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Lets make 'Corky' the reindeer

Well I wonder how many of you have managed to collect enough corks to make this cute fellow?
Or perhaps you are going to make a herd?
The herd
The pattern is available Download Corkyreindeer  right here for you. If you make one or some please put him or them on your blog so we can all come and visit and if you would be kind enough to put a link back to my blog that would be great, thank you and enjoy making your reindeer.
PS. Be patient the pdf seems to take forever to download, if you cant get it to work email me and I will send it to you.

Reindeer wishes....

Well I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, we certainly enjoyed ourselves, especially the food. I was given Nigellas Christmas book a few weeks prior to the event and had fun trying her method of brining the turkey prior to cooking and it certainly was delicious. Here it is floating in the water, spices, herbs and assorted other ingredients...
Turkey swimming
Lucky I have a wide oven or everything would not have fitted....
all the family came so the company was great.. here they all are filling their plates,
The food 
I wanted to share this fun reindeer made from corks with you last week but I could not find my fellow anywhere, so after much begging mum has lent me hers.


Many years ago when I had my patchwork shop I used to hold 'An Angels Weekend Away' once a year. We offered a variety of workshops throughout the day and we used to have show and tell and and fun activities in the evenings. One year we collected enough corks for everyone to make one of these cute reindeers. Corks at least here in Australia are now becoming a rarity as most wine comes with a screw cap, however with a little dedication you may be able to find some

You will need to collect 6 standard corks and one champagne cork (for his head), a small bell, two black sequins for eyes, ribbon for his saddle and some twigs for antlers... oh, and of course some glue.
So start collecting your corks and then pop back soon for the 'how to make' it information. (This one does have rather long antlers, shorter twigs look fine too!)
Want a chance to win something?? Yes, of course you do so pop over to this blog where there is a pattern set of my BOM 'A Kittens Tale' up for grabs, how generous is that. Leave Kim a message and you could be the lucky one. Kim also has a few of the limited Edition H&F pins or sale, I cant find them on her website so you may need to email and ask if you want one.
best wishes 

Christmas cupcakes...

My cupcakes turned out really nice, so here as promised are some pictures. these first ones were very simple, I made my favourite cupcake recipie (victoria sponge) and ater icing them I decorated them with some white sprinkles and some pre-made sugar icing things that I bought from the cook shop.

These gorgeous snowmen however were a bit tricky but I just love how they turned out. I found the idea and instructions on this blog, scroll down a bit to find them as now I see some yummy looking Christmas pudding cookies to make (may have to try these too).
Snowmen cakes
And whilst I was working hard in the kitchen baking.... H&F were very busy sleeping! 
What do you think Hugos reply is going to be to this??
To have fun with adding captions and other fun things to your photos go here.
talk soon

Christmas Quilt, Santa and things...

This fellow is sleeping above my cook top, he has a suitably bored look on his face and a wonderful christmas tree made from barbed wire.

Santa sleeping

This pretty button angel is just one of the ten gorgeous angel related projects from my book An Angels Wish. If you are in Australia then Penny at  The Patchwork Angel has this book in stock now, if you are in the US then Mary at The Rabbits Lair has An Angels Wish in stock. 
Button fairy
Here's a version with a slight variation of Santas Blessings that has been sent to me by Corinne (no blog) who lives in Germany. I think she has done a great job, thanks for the sending me the picture, I love to see what you are all stitching. Linda at Dewdrop Inn has plenty of these patterns in stock.
Santa Finiiii
This afternoon I am planning to make some christmas themed cupcakes for Vince's 'last day at work before christmas' lunch party....if they work out nice I will take pictures!
bye for now

Alda has been busy stitching the mini quilt from my book Rainbow Cottage for her daughter as a Christmas gift.

Lynette Anderson Country Cottage1
Its so pretty in the pastel colours, pop over to Aldas blog for a look at her Ark blocks as they are very different from others I have seen. 
We have almost finished decorating the house in readyness for that special day, even though its hot here at the moment (36ºC yesterday) I love what the house looks like when its decorated with all the things we have collected over the years, this cute mouse is made from some native thistle type thing (teazle?).Mouse decoration
Hugo joined in the fun of decorating, here he is modeling his new pixie hat, Felix did not want to play that game!
Pixie hugo
I did have to bribe Hugo to sit still.....
Pixie and a carrot
Carrots are delicious....yummy.
Its a bit cooler today and I am off out for lunch today with my friend Sue, hopefully we can find a cafe somewhere in Coolum where we can take advantage of the sea breeze!
best wishes

Pictures from you..

