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Playing with new fabrics..

Lecien fabrics This gorgeous bundle of Lecien fabrics arrived in my letter box yesterday and I could not resist starting to play with them. I love the sludgy dirty colours in this range and am mixing it with some fabrics from previous Lecien lines.

Lecien1 Not really sure what will grow from here but its fun playing. I am off now to cut some strips for either log cabins or courthouse steps....hmm wonder which will look best... stay tuned.


Crow work continues...

I have been busy stitching all week and have a few things close to completion.


My mind has gone crazy with the theme and now I need to decide?? Book or mini series of patterns, like a block of the month but a project of the month all with the same theme. I am tending towards to the mini pattern series idea as I think it would be great fun to get a series of kits in the mail monthly to make a variety of themed small/large projects. What do you think?

New variety cat food..

Felix and Freckle discover the pantry door open.... they are so excited...


Felix reaches up to get something delicious!
Looks like boring bread thinks Freckle......
It is boring bread but guess what??????
Felix adores bread!! 
Do your cats eat strange things? I would love to hear what.

Weekend fun..

We set off Sunday morning to go and watch some sport.... we got a bit lost on the way and ended up asking for directions at this general store.

Amamoor Genral store

Whilst Vince was in the store I took a peek at the train station across the road, 

Train station 
Guards house
I love how the timber posts have been painted to look like the guard and the porter as you can see the sky was a wonderful shade of blue...
Wooden guards
We arrived at our final destination and set up our chairs and picnic blanket etc. There was some ladies cooking hot food so we had a yummy egg and bacon roll each for breakfast....... but can you guess what we came to watch?
Polo ponies2
The Sunshine Coast Polo teams playing, 
Polo ponies1
My goodness those ponies go fast and the control the riders have is amazing.
Polo ponies
Hugo loved every moment.
Watching polo
We had a great day out, now we need to learn how the game is played so next time we go to watch we will have a better understanding of the game. I hope you had a great weekend?

Local Quilt show..

After a wonderful walk along the cliff top we headed to Buderim to take a look at the quilts on display. There was 'no photography allowed' at the show which I think is a shame, however if you visit this blog you can get a peek at what we saw.
There were a couple of vendors there and I had time to catch with my friend Lee and together we had fun choosing a jelly roll for me. You can see my pillow 'Quilt Shoppe' in the background, which Lee tells me is selling very well, yeah! 


There were a couple of quilts on display that were from my designs, the first we found was The Butterfly Collection which had been made from a kit and was very nicely made.
The Butterfly1
The second was 'Apple Tree Farm' which is an older design but still popular because of the horses. This one had been made by Val who is pictured with me. Val has a group of ladies who make quilts for charities, the quilt was made from a kit that was in a large bag of fabrics that had been donated to the group. They plan to raffle this quilt to raise funds for their charity work.
After a wonderful time viewing and admiring the quilts we headed outside for a cuppa, part of our entry fee included a cup of tea with scones and jam, my scone had dates in it and was delicious......sorry I forgot to photograph it!
I hope your having a great week, bye for now

My First Quilt..

What fun, Carrie and Camille have suggested a parade of quilts, they ask that we show our first quilt and our most recent quilt. 
Back in the early 80's I was into handspinning and dying and funky if complicated knitting, loving particularly designs by Patricia Roberts. This cardigan which is still hanging in my wardrobe is from handspun/dyed wool is showing a distinctively patchworky pattern, maybe the patchwork bug was already getting a hold on me!
After the birth of my first son I needed something that was still portable, easy to pick up and put down but not so easy for a new baby to grab a hold of and pull undone in the blink of any eye!!
My first quilt was a handpieced sampler, made in an evening class over many weeks.
Davids sampler1
There were no quilt shops and finding coordinating cotton fabrics was hard so Mum and I went on a girls trip to Libertys of London and bought some of their fabulous lawn fabrics for my this my first quilt.
Not only is every seam handstitched but its heavily handquilted, I am looking forward to the day when I can find time to handquilt again.
I still love the border design that I chose...
What did I learn? Well that I love sewing by hand, I enjoy applique more than piecing, if I am piecing then matching points are not essential to me and that I should have done the long seams on my machine as no one would have ever known! 
The most recent quilt that I have finished that I can show you? That would be this one using my fabric line Hedgerow. As you can see Hugo thinks its a winner.
I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my first quilt and my most recent finished quilt, it was really a good thing that i got to look in the quilt cupboard to find my first quilt as all the quilts needed to be refolded and some are even as I write in the washing machine as they were a bit cupboard smelly (you know what I mean...eeew), soon they will be all fresh and lovely again hanging on the line in the breeze...now that sounds like a good picture for a post later this week dont you think.

Cat attack!

Who knows what this little quilt that was on the back of the armchair did.... maybe it moved! 


Whatever it was Freckle decided she had better make sure it didnt do it again...
When she was sure it was dead, she looked up to the camera and smiled!
Is your cat crazy too?


H&F just could not resist awarding the H&F Wagtime pattern set to Cathy C. H&F are both looking forward to visiting the local orchestra and hoping that now they have an inside contact they may in fact be in line for the next vacant position that comes up!

......DreAm oN BoYS....

This is what Cathy says...

'My husband and I are members of Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra. we are the percussionists, my husband on timpani and me on auxiliary. I just love your new BOM. I would love to win it so that I can make this as a raffle quilt for the orchestra's end of year Proms Concert. Maybe Hugo and Felix could put in a guest appearance at our concert. This is so cute.....'
hugs Cathy

Please send me your postal address Cathy so I can get these patterns in the mail to you.