... Krispy KremeI had to get donuts for Tom (15yo) of course I may have had to get a couple for me too! This store has recently opened in Brisbane, thankfully I only go into the city about once a month!

Many of you have asked if this little fellow is still with us, as you can see he is and has found the best place to sleep! Isnt he cute, just a little ball of fluff that purrs constantly.

In the fabric pile

On Monday we will have had him two weeks, so a trip to the vet is now required to see if she can guess his age and decide when he will need his injections etc. 

Which brings me to a name for him, I originally intended for you to help me choose but over the last week we have all been calling him XXXXX opps, I almost said it and that would spoil all the fun!

I am not very good a riddles but here goes and I apologize in advance if I have goofed!

My first is in Food and Feet
My second is in sewing but not in wings
My third is in love but not over
My fourth is in smile and kitty
My fifth is in exit and xray

I wonder who will be first to guess his name?? Here he is trying to get Fatcat to play!
Come on play with me

Hugo wants to know if now he has got the kitty into a post box, if we could just close the lid and send kitty to the first person who gets his name right?? .........only joking! Mother Hugo is never going to part with this baby.
Posted kitty

Thanks for sharing your favourite local quilt shops with me, so many different shops, it has been fun visiting them, not much sewing has been done for the last couple of days as I have been surfing the shops! 
I have pulled a name from the hat for the winner of the new Willowhouse Needlecase pattern and Laila 24th July 7.45am has come out of the hat, so Laila can you please email me so I can post your pattern off to you. Sorry you cant all have been winners but for those of you who want to get a copy of Willowhouse Needlecase its now available here and here online.

hear from you soon

Willowhouse Needlecase...

This is my newest release pattern, its called Willowhouse Needlecase and inside there are some nice pockets and a special place to keep your needles.

Willowhouse front

I have also included instructions to make this sweet tapemeasure cover 
Willowhouse tape

and this scissor holder. I am really happy with this pattern, hope you like it too.
Willowhouse scissors
The patterns should be arriving in your local quilt store anyday, if not be sure to ask for it by name so they can order it in for you.
For a chance to win one of these patterns, tell me the name of your favourite local quilt store giving their postal and email address and one lucky person will win a copy of Willowhouse Needlecase. 

happy stitching

My tapemeasure collection...

Thought I should show you this cute elephant tapemeasure I bought when I was in the US earlier this year, isnt she gorgeous. No idea how old she is, she is made of plastic and with the wording Lucky Elephant tape on the back, maybe she came out of a cracker?? 

Elephant tapemeasure

I have a few other tapemeasures that I will show you but first I wonder if anyone knows anything about this one?

Kittens on my mind...

Stitchers Angel

Remember I was lucky enough to go to sample spree when we went to Spring market in the US back in May? For those of you who haven't heard of sample spree, let me explain, its a wonderful 3 hour event at the trade show where store owners and designers have the chance to buy new release products and that includes fabrics. These yummy fabrics just had to come home with me, they are from Moda, its called Harvest Home by Blackbird designs and I am lucky enough to have a fat quarter of every one in the range! I also have some fabulous hand dyed wool in my collection, it seems to be something I have to buy everytime I see some, bet you know that feeling!
Do you see the little kitty head peeking out on my drawing..... well thats all I can show you as its part of the design for the Stitchers' Angel accessory, I bet you can imagine where the inspiration came from! Talking of the Stitchers Angel, what a thrill, so many of you have signed up to do the swap...thats so exciting, I cant wait to see what you all make. I love the land of blog, we all get to see and enjoy far more than we do from just going to our local quilt shop or group.

Now for an update on unwanted kitten, well as you can see from this photo, Hugo now thinks he is a cat and should be allowed to eat with them! As you can see I am a bit naughty and feed the cats on my kitchen bench, this was originally started so that Hugo did not scoff their food but as you can see if he stands on tiptoes he can reach! Dont think they let him have any this time!
Cats food?

Ok, well I am off to do some stitching now and then just before lunch I am having my teeth cleaned at the Periodontists, I love it when my teeth have been cleaned professionally, no plaque, no staining from tea etc just shiny bright clean teeth and in any case I dont want to get gum disease do I? 
Did you know that you dont need a referral (in Australia) to go and see a Periodontist, so if you are worried about bad breath, wobbly teeth or think you have receeding gums, just make a call and you may be making a call that will save your teeth. Oh, did I forget to mention my husband is the Periodontist in my town, so after he has cleaned my teeth I get to have lunch with him...yipee! Wonder where we will go and what we will have to eat...mmmm. 
bye for now

Its still with us...


