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Here we are in Houston..

I have managed to borrow my brothers computer for a few short moments Just to let you know that we are safe and well, the journey was long but survivable! 

Eddie and I had a brief moment yesterday to pose for this photo.
Here I am with my little brother, Andrew. Andrew and his family live in the Bahamas and its wonderful that he has managed to come and spend a couple of days with us as its almost three years since we last saw each other.
On the way through the park from our hotel to the convention centre we found this amazing gazebo which has been made from old number plates,
Inside was a mosaic of mirrors, a gorgeous piece of work, do you like it?
I have lots of other wonderful pictures to show you of things I have seen (and bought) and people I have had my photo taken with. Its been lovely talking, talking, talking...
talk to you soon
Lynette x x

The Winner is...

Firstly Hugo, Felix and I must thank everyone for joining in the fun, it has been wonderful visiting all the different blogs to see the show and tell and what a variety of things we have seen, not sure which ones were my favourite.

 Ok, lets get straight to the 'who gets the set of patterns to make A Kittens Tale'............( I know I am a bit bias but it certainly is a pretty quilt).

Whole Quilt smaller

The first name out of the hat was Agnes, so Agnes if you could email me with your postal address then I will pop the patterns in the mail for you.
** I have just discovered that there is one A4 page missing from month 6 of A Kittens Tale, I am sorry everyone, maybe the dog ate it! So, if you have already got (well done you) or have ordered a whole set from somewhere let me know and I will email you the pdf file of the missing sheet.
I dont know if I will manage to blog between now and when I get back from the US (30th Oct, my wedding anniversary), although I am considering taking my computer....so watch this space...

Packing for Houston..

Well the packing is well underway which is just as well as I leave early Thursday morning and after a 14 hour flight I land in LA at 7am on Thursday! Then on to Houston where I will probably need to have a shower and a big sleep. 

This four legged friend thinks he is coming with me... 
Suitcase Hugo
Hugo has even managed to put his sad face on to make me feel bad, when in reality he will have fun whilst I am gone as he will be spending the days with my Mum and Dad and his best friend Beau and the nights here at home with Vince and Tom.
Hugo and Beau can be very naughty together, lets hope my Mum and Dad survive!
Ok, well its back to the packing and the last moment stitching.....maybe a cuppa and a tiny piece of chocolate...Hmm, I am feeling better already!
PS. Here is a wonderful, colourful version from my pattern Butterfly Collection. If you pop by say hello from me.

Show and Tell, continues...

Remember Mary who was the lucky winner of the 'Here Kitty...sewing accessories' pattern, well pop over and take a peek as she has already got the bag stitched.

I love Lynda's version of An Angels Wish quilt combined with elements from the pattern "Fox and Friends', thanks for sending me the picture Lynda.
Angel's Wish variation-Lynda Harrison Wallace House
Simone has also been a busy stitching and has lots of show and tell. Marion has got some stitcheries under way to make the Magical Christmas Walhanging.
Jane has the Christmas Tablerunner as show and tell on her blog and I like the fact that she made her own buttons as she was unable to find the ones I used. The pattern is now available as a pattern and the original buttons came from this company, your local quilt shop can order them in for you if they dont already have them in stock. WARNING: Looking at these buttons could damage your purse! I just want them all, in fact I already have a huge collection of them, yummy.
Robyn has posted a picture of her Pumpkin farm and the colours look fabulous, thanks Robyn.
Hope you are all enjoying this as much as we are......woof woof woof meow meow woof, (I think that means thanks)
PS. On Tuesday I will draw the winner of the set of BOM patterns for 'A Kittens Tale' from the entries who have either sent me a picture of something they have made from one of my books or patterns or who have posted pictures on their blog and put a link back to me.

Free pattern fun continues...

The fun continues today with some more wonderful samples on display, dont forget for your chance to win a set of patterns for my new BOM 'A Kittens Tale' you need to post a picture of something you have made from one of my patterns or books on your blog and put a link back to this blog. Then leave a message for Hugo and Felix on the post three below this one.
Dylina doesnt have a blog but has sent me this picture of her cushion from the Toy trolley pattern, which also contains a cot quilt sized pattern.

