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Yummy fabric and competition..

When I was in the US at spring market the lovely Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs gave me a fat quarter bundle of her gorgeously pretty fabric collection called 'Flowers For Emma', I think the moment after Anne so generously gave it to me she thought.....yikes, will Lynette ever use any of it? Well, I have used it and although I am unable to reveal what I have used it for yet as the pattern will not be ready for a couple more weeks, here is a glimpse.

Emmas Flowers fabric

Very, very pretty and not my usual choice of fabrics, but I have loved working with them and if you pop over to Anne's blog you will discover she has a fun treasure hunt for you to play and the successful three winners will not only get a fat quarter bundle of this very fabric... but also their choice of pattern from Bunny Hill Designs. Please say hello to Anne for me and you never know maybe she will give me a fabric bundle of her next fabric collection from Henry Glass Fabrics called 'Angel Houses' which features Angels and is Oh, so cute.

Felix is growing and is (in his mind) very handsome! He is in true kitten style very naughty!
Felix the beautiful

Have a great thursday, I am off to my Mum and Dads to have a cuppa and a chat

Fabulous holiday...

This was how the moon looked as we came in to land at Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays.... breathtaking, I am not sure the photo does it much justice.

Moon out of the plane

Here's Vince checking out the boat we have hired for the week, she is called 'Kimberley Moon', such a pretty name.
Kimberley Moon
We saw lots and lots of these turtles swimming around (Loggerheads, I think).
Mr Turtle
Here I am on Whitehaven beach, it was a bit cloudy this day but the sand was so white and there was not another soul around (except Vince of course!).
Lynette on whitehaven 1
There were hundreds of these tiny starfish stranded and sadly dead on the beach.
These gorgeous fellows joined us one afternoon, so pretty....
Although we saw lots of whales it was never when I had my camera in my hand....I think they knew that!
This is what the plume of water looks like when they blow...
Whale blowing water
Just a hint of a large humpback whale...
Whales back
It was waving to us with its tail....
Whales tail
We have come home very much rested and ready for work. I didnt get much stitching done as the weather was a bit windy, at one stage the bit of stitching I was working on almost went overboard with a gust of wind! 
I hope that you are all well and keeping those fingers busy, stitching, stitching.... its good to be home.

Sailing Away...

I am so excited and as you read this I have almost got through my list of 'Things To Do' before we head off into the blue tomorrow morning. We are so lucky as one of the girls who works for Vince has kindly offered to house sit, which is wonderful as it means Hugo and the kitty cats can stay home, she and her husband are looking forward to walking Hugo as they both love dogs.  

When I caught Felix with this in his mouth....again... this morning
he was almost looking for a new home. He has promised to try not to steal the reel of thread again, although as you can imagine it was lots of fun winding the thread around every chair leg in the house and 'mum' was so pleased!
I will leave you with a picture of Vince and I sailing in the Whitsundays a couple of years ago, notice the champagne in my hand, well I plan on doing a bit of that this time too!

I will be back on Tuesday 26th with lots of lovely photos of where I have been and what I have seen, until then take care

Animal update..

Thank you everyone for enquiring after the new kitten, he is fine and still with us, as you can see from this picture Felix and Hugo are best buddies!

Felix and Hugo
They seem to think this sofa belongs to them now! Which is funny as up until Felix arrived Hugo had never been on the sofa, this of course was partially due to his Seeing Eye Dog training and partially as I like to sit there myself!

They even tried sunbathing yesterday!


Only four days until we are on holiday, whoopie!

Busy, busy...

Well, here is a peek at what I have been busy working on this week, not much of a clue is it! Yes, its the Harvest Home fabric from Moda, just yummy.
I am trying to get some things ready for a new quilt I am hoping to have ready to launch when I go to Houston for the Quilt Market in October. 
In a weeks time we are going away for 8 days sailing in the Whitsundays and I want to have the hand stitching ready to take with me. I am so looking forward to doing some stitching, some snorkelling, a bit of reading, lots of sleeping, making some easy to cook meals and just maybe we will see some whales as its the perfect place and the right time of the year to see these wonderful creatures as they arrive to give birth to their babies....so fingers crossed.

There is a new issue of Australian Homespun magazine out which is full of wonderful projects, I dont have my copy yet so I cant show you a picture of the magazine but I can show you a picture of the lampshade that I designed for it. This was a picture I took at home of the finished item before I sent it off to the magazine, now looking at this picture I can hardly wait for the lampshade to come back so I can put it on display at home again.
Lovebird lampshade
Anne from Bunny Hill Designs also has a really cute project in the magazine and there are lots of other wonderful projects for you to make, including a sweet bag with a butterfly on it from Leanne, so make sure you get yourself a copy.
happy stitching

Here are the first ones...

The first pair of giraffes have arrived on Annelies blog, go and take a peek, they look great.

I am having a lovely day today as I have my Mum and Dad home from their 6 week visit to the UK. Their dog Beau was very pleased to see them home! 
PS. There are almost 3000 people downloading the Noahs Ark Free BOM, so come on your shy ones, I would love to hear from you and to see what you are up to. How about you email me and I will do a long list on my blog so we can all come and take a peek. 

Noah and the Giraffe's

First a little story for you,

Many years ago, not long after I had left school and we were living in the UK, I was very much into spinning and weaving and had decided that it would be fun to spin some camel hair, its such a pretty colour and so very soft. I boldly rang Longleat and spoke to the ranger and explained to him that I wanted some camel hair! He generously said I was welcome to it, so we arranged a day for me to go over and collect it. The camels and giraffes were together in the pen and imagine my surprise when I was given a sack and then showed into the pen. I was to pluck the soft underhair off the camels myself......well I survived and quite enjoyed myself. As I was leaving with my very large sack of camel hair, the ranger asked me if I would like a job at the zoo! Usually camels spit at anyone they dont know, yuk, thank goodness they must have liked me! I also learnt that day that you should never stand to close to a giraffe as they kick forwards not backwards.

6-Noah and giraffes

Hope you like this block as much as I do. You can download the file from the Noah's Ark free BOM page, which is located at the top of the left column. Dont forget to let me know how you work is progressing as I am really enjoying seeing the ark in so many different colours.
There was one lady and I am sorry but I dont remember your name who had played with a digital scrapbooking program and shown the blocks done on her blog??? Who are you as I want to have a play with the digital scrapbooking for my new brochure? Or can anyone recommend a site thats simple and fun?
PS. Just just noticed I put month 5 on the pdf file and its month 6. Sorry.