Bec just sent me a picture of her completed pillow from the book Rainbow Cottage, she has stitched it for her grandparents who are both in their 80's. If you look closely you will see that Bec has put their surname on the sign, the year they got married in the sun and their names are along the bottom. What a very special gift this pillow is.

Katrin from Germany (no blog) sent me a picture of her Ark blocks, she is just going to start to put the sashing around them. I love what they look like all stitched on one piece of fabric, dont you? Thanks Katrin.
How about this gorgeous version of Friends For Christmas.... yummy, The girls from Pipers Quilts in the US have a mention of it on their blog. I think the applique has been done in wool and I just love the effect and the strong darker colours. They have books and kits available.
If you are in Australia and want the book (Friends For Christmas) then contact Karen at The Stitching Post as she bought up the last copies of the book. Karen has a few options for buying the book with or without a kit, so take a peek.
bye for now
PS. Yvonne is painting some stocking buttons (see previous post) as Marilyn has taken some orders already, so if you want the stocking boots dont delay as there will be a limited amount of them. I understand they are going to be under $10 for the pair, which for handpainted buttons is pretty good.

First Christmas card for H &F...

H & F buttons
Hugo and Felix were so excited when this arrived, its their first ever Christmas card. Thank you so much Yvonne (no blog). The stocking buttons are just so sweet and I love how she has hung them over the side of a piece of card. I think I need to get my pencil and paper out and see what new stitchery design I can come up with for these very special buttons. 
If your interested in getting a pair of these stockings (they will not have the names on the top) then you can email Marilyn for more information.
Yvonne also paints the most beautiful brooches I have ever seen, you can see them here, this quilt shop also stocks alot of my patterns and books, see them here.
I am going to have fun today, I hope that you are too


My goodness, I dont think that i have ever had so many messages, its been wonderful fun and I think its safe to say that most of you have enjoyed the new message system.

The random number selector picked numbers 94 ,199 and 30
Number 94 is Helena who has chosen Nora's Hens as her favourite.
199 is Doreen B, wed Dec 10th, she is happy to have any pattern, so I will send her Nora's Garden.
Number 30 is Elin who has chosen Nora's horses because her two girls love horses

Then Vince and I had fun picking three more because with so many messages left it seemed mean to only choose three. So the winners are:-
Nancy because she was first to leave me a message. Cindy because Hugo is in love her two dogs.
LesleyAnn because of the memory she has of locking her sister in the hen house when they were kids, luckily they are still friends!

Ladies please send me your postal addresses so that I can send your patterns to you.
Thanks to everyone for joining in the fun

Pattern giveaway...

I have one of each pattern from the Nora pattern range that need good homes, so please leave me a message and three lucky people will each get one of these patterns. Which is your favourite?

Noras patterns

Have you noticed that I have introduced the new message format to my blog??? Its such fun, so dont be shy give it a go. You can also click on the reply button to any message thats on my message list if you want and leave an answer or ask a question of that person, this way we can sort of have conversations! I think it could be alot of fun. For instance did you notice that a couple of posts ago I mentioned that I was cooking sweet and sour sausages for dinner??? Well one lady asked for the recipe and a couple of people gave their variations....fun huh!
Have fun today
PS. I just heard that the interview that I did for Henry Glass fabrics is posted on their blog, so pop over and let them know how much you are all looking forward to getting some of my fabrics!! 

Butterfly progress and winners...

After a very hot/humid day yesterday, today is blissfully much cooler with a gentle sea breeze and the occasional shower.
Today these two are enjoying themselves in the open doorway, whereas yesterday they were under the air con unit.....H & F (Hugo and Felix) think they have priority over the mere humans... well thats what they think!

Its hot
I have managed to get a bit more done to my butterfly blocks, almost ready for the blanket stitching, although I have still to decide what colour thread to use.

Butterfly progress

I bet you thought I had forgotten to draw the winners for the limited edition H & F pin...... well almost but here I am today with the winners......

Number 13 (Lucky for some) Joy and number 73, Miss Paula, I was only going to give away two but I accidentally grabbed three out of the bag so Jo in Tas, you too are a lucky winner today so ladies please email me with your postal addresses and I will get a limited edition H & F pin in the mail to you.

I have some other exciting things to show you all so tune back later...or sooner...


PS. Marilyn at The Patchwork Teahouse is offering A Kittens Tale as a BOM and has the original fabrics that I used and she had some of the limited edition H & F pins available with the BOM, Marilyn does not have a web site but you can contact her via email.