Toy trolley 003

In the words of the famous pirate captain Jack Sparrow 'Yo ho my hearties, yo ho'........Alison sent me this wonderful picture of 'Pirate Treasure', I think captain Jack would approve, dont you? This quilt is really popular with the boys, I originally made mine with the help of my son Eddie, who will be 20 this year (that makes me feel old), the inspiration for the sharks was taken from some of his drawings.
Simone has posted a picture of her first stitchery on her blog, its very neatly stitched, pop over and say hello.
Julie from Tasmania whom I met last week as she was staying at Sue's B&B in the hinterland here on the Sunshine Coast sent in her beautifully framed 'Honey For Sale', she says it was the first stitchery she ever did and has not stopped stitching since.
Wt 024
I hope that you are all enjoying this fun as much as I do. 
Happy Stitching

Lets go visiting...

Morning, are you all ready? There are so many gorgeous places to go and visit, make yourself a nice hot cuppa, maybe a cookie or two and join me on todays blog ramble to see what we can find that has been made from my patterns and books.....

To see the whackiest Cows and Daisies quilt, visit Nicolette... 
Marie does not have a blog but sent in this, her 5 block version of Your Home or Mine, I love the softer shades she has used in this one.
Your Home or Mine by Marie Westermark
Laila from Norway has a wonderful blog which is worth a visit and you will find a picture of A Bees Life Bag. 
Jeanette has posted some great pictures on her blog, amongst which is my all time favourite quilt 'Strawberry Picking With Grandad'. My Dad has a love of strawberries and over the years has taken both my brother and I as small children to pick our own strawberries and more recently all of my boys, the family joke is that they should weight dad on the way in and on the way out as he always eats more than he picked to take home!
I met Chrissie and her dog Ben last year when Hugo was a very new puppy, Chrissie's work is beautiful, her stitches so neat and her cross stitch amazing.
This picture is of 'My Sewing Bag' which has been sent in by Lynn S, thanks Lynn you have done a great job, Lynn tells me its the bag she takes with her when flying and its guaranteed to start a conversation or two!
My Sewing bag by Lynn

I could not believe my eyes when this picture of Antique Angel Walhanging in progress arrived from Marion in Tasmania, the cat in the picture is the image of my Fatcat, same fur, same coloured eyes, same long white whiskers, they both have white toes!
Antique Angel by Marion in Tassie

Hanne has put a link to one of her past posts which shows her completed Allotment, which she has made into a rather nice pillow.
Well I hope that you have enjoyed the sights today, Hugo and Felix want you to know that there is still time to join in the fun and show something you have made from one of my patterns or books. See original post 'Play along with Hugo and Felix' (two posts below this one for conditions of entry).
I have heaps of stitching to do today and its wet and chilly so a perfect day for sewing,
PS. My terrible trio wanted to say 'meow' to you all, they are wondering if anyone is ever going to feed them?? After all its a least.....hmmm........... three hours since they were last fed! 
Terrible trio

Take a look...

Felix and Hugo are having a wonderful time, here are a few things of mine that have been posted on blogs around the globe so far....
Mary has sent her version of Daisy Cottage bag, the handpainted 'Hugo'  button really does make this bag special.

Lynette Anderson Hogo's bag 2008_09062008July0043 

Dawn made my Busy Bee wallhanging about 10 years ago. Amandas is busy making the quilt Friends For Christmas from the book of the same name (almost out of print, so if you always wanted one and havent got a copy yet, be quick). Noras blog is in Hungarian but she tells me she has recently got a copy of the book Bearly Stitched and has already made a bag.
How about this very pretty version of An Angels Garden sent to me by Agnes from Germany, Felix and Hugo both want to lie on this one it looks so cozy.
Lynette Anderson 008
Deb has made a Saltbox Sampler cushion and Hugo and felix both love the striped fabric she has used, they say it makes their eYeS Go FUnnY...
Beth has posted a picture of A Bees Life Bag which has to be one of the all time best selling small projects, its such a great shaped bag. This version of Muddy Garden (scroll down her page to find it) is just gorgeous, sent in by Mar in Spain

Well, we hope that you have enjoyed the tour, if you havent posted pictures yet on your blog with a link to me, there is still time. Please be sure to leave us a comment for the chance to receive a full patterns set of 'A Kittens Tale', see posting below for full details.
Have fun today

Play along with Hugo and Felix...

These two mischievous animals have somehow managed to steal a set of patterns for 'A Kittens Tale', they want to have a bit of fun with you. 

