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First glimpse of Sweden..


Everyone predicted grey skies and rain but as we came in to land at Goteburg airport in Sweden the sun was out making the forests and gorgeously cute houses that we flew over seem as if from a fairytale.

Our hotel room is comfortable and quiet. To walk off the long hours of plane rides we explored the shops close by our hotel, walked to the harbour to admire the boats and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on our backs.

Tormorrow I am going to be visiting a quilt shop in Goteborg called Quilt Studion, Pia the owner is kindly picking me up from the hotel and I will be enjoying the afternoon in her store. If your close by please come as I would love to meet you, I have brought some of my quilts with me for show and tell.

bye for now


PS. Thanks for all the wonderful Crow tales that you have sent me, we have enjoyed reading them a great deal. Keep the stories coming.

Home safe and packing again

Its so good to be home, we arrived back on Sunday having had an amazing Quilt Market. 

I got to see all my friends and to meet some bloggy friends in person which makes it so much more fun (Jaybird thanks for making my market such fun). I had dinner with some good friends, Barri from Bareroots and Kathrine and Heidi from Katherines Quilt Stue in Norway.

Then we spent a wonderful family filled three days with my brother and his family in the Bahamas.

I was invited to meet some local quilters whilst we were in the Bahamas and took some show and tell for them.


I have so much to tell you but so little time.... because yes, the suitcases are already being re-packed...this time for a cold weather adventure.


Vince and I are off first to Gothenburg, Sweden where Vince has been invited to attend a 2 day conference. I will be being a tourist for those two days and hope to find some great places to visit, museums, quilt shops, knitting wool shops (if any one has some suggestions, please let me know. If you have a quilting group nearby maybe we could meet for coffee?).

Then we are heading to Oslo where I will be doing a mini workshop on Monday 2nd November at Kathrines Quilt Stue in Oslo.

Happiness Is..

Followed by a trunk show presentation in the evening. If you are interested in coming to either the mini workshop or the trunk show please contact Kathrine ASAP as places are limited.

Here are some of the samples I need to squish into my suitcases! Luckily for me Kathrine took some samples back to Oslo with her from Houston.

Packing quilts 

Then we are off on our big adventure, train to Trondheim where I will be dropping in at the quilt store Quiltegaarden. You can contact Siw to find out more. From there we head off on a coastal steamer for a dog sledding adventure and perhaps if we are lucky we will see the Northern Lights and I am sure there will lots of snow!

Hoping to get to meet lots of wonderful stitchers in Norway... 


Wish U were here...

With Quilt Market in Houston over, Eddie (my son) and I headed to the Bahamas to visit my brother and his family......this is where we found ourselves yesterday....the lone tree on Harbour Island which is one of the most beautiful pieces of driftwood I have ever seen.


This beach on another part of the island has the palest pink sand.


This morning I am going to meet a group of quilters from Corona who are also visiting these islands. 

Hope you are all well? Bye for now


Work In Progress...

This is what my dining room table looked like at one stage earlier this week....


I have so many things almost finished, or perhaps I should say almost started! These two pictures are showing the same project but made up in two different colourways.


 Yes, its a sewing themed bag with accessories...


I will show more once I have got the samples assembled.


Smells like choklit....

A good friend of mine sent me a txt to say there was a little parcel in the post from her, I was so excited.....when it arrived I ripped it open, she always finds fun often inspiring things for me plus she knows I love choklit.


Hmm, well the mini frames on easels are gorgeous and they made me want to get my paints out. The purple stuff does smell like something I would like to eat....but....its to help with my maths!


What a fun parcel that was, thanks my friend x


Dinner tonight?


It will be dads birthday on thursday 8th which is the day I get on the plane for Houston TX. So over the weekend we had a birthday dinner for him, there were 12 family members present and we had a great evening filled with laughter and good wine.

Vince and I cooked a family favourite Whisky Chicken with parsnip mash, the recipe came (I think) from an Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine a few years ago. We had to multiply the recipe by 3 to feed us all but here are the instructions for 4 people.

Whisky Chicken with Parsnip Mash

4 chicken breasts 

80g unsalted butter

2 tbs olive oil

Pared rind of 2 lemons

100ml whisky

Juice 1 lemon 

1 1/2tbs honey

2/3 cup chicken stock

1 bay leaf

1 tbs plain flour

4 parsnips, peeled and chopped

2 medium potatoes, peeled

Pinch nutmeg, fresh if possible

1/4cup thin cream

Grilled pancetta slices, one per person

Chopped parsley

 Boil the parsnips and potatoes together until tender. Drain water. Put into a food processor with 30g butter, nutmeg and cream until smooth. Season and place into a microwave bowl, leave aside until required.

Season chicken with salt and pepper, cover and chill.

Melt 30gms butter and oil in electric frying pan, medium heat. Add chicken and lemon rind, fry chicken for 3 mins each side until well browned, remove from pan.

Add pre measured whisky (warning, do not pour whisky straight from bottle as it could be a fire hazard). Cook for 1 min, then carefully ignite using a long match or lighter.

(here I am setting fire to the whisky...the flames were wonderful and its a bit of a fun)

Whisky chicken1

When the flames die, add juice, honey, stock and bay leaf. Stir occasionally.

Soften butter in microwave and stir in the flour. Slowly add this to the pan to help thicken the sauce. Return the chicken to the pan and simmer for 8-10 mins, keep stirring occasionally.

Whisky chicken2 

Once the chicken is ready, microwave the parsnip/potato mash until hot. Spoon mash onto plates and top with chicken and a slice of grilled pancetta. Sprinkle with parsley and serve with fresh vegetables.

Whisky chicken3 



7am this morning...

found me here at the printers...

4 colour machine  

The centre page is going through the final drum (yellow) before popping into the tray for me to look at.....its so exciting....... my heart is racing.....

Yellow print 

Jason the printer and I are checking the first proof, do we like the colour etc?? 

Checking the proof 

'Gathering of Crows' looked great, which means that next week I will be able to take delivery and hopefully be able to squish a few copies into my suitcase to take to Quilt Market. Although I have to say my suitcase is already bulging so I may have to bite the bullet and take 2 suitcases which on an international flight you are allowed to do, the problem arrises when you switch to internal flights within the US where you are only allowed one bag and have to pay excess for the second!

Just to tempt you and to tease you a little, this is one of the photos we used inside the book.

Crow group

The afternoon we took the photos Miss Freckle offered to help model the quilt, we think she did a great job! 


Miss Freckle gave the quilt her seal of approval for snuggleability (is that a word??). 

bye for now