I have forgotten to tell you we have had Beau staying with us, he is my Mum and Dads labrador, he has been staying with us for the last three weeks as Mum and Dad have gone to the Uk visiting friends and family. As you can see he is a very gentle dog and took the job of garden supervisor very seriously! Everytime the unwanted kitten tried to get onto the garden beds he kept pushing it with his nose back onto the grass!
As you can imagine mother Hugo is never far away!
We are being watched

Fatcat is trying to be friendly.... but he wants to know if it means he will get less food now there is an extra mouth to feed? 
Fatcat and 'unwanted'

Freckle is not keen at all and has taken to hiding in the pantry, has anyone got any ideas how to help her accept the unwanted kitten? Also, I am hoping that while she is in the pantry with my cookery books perhaps she could think of something for me to cook for dinner???
Hiding in the pantry

I can honestly say that I have not got much work done in the last couple of days...I have played with the animals alot though! How cute is this picture, when I did try and get something traced this morning ready for stitching tonight this is what I found when I came back from making a cup of tea! I felt really mean when I moved it but, there was tracing to do!
Lightbox kitty

Since I cant show you what I am working on at the moment as its the sewing accessory for the Stitchers Angel ....*sssshhhh its a secret what I am making (thats a note to unwanted kitten whom I have a feeling cannot keep secrets!).

I can show you these two blocks though, I have been busy trying to finish these blue version blocks from 'Your Home or Mine', I started them ages ago and .......yup, still not finished, which is silly as they are looking really good in blue. I am using some civil war reproduction fabrics that I bought from The Quilted Crow Girls when I visited their shop in April.
Cottage home- blue
Windmill home -blue

I hope that you have all had a good day, thanks for all the wonderful messages about the unwanted kitten, I think I may have to have a name the kitten competition! I will tell you more about that soon.


yesterday morning I answered the door bell to some passers by who had rescued a kitten form the tree at the end of our road.... what can I say I am not strong willed when it comes to animals, so I brought the very hungry meaowing ginger ball of fluff indoors.

Found kitten

As you can see Hugo and I have made some 'found' letters and have delivered them to everyone in the neighbourhood and we left a big notice at the corner store, fingerscrossed we find the owner as I am not too sure what Fatcat and Freckle will think?

Hugo took to it straight away which is lucky as the kitten thinks Hugo is its Mum! Perhaps it hasn't noticed Hugo is a boy! After a good clean up from Hugo, it was looking very cute....

I'm so cute

I think Hugo is asking if we can keep it?
Can we keep it, please

Asleep at last.....
Asleep at last

This is how I found them this morning...ahhhh how sweet I hear you say...thats would be just before I get cross because they are on the sofa where they are not allowed! They do look cute together don't they, it must be something to do with the fact that they match each other in colouring.  I am not sure which of them is purring the most! 
I love you Mum

Hopefully, today someone will call me, if not we will have to have a think about whether we want another cat! 
Happy Sunday
Stitchingangel PS. I know that lots of you have already signed up for this swap, there is still time if you havent signed up and thanks to everyone for all the encouragement but I am still deciding!

I am a Stitchers' Angel designer...


Gosh, the blogging world is a world full of fun, combine it with stitching and you are in heaven, which must make us all stitching angels! There is going to be alot of fun in the month of August, pop over the Helen to see what all the fun is about, I do hope that you will join in. I am still trying to decide if as well as having the fun of designing a project for you, I will also have the fun of joining in the swap! Hmmm, shall I be tempted or not??

Looking forward to seeing who signs up for the Stitchers' Angel swap, of course if you dont do the swap the free patterns will still be available for you to download

On another note there are a few more elephants blocks to view, dont be shy, go and visit these blogs,  herehere and here and leave them a message to brighten their day. 

bye for now


Winner of the 'Woof' pattern....

These quilts have just come back from Europe where my European distibutor had them for various trade shows and I thought I would share this picture of 'Freckle' keeping the quilts warm! Oh, maybe the quilts are keeping her warm!  She is called Freckle as she has a little freckle inside her mouth, she is the strangest cat, if you sneeze she meows as if to say 'bless you', we are very naughty as we tease her by pretend sneezing and everytime she meows a 'bless you' to us...very sweet, does your cat do anything strange?

Freckle and the quilts

This is a picture of a quilt that has been made from my Cows and Daises pattern by Hege for a shop in Tønsberg, Norway called Line's Hobby that stocks my patterns. I am not sure if they have a website for you to look at but when i find out I will let you know. I really like the colours Hege has used, she tells me that the fence is a type of string that has been zig zagged to the background, and instead of making daisies as the pattern suggests she has made yoyo's which look great, dont you think.


Congratulations to Julia from Little Girl Quilts, she has won the 'Woof' pattern, so Julia please send me your postal address so I can get in in the post to you. Oh, I just popped over to visit her blog and saw that she has my Ark picture loaded into her sidebar, looks great, if you havent done yours yet, please do, its a wonderful way of linking like minded people around the world. The picture for you to put in your sidebar is a couple of posts ago.

There are a few speedy stitchers out there who have already got their elephants stitched and loaded onto their blogs, take a peek, here and here. I am sure there are more of you, so let me know when you have them loaded onto your blog and I will list you here.

Have a great day sewing today wherever you are in the world