A Kittens Tale

What Hugo and Felix would like you to do is post something on your blog that you have made from one of my patterns or books. They are sorry, but the free Noah's Ark blocks and the free "here kitty' scissor holder pattern do not count for this game as they have seen them before and want to see what I designed before they joined our famiy. They want you to put a link back to here and to leave them a message remembering to include your blog address so we can all come over and have a look at what you made. If you dont have a blog, thats fine just email a picture with your details.

I wonder where in blogland we will be visiting and what samples we will get to see, I started designing and producing patterns back in 1995 so I am hoping for lots of variety. What fun this is going to be, so come on let the fun begin.... 
PS. We will use the random number generator to pick the new owner for the set of patterns. 

Today, is cold and damp. Well when I say its cold I still have my shorts on but I had to wear a long sleeved t-shirt! 
These two visitors cam to my back deck this morning, I think they were hoping for some food but they were out of luck. We recently had a notice in our letterboxes explaining the danger to the birds by feeding them food that is not suitable for them.
Not too sure what we are doing today, if anything, I have to finish packing my freight for Houston and finalise the paper work (not my favourite job) but the relief of the freight having gone from here will be enormous. 

Mum helped me yesterday to go through my wardrobe and select what I will wear at the quilt market, I am hopeless as I have some really, really nice clothes but day to day I am lazy and just wear jeans and a t-shirt which is very boring of me.
On Saturday I did buy this rather gorgeous necklace at Eumundi markets to wear, its by Renee Blackwell.
Renee Necklace

Mums quilt is finished...

Mums roon

A few weeks ago I made Mum pull out some quilt blocks from a quilt she started making a few years ago (make that about 8 years ago), its one of Robyn Pandolfs BOM's (cant remember its name,sorry) it is meant to have three more blocks but they had not even been started so instead of all that work going to waste I suggested that we ask a friend of mine who occasionally does some stitching for me if she would mind putting the blocks together and hand quilting it.  
We got it back this week, isnt it gorgeous and the colours are perfect in their bedroom, as you can see Mum and Dad have put it up behind their bed and I think its stunning...
I hope that you are having a great weekend, I have just remembered the boys in my household are going to be watching the Bathurst 1000 which means I will be able to stitch most of the day..... at least thats what I am hoping for! I hope you have a good day too,


Thank you everyone for all the wonderful messages, it would seem that there is a definite market for thimbles made from chocolate, anyone interested?

Thanks to the random number generator, calling number 19.........Mary Wood your number has come up, please email me with your postal address so that I can get your 'Here Kitty...sewing accessories' pattern in the mail to you.

I have a couple of other new patterns that are ready to launch, yes I have been a busy little bee... My first self published book was one called The Pincushion Book which has long been out of print and after alot of 'pincushion' blog talk a few months ago I have decided to release the most popular pincushions from the book as patterns. I have put two pincushion designs into each pattern which makes the patterns good value for money. 

This one is YWP22 'Country Pincushions', I can never decide if I like the hen in her basket best or the beehive. I wonder which one you like best?
and this one is YWP23 'Two Pincushions'. The sewing machine is relatively simple and any stitchers will be thrilled to own it, you could stitch your own name onto it instead of putting 'Singer' and the sunflower with its seminole centre can of course be made in any colourway... even pink would look gorgeous and if the seminole looks a bit tricky for you then you can replace it with a yummy piece of fabric.

But wait these's more....this bag was originally designed for Australian Homespun magazine and was called Hugos Bag, for all those of you who were unable to get a copy of the magazine it is now available as a pattern Y339 Daisy Cottage Bag. The buttons are handpainted by a friend of mine and are available separately from your favourite local quilt shop. 
Daisy Cottage Bag
Leanne and I are very busy working on some new buttons, some with a christmas theme and a 'Felix' which we will reveal later this year. Over the years that I have known Leanne she has produced some simply gorgeous stitchery patterns and after a bit of a break in designing she is back, so go and take a peek at her blog.

A couple of my favourite quilt stores here in Australia have already got these patterns in stock and available online now from here.... or here.

have fun
PS. I forgot to say have a look here I have to make some of these as I love what it looks like...hmm, lots of creative ideas running around in my head that could use personalised printed ribbon...maybe its Vince's turn to cook dinner tonight as I have an urge to rush into my studio..only thing is I am not sure if I have any of the right paper..or any of that ribbon.....and I dont think there is a quilt store thats open 24/7 ???