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Much anticipated parcel...

This big box arrived this morning and I could barely wait to get it in the door to open it, as you can see my trusty friend wanted to help too! Whats in the box you ask?? The advance yardage from my new fabric collection..... very exciting..... 

Hugo and box

Hugo started to take a real interest when he realised that the fabric inside was wrapped in lovely crunchy brown parer (his favourite)!

Opening box

 Once he got a hold of the brown paper the naughty dog ran off into the garden to chew it into lots of small pieces for me, thanks Hugo!

Hugo paper

I had refolded the fabrics and admired them for a while, then I decided to cut some fat quarters as they are easier to play with than long lengths.

New fabric

Lynette playing

I am missing one of the prints as it had to be colour corrected, hopefully it will be here sometime next week, meanwhile I can have planning something with these.

New fabric bundle

I hope that your day was as good as mine?

Enjoy Lynette Dog and cat

In The Dog House...

Congratulations Sandy 61 cookie... In The Dog House is the name of our new doggy button pack. Thank you to everyone for helping us name our button pack. There were so many great names to choose from...which made it even harder to pick a winner, but we got there in the end.

YB710 L

I know some of you said "where are the cats", well here they are...

YB712 L

Enjoy Lynette

Blue cat

Meet the gang...

Introducing my newfriends

New dogs

Today we have had fun finalising this button set, it's Hugo's favourite button pack...I wonder why, maybe its because it features some of his doggie friends! Riley is Emma's dog, Nelson is one of my brothers dogs and Rosie was our first family dog. Pretty cute bunch, huh!

New dog pack

But what should we call this button pack?? We would love your help so please send us your name suggestions to win a pack of these buttons. Once we have chosen a name we will be able to get the packs made and they should be in stores very soon...so be quick to name this pack!

Enjoy Lynette Paw1

Playing in the snow...

We arrived home late last night after a wonderful week when the boys (our son Tom on right, his best friend Alex on left) played in the snow learnt to snowboard, they had so much fun.


Here are the three of them waiting for the bus to bring them back down the mountain after a day in the snow, Vince was so happy (you can tell from the big grin) he had 5 days of beautiful Spring skiing.

Waiting for the bus
I enjoyed the snow from the comfort of my cosy fireside chair and enjoyed doing some stitching.

Sewing chair
 There was snow on the mountains

Cornonet Peak


Lake wakatipu

 the trees were in blossom

Pink blossom

so very beautiful


Spring Flowers1

Its always nice to be home and today since the sun is shining I am catching up on the mountain of washing and then planning to do a little more stitching.

Enjoy Lynette Bird

Up to no good...

Fat Cat was having a wonderful time on Lynette's pile of fabrics that she is currently using... for what will be our new block of the month quilt. Not quite sure that Lynette would appreciate him playing with it/on it...but he did look cute.

Fatcat 1

He even struck a pose for me...

Fatcat 2

I think he may just be jealous that Hugo and Felix were the ones that got all the attention on the blog yesterday.

Emma1 Cats

Hugo and Felix...

Hugo and felix1

Hugo and felix3

Hugo and felix2

Hugo and felix4

Today I came across these photos of the famous duo "Hugo and Felix. I thought they were just gorgeous and that I should share them with you. These two are featured a lot in Lynette's work... you can understand why, they are just adorable. I get the pleasure of working with them each day...they are part of the team here at Lynette Anderson Designs.


Cut out hugo

I designed it, you stitched it...

I don't know if any of you have noticed... but about a week ago I added a photo album showcasing Lynette's designs that have been stitched by you.

Over the years Lynette has been sent photos of beautiful work that ladies have done from all over the world.

Here are just a few...

Gabi Freinds for xmas

Friends for Christmas by Gabi

Mindys butterflies

The Butterfly Collection by Mindy

Antique Angel by Marion in Tassie

Antique Angel by Marion

To view more visit the "I designed it, you stitched it" album

If you have made something beautiful from one of Lynette's patterns and would like me to add it to the album...just email a photo of your work to emma@lynetteandersondesigns.com.au

I can't wait to see what you have created....

Emma1 Cotton reel

I've been a busy girl...

Today I have been creating more wooden buttons from Lynette's many drawings that are in her studio.

Here is a sneak peak at what I have been doing today...

Buttons 1

Buttons 2

I have had a few ideas for new button packs...

cute farm animals, Noah's Ark, cats and dogs.

I have even done Felix, Fat Cat and Hugo in our new style.

Pet buttons

If any of you have any brilliant ideas for wooden buttons, I would love to hear them...

and maybe they can be part of our new button range.

Emma1 Cotton reel and bird



Dear Santa...

I thought while Lynette is away in beautiful New Zealand (sitting beside a warm fire..stitching and drinking tea...watching the snow fall), I would show you her NEW Christmas Table runner...


Y379 - Dear Santa Table runner

Close up table runner

If you would like the chance to win a copy of Lynette's new pattern, please email me emma@lynetteandersondesigns.com.au with your favourite christmas memory.

Close up 2

I look forward to reading some wonderful festive stories...

Reindeer chain small