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Hugo and Daffodils..

FG quilt and Hugo 

Hugo was very jealous becasue I showed the new quilt (which I still need a name for??) when there was only a cat in the picture, so to help me put the borders on he kindly led on it! You can imagine how helpful that was and just look at his face when I asked him very nicely to move somewhere else!

I bought these gorgeous daffodils at the supermarket yesterday, we are not able to grow these in our sub tropical climate very easily so having a vase of them indoors certainly makes you feel happy, I hope they make you smile too?
Well I have a busy day ahead of me today, starting to writing some instructions for my new patterns in preparation for Quilt Market in Houston when they will be released and then after lunch I am going to be playing with some new fabrics...... its a hard life!
bye for now

New quilt ready for quilter...

Remember these gorgeous fabrics?? 

French General

Well I have been busy stitching, stitching and stitching. Yesterday the border fabric I ordered arrived and today I have been putting it all together. Whilst it was on the floor so I could admire it, Miss Freckle decided that it was the perfect place to have a bit of a roll and a quick wash.
FG& Freckle 
FG& Freckle1
FG& Freckle2  
The plan is for this quilt top will go off in the mail tomorrow to be beautified by quilting, whilst its away I will be busy writing the pattern ready for release in a few weeks. Once its back from the quilters I promise I will give you a full peek, meanwhile I need to think of a name for it, any suggestions would be appreciated??

An Angels Wish...

I have totally fallen in love with these soft blues and dusky pinks that are from a soon to be released collection from Lecien Fabrics. I showed these fabric to you the other day and I still have been unable to find any more of the grey spot so that project is currently on hold! 
I am now working on remaking one of my all time favourite quilts thats in my book An Angels Wish using these soft subtle shades....oh they are so delicious... I know I am using pink but hey a girl can change her mind about colours cant she???


Work in progress, sorry about the creases but I was in a hurry to show you and now I see I should have pressed this before 
taking the photo!  Ah well you can see its looking nice.

One of my wonderful hand stitching ladies is doing all the blanket stitching in a deep dusky pink and its looking great.
Here is a reminder of what the original quilt looks like, the shaded blue fabric that I used for the background is no longer available which is sad but I think I am going to love the new softer version even more than this one.
An Angels Wish 
Hopefully I will be able to show you some more soon. I am awaiting a parcel with some extra fabrics and they are about a week away, hopefully I will be able to get the quilt completed in time to take to Houston for Quilt Market.
bye for now

Stitching the binding on..

Having finally got rid of my flu I have been very busy drawing, cutting and stitching as its not very long until I go to Houston for Quilt Market and the usual panic is beginning to set in...will I have anything finished and ready to show??!!

Remember my CrOW themed projects I showed a peek of a while back? Well yesterday when I went to the post office I picked the quilt up. Its a simple quilt which has turned out to be very yummy and I am thrilled.
Last night was spent stitching the binding and this morning I had some help doing the photography for this blog entry!
Now I am off to my studio as I have the rest of the CrOW themed projects to complete and to write the instructions for.
Happy stitching

Beach boy...

What a fabulous lazy weekend we have had, the weather has been perfect and this afternoon we took Hugo and his tennis ball to the beach..

Beach boy1
We are really lucky as there are only a couple of local beaches where you can let your dog off its leash and the nicest one is less than 5 mins from where we live.
Beach boy2
The tide was in but there was still enough sand for a nice walk and for Hugo to chase the ball. Most days there are not too many other people on this particular beach, as you can see we almost had the whole place to ourselves.
Beach boy3
Hugo is now exhausted at my feet, he's still a bit wet and a bit 'doggie' smelling but he is one very happy dog! Now to prepare and cook something good for dinner....hmm....I have two choices of what to cook one is quick and easy (stir fry pork with capsicum, almonds and snap peas), the other takes a bit longer (pork, chopped tomatoes and onions wrapped in pastry with mash and vegetable) but is delicious.....lets see what I feel like cooking when I get into the kitchen!
Hope your weekend was great too? What did you get up to?

New bag..

First I thought I would show you two of the items that have been my constant companions whilst I had the flu! They seem to have done the trick as my flu has finally gone.


Of course these two faithful companions have also never been far away, they are both excellent nurses and can be relied upon to be asleep all day if required!


To cheer me up Vince took me out to lunch a couple of days ago and I fell in love with this gorgeous green handbag, I tried really hard to resist it but when we walked past it the second time my will power failed me and so I am now the proud owner. Heres a look at the front,

the back...

and inside... 
Its just perfect for me as I really dont like huge handbags, of course when my kids were small I had a huge handbag and needed to do weight training to lift it, these days I only carry the bare essentials.
Now I am thinking some nice green shoes may be needed...... hmmm.....

Feeling better..

Thank you to everyone of you who has sent me 'get well' messages, they have been much appreciated.


Yesterday to celebrate the fact that I am finally feeling a little better (still have an evil cough) Mum and I went and bought some plants for my pots. These gorgeous little violas are in a pot on my patio table and have cheered me up enormously already.
I hope to get into my studio today as I have alot of catching up to do.. although I currently seem to have designers block and am wondering if I will ever be able to draw again!
bye for now

Stitching today...

Not much work going on here for the past couple of days as I have a heavy dose of the flu and am feeling very sorry for myself...cough cough, sneeze, sneeze.....


However I have managed a little stitching, this little design I am working on is using my fabric line Hedgerow and one of my rather cute little buttons.

bye for now


1" strips...

Fatcat clock1

Fatcat has been supervising my sewing endeavours today 
from the top of the clock...
sometimes he scares me because when hes asleep up there you 
cant see him....
until he stands up!
As you can see I have 1" strips of fabric everywhere....
They are looking fantastic joined together...
Courthouse steps
Wonder whats coming next, so do I! Silly me I have just cut a whole lot of centre squares the wrong size (too small of course) and since I only had a fat quarter of the fabric I am in a bit of a pickle! I think a quilt shop trip may be the only option and hope that I can find a substitute as I am sure I wont be lucky enough to find the one I was using!