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French General display...

When I popped into my local quilt store The Patchwork Angel yesterday afternoon this lovely display greeted me.


My quilt Irish Birds and the Sweet Home pillow collection are having a bit of a holiday at the store and I think the girls have done a great job with the display, thank you angels. As you can see in the picture they have stock of both the quilt pattern and the pillow pattern and fabric both as pre-cuts and on the bolt. I have fallen in love with the cute piece of furniture they are using in the display, shame its not for sale too!

I wonder if you got tempted? 


Quilty photo shoot....

Tuesday found me and my friend Sue heading off with a car full of quilts and other quilty bits and pieces for a professional photo shoot.

Quilt stack 

We went to Sandra Faye's gorgeous studio which was in a wonderful tim shed. In fact the shed is every girls dream and now all I can think about is how I can get a shed just like it...........hmmm.....
We set the big quilts up on the floor..

Irish birds 

The photographer did her stuff from the mezzanine floor.

The studio3
An Angels Wish 

It was a fun, if exhausting morning, filled with laughter!

Silly Sue
 Next week we go back to look at the photos and to have another look at the shed that I really really want.


Back to Oslo..

Here we are back in Oslo almost at the end of our holiday. We wanted to visit Kathrine in her store because when I did my workshop and evening presentation it was not held in the store. We decided to enjoy the fresh if a bit chilly air and walk, on the we passed the residence of the King and Queen of Norway.

King and Queens house Oslo 

I got to play in some Autumn leaves.... dont you just love the swooshing sound they make under your feet when you kick them!!

Autumn leaves 

Arriving at the store...

Kathrines shop2 

Inside the store there was so much to see...

Kathrines shop

Then we headed off to explore some of the city before catching our plane home, but first a stop at the bakers for something to eat.... but what to choose?

Yummy bread shop  

yummy bread and a coffee..... good idea, thanks Kathrine.

 Kathrine & coffee

With coffee in hand we walked to the park to see the amazing sculptures by Vigeland.

Coffee in hand 

Vigeland park 


Vigeland 1 

A truly amazing sight, we could have stayed and enjoyed this park alot longer, next time. Signature