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Hugo and the mail...

Hugo was very interested in the parcel that came today...so was I. Although we seemed to be interested in it for different reasons.

Hugo checking box

Hugo just wanted the packaging that was inside the box (then later on the box aswell...yummy cardboard).I was more interested in seeing what was inside that very "interesting" packaging.

Sewing kits

These little cuties were inside, sweet little sewing kits that are 3" in height (they are soooo cute).

Sewing kit open

They open up to show white cotton, black cotton and room for your own cotton and a needle. They are hand turned and hand painted here is Australia. They are also made out of recycled red gum fence posts...pretty clever hey?

If you wish to have one of these little guys in your sewing room then have a look in our online store.

Emma1 Dove and flower

ps. you better be quick I only have a few (if you can't see them on the site...sadly it means they are all gone)


Just in the nick of time...

Here is the sample that Lynette was busy finishing yesterday ready for the US. Lynette got it finished just in time and doesn't it look gorgeous? I then of course had to get busy preparing patterns  for her to take in her suitcase. It was all happening in our office yesterday.

In my heart pillow

I just love the red edge around the stitchery, it makes it look so sweet.

Cute hair

oh and I love her cute hair...

Emma1 Heart 2

Lynette is busy stitching...

Lynette is down in her workshop busy stitching one more sample to take with her to the US...she leaves tomorrow morning (she better get a wriggle on haha). While Lynette is stitching I have been adding some new things to our little online shop, here they are...

Y325 Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning  is a cute festive pillow with sweet bells and some of our new wooden buttons.

Flying santa1

I just love the flying santa...he is so cute.

I have also added these cute note pads that Lynette has designed.

Note pads

We are offering 5% discount when you shop in our online store for the next week (until 2/11/2010).

the discount code is Hugo

happy shopping...

Emma1 Flowers copy


Today I have been busy working on completing this design 'In My Heart'.


Girl and boy

I am going to make it into a pillow and have matched it with a rather nice fat quarter from a bundle that I bought earlier this year. I will show you how it turns out later.

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Pond House...

I recently received this picture of a competed Pond House Quilt, the maker, whom I was lucky enough to meet while at The Festival of Quilts earlier this year suggested I may need to wear my sunglasses to look at it.....

Pond House-melanie
Here is what Melanie says about her Pond House Quilt,

'I based it on a trip years ago to Monet's House in Giverny France, I also had a book from my visit to Monet's garden in Giverny, France  around 2001 and also looked at this blog http://giverny-impression.com
written by a guide at Giverny to refresh my memory about the amazing colours.

The main path in the garden had huge green metal arches. Nasturtiums sprawled from the flower beds under these arches and over the pale gravel path. I tried to use my brightest oranges and yellows for the flowers between the pond inspired log cabins. Like in Monet's waterlily paintings, I used pink at the centres of the log cabins to represent them, and as many shades of blues and bluey-greens to represent the pond. I surrounded the little fish pond in the quilt with the colours of the planting around Monet's pond. The house in the centre is in the same colours as Monet's -pink with green shutters. I stem stitched "Giverny" on the door. There are sunflowers in Monet's garden as well as primroses although I didn't see them on my visit. The block strips reflect the way Monet put the most unlikely colours together in his garden and somehow they worked- so vibrant and made people smile. 

I hope it will make you smile too. It is a  wonderful pattern and your instructions were great!

Thanks Melanie

I really enjoyed seeing the bright happy version of my design and I love where your inspiration came from, thanks for sharing.

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Other colourwway...

It was a huge relief when I popped this version of my new BOM, 'Stitched By Me' in the post to the machine quilter. I can't wait to see how it looks once its quilted, somehow the quilting always makes a quilt look more special. 

SMB lynette's fabrics

I love the soft muted pretty shades of my fabric collection 'Summertime Friends', the fabrics were a delight to work with. I used lots of fat eighths in this version which has given it a lovely scrappy look. The background fabrics is an interesting Japanese textured cotton of which you need approx. 1m

New fabric bundle

If you like the soft muted shades and want to get the fabric you can buy your bundle and the pattern from me here  in my little online store.

Single flowerEnjoy Lynette

These boots were made for hiking....

So, just where did these boots go today? Well they went on a 5.7km hike on the Trachyte circuit.

Hiking boots
I was very busy looking at the wonderful colour of the sky.....

Sky tree

When I spotted this huge goanna up the tree....can you see him too? He is hard to spot as he has moulded himself to the trunk, he was at least Im in length although hard to tell as he was quite high in the tree, I was very glad he was up the tree!

Lizard in tree

There has been so much rain in the last few days that the stepping stones to cross this creek were covered in water, we had no choice but to remove our trusty boots and socks........the water was very chilly but very refeshing.

Crossing the stream

Here I am resting in the shade of a wonderful tree, you may wonder why I have long sleeves on? Not only because the sun is very quick to burn my skin but also because the mosquitos love me and there were lots of them about today after all the rain.


We saw scribbly gum trees, here is a close up of the trunk so you can see why they are called scribbly gums! Isnt it amazing.

Scribbly gum1

Do you think these two magnificent trees are sisters or a happy couple? They are so beautiful and just look at the colour of the sky...amazing.

Sister trees
On the way to the start of our hike we saw the very awe inspiring Glasshouse Mountains, I expected to see a dinosaur appear any moment! 

Glasshouse Mtns


We saw fields of pumpkins (Queensland Blue variety)...tasty....

Pumpkin field

The bees who lived in these hives were very very busy, just seeing them makes me want crumpets with honey, yummy.

Beehives in the bush

I hope you had a lovely day today, I know I did and now although I should be stitching I am going to go and watch a movie have a nap in front of the TV.

bye for now

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Show and tell...

Introducing my new 7 part block of the month 'Stitched By Me', approx. size 35