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Braid and ribbons...

How could I resist these gorgeous braids and ribbon and the ceramic tag is just lovely, there were a few to choose from but this was my favourite.


Hugo says hi woof and to let you know that he thinks the braids are boring........
unless of course they are for him to eat???

Spiders webs and sunrise..

This is one of the bridges that we cross on our morning walks with Hugo and this morning it was so very pretty.


The reason I had my camera with me was because I wanted to share these wonderful spiders webs with you, they look like fairy floss just hanging in the grass.
Just amazing, I have no idea what type of spider lives in them and I am not getting closer to see...sorry!
Spiders webs
Well that was my nature walk for today, hope you are having a great day and if you happen to know what the spiders are do let me know.
bye for now

Button winner..

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and suggestions about what Mr Snowman may be pulling along behind him? I cant reveal the whole picture yet as the project is destined for a French magazine later this year, which is very exciting for me!

 Snowman button
You have given me some wonderful ideas for my next quilt... yes, its going to have a snowman theme and its such fun. Lots of drawings have been done and fabrics are chosen...... almost time to begin stitching.
Anyhow this Mr Snowman button goes to MGM, Mary Grace McNamara  Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 10:20 AM so Mary Grace email me your postal address so I can get this little man off to you. 

My mudpie quilt..

Here as promised is the picture of the quilt thats on my bed at the moment. The centre was made at a 'mystery quilt in a weekend' workshop several years ago. 

Mud pie quilt2

I added the simple flower border and outer border later to make it a bed sized quilt and to try and use up a few more of my scraps! 
Mud pie quilt
As you can see its a very very scrappy quilt and I just love looking at the fabrics and challenging myself to try and remember where I bought them and of course which other projects I used them in.
Mud pie quilt1
Hope you enjoyed seeing this quilt?
PS. Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the Mr Snowman button.

Sleepy Saturday mornings...

There is nothing better than a lie in on the weekends, except that our bed gets a bit crowded and by 7.30 I usually give up trying to have a lie in! 


I must show you the quilt that we have on our bed which you can see a peek of in this picture as its gorgeous. The centre of it was made in 'quilt in a weekend' workshop years ago (12 at least) and I added the floral trail border later so that it was bedsize.

We dont have much planned this weekend, although we are going to go and have a late breakfast out at one of our favourite beachside cafes where Hugo is also welcome.
Mum and Dad who love pot plants were recently heard saying that they were cutting back on plant pots as they are alot of work, are now to be found busy collecting some gorgeous Desert Roses (Adenium), this particular one has the most wonderful but weird pod growing. Looks a bit like a helicopter wing thing, hope you can spot it in this photo? We are all waiting to see what happens to it next.
The flowers on this one are so pretty, I can see the attraction and they dont need lots of water so I guess they may be less work to look after but collecting them seems to be the time consuming part now!
I have had a very slow week in the sewing department, I have done alot of thinking but I am not sure if that counts! I did get to edit the second proof of my chapter/project in a collaborative book that will be published later this year by David and Charles. I am very honoured to be working alongside some other very well known quilters and am looking forward to seeing the finished book.
The girls over at the Jolly Jabber have posted on their blog about my fabric line Hedgerow, it would be great if you visited them and (pretty please) left them a message so they know I have lots of lovely fans, it would be fantastic to blast them with lots of comments, so come on girls do your stuff for me! Thank you x x 

Friends For Christmas -BOM

This gorgeous version has been made using Jo Morton fabrics and is available from The Rabbits Lair in the US, they have just started their mail out this month so you will have it completed in time for Christmas.


This wonderful country version is available from Pauline at Calico Crossroads here in Australia, sorry the picture is a bit grainy.
It always gives me such a thrill to see my quilts made up in different fabrics If you are interested in making this quilt do check out the links I have given but also ask at your local quilt shop, they may have 
the patterns in stock or would probably be happy to order them in for you and my wonderful distributors promise a 24 hour turn around on all orders so you wont have to wait too long!

Playing with Aster Manor...

This is just one of the delicious fat quarter bundles that I bought at Spring Market and although I am not really a 'pink' person I am a brown, tan and red person....

Aster Manor

The collection is called Aster Manor by 3 Sisters and is produced by Moda, I believe it wont be in stores until October which is wonderful as it will give me time to create something using it......yummy.
Well, I am off to the drawing board to see what I can come up with... hope your having fun too.

Snowman button..

Snowman button
Today I am planning on finishing this cute little project which features my new (soon to be released) Mr Snowman button. Dont you just love his gum boots, I have done them in satin stitch, dont look too closely as its not perfect! The snow speckled background fabric is from my Christmas Magic fabric line which is available in stores now, it has worked out perfectly for the stitchery background. Can you guess what Mr Snowman is pulling along?? If you can you may get to be the lucky recipient of a Mr Snowman button, so leave me a message.