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This little pillow was seen in France....

Snowmen Pillow 

Thats right, this pillow made its debut in a very lovely French magazine called Quilt Country last year, of course if you didnt get the magazine or cant read French...well...what can I say!

Snowman button 

Dont panic, I have just released it as a pattern, some stores have already ordered it and will have it in their hot little hands any day soon... dont forget to ask for a Mr Snowman button too.

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Willow and Bird...

I am having fun playing with the Durham "Anew" fabrics that arrived the other day.....


Stitching and playing, not sure what its going to be yet, it was going to be something small and quick but its seems to have a will of its own and its growing...pretty.......

Sufflok Puff 

These pictures are close ups which is why the fabrics look like linen, the background is a type of linen but the appliqué fabrics are true to Lecien style very fine and great to work with.

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Surprise parcel for me...

Yesterday when I went to the post office a rather heavy little UPS package from Lecien was waiting for me, imagine my delight when opening it to find these gorgeous fabrics inside....

Durham 'Anew 

My buttons which I have perched on the fabrics look great dont they? Even Felix the cat button wanted to hop on the pile and pinks not really his colour but he looks happy enough. Time to go and raid the thread draw..... maybe I should have breakfast first!

I am not sure what I am going to make with them but today is the first day of a long weekend for us and I am hoping to find some time to sketch and stitch. The fabrics are from the gorgeous new collection called Durham "Anew", by my friend Brenda

Bye for now

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Registered Store List for My Garden BOM...

Registered stores are now ready to take your booking for my new free nine part block of the month pattern available with the purchase of a button each month. Click on the store name of your choice to email and enquire about this fun limited edition program which starts for you on the 1st July.

My home fabric bundle  

Quilt Fabric Delights - Australia

Red Rooster Quilts - America

The Patchwork Angel - Australia

Creative Patches and Sewing - America

Homespun and Beautiful - Australia

Moore Patchwork and Quilting - Australia

Cross Patch - United Kingdom

Mi Casita De Patch - Spain

Patch and Quilt Ltd - New Zealand

Log Cabin - Germany

Honeysuckle Cottage - Australia

Fobbles - United Kingdom

Button Tree Quilts - Australia

Esmes Patchwork - Australia

Simply Stitches - Australia

The Patchwork Pear - Australia

The Patchwork Teahouse - Australia

The Country Yard - New Zealand

Cotton & Color - Switzerland

Oz Material Girls - Australia

Apatchy Quilting - Australia

Marcelle's Patchwork Cottage - Australia

L'Atelier Du Patchwork - France

QuilteGaarden - Norway

Quiltshop Kaleidoskop Werne - Germany

Emma has created this pretty little button for you to add to your blog side bar to show you are joining in the fun. 

Im stitching 

 Once you are enrolled with a shop of your choice if you want you can copy the code below and add it to your blog. 

<a href="http://lynetteandersondesigns.typepad.com/"><img src="http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk69/lynetteorourke/imstitching.jpg" width="105" height="141" /></a>

Looking forward to hearing about your progress each month, starting in July.

Enjoy Lynette  

My UK visit....



Well its official, I am coming to the UK in August this year where I will be having a stand at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham (stand number F47). I will be bringing lots of samples for display and launching my new book 'Its Quilting Cats and Dogs', the book is filled with lots of gorgeous stitchery and patchwork projects many of which feature my best loved characters Hugo and Felix, if you would like a signed copy be sure to drop by and say hello.

If your looking for a bit more one on one time with me then why not join me in a workshop or if your busy working during the day then join me for an evening presentation. 

Fobbles in Cumbria, two one day workshops and an evening presentation. August 16th and 17th (confirmed) contact Beverley for more information. I am working on two new projects for this venue...secrets.....



Quilters Haven in Suffolk, two one day workshops and an evening presentation. August 24th and 25th (confirmed) contact Karin for more information. Karin has chosen two new as yet unreleased projects for her workshops.



Antique Angel in London August 27th (confirmed) contact Kylie for more information. Kylie and I are still deciding what we will offer in my one day workshop, something new as a surprise or something familiar?

Hope to see you in August, let me know if your coming.

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Busy stitching...

There are all sorts of new things being worked on in my studio.... Val one of the ladies who stitches forme has been busy working on 'My Garden' ......

My garden 

The colouring is very soft and pretty and each little block has a gorgeous handpainted button to go with it, there are ladybirds, bees, butterflies, watering cans and more...just wait until you see them!

When will the patterns be ready?? Not until mid May, so not too long to wait.

How much will the patterns be? The patterns are free each month, my gift to you but you need to register with a shop to buy the button each month. No idea which shops will have them available yet so please feel free to tell your local quilt shop about the special program as this club will have limited shop membership.

More information later.....now I am going to make myself a cup of tea, anyone want to join me?

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Thank you, thank you for all the wonderful stories and recipes and a little insight into some of the fun traditions that happen in households around the world each year. How could I pick one winner, so with the help of the random number picker thing here are my three lucky ladies.....

Julie Forrest wrote:

just having the family together for christmas is enough. i do make a big slab of chocolate fudge brownies each year as they are everyones favourite. would love to make this quilt, heres hoping. love jules

Nola Larson wrote:

A Christmas tradition we do is beginning the 1st day of December through the 24th is eat dinner by candelight and always finish by reading a Christmas story. This has been such a great thing for our family and it was amazing at how much better the kids ate dinner. Nola

Nadine wrote:

Hello, Lynette ! This wonderful pattern is sure one to make, I just LOVE it, so I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) that you might pick me up ;>)
I married an Italian (36 years ago, time flies indeed!) and we have yummy traditions for Christmas, one of our most important celebrations in the year. NO turkey or meat on that day : only fish nd seafood in all possible ways.... AND PASTA, of course! ;>)
We start preparing and cooking 2 days before, with my sisters-in-law, and these 2 days are sooo funny, cooking together, singing Xmas carols, and having some hot red wine (it's winter here, at Xmas!)...
We usually get together about 25 around the (big) table, and that noisy, chit-chatting, giggling family is soooo cheerful, the food is soooo delicious that I can say it's my favourite day of the year. Traditionally, all MEN are washing the dishes (no dishwasher, here), while women are plaing a big LOTTO game, with special lots to win.(We collect these all year long, and everyone is always so curious to know what's in the boxes! LOL)...
At midnight we all go to church, then we watch the fireworks that all neighbours are lighting, and then one of us is playing Father Christmas for the younger children in the family, and we exchange presents ;>)
When we end up in the very early morning, we sometimes also have an early breakfast all together, HeeHee....
Then on the 25th, we still get together and eat all the leftovers.
Oh, telling you all this, already makes me wait until next Christmas!
THANKS for this generous opportunity, dear Lynette. And now...... GOOD LUCK EVERYONE !

Heartfully, from my little corner of the world (Belgium)

Please email me with your postal addresses so I can send your package of patterns to you. Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm about my new pattern.

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Fun shoes...

I have been enjoying these shoes for the last year and eveytime I wear them I mean to show them to you, so..... 'ta dah' here are a pair of Keds that have pictures from my quilt 'A Kittens Tale' printed on them

Shoe side 

Whenever I wear them they get admired and they are very very comfortable....


I made them online at a store called Zazzle, the fun thing is that I have now set up a little Zazzle store of my own and if you want you can go and order a pair of your very own Kittens Tales shoes or and this is the exciting bit I have also just designed a pair with Scandinavian Christmas printed on them......cant show them to you yet as I have to wait for my pair to arrive in the mail.....hurry up Mr Postman.......4 weeks to wait......

So if your interested and be warned they are not cheep but they are gorgeous and fairly unique (so far only one pair in the world).....look here to order your pair.

Enjoy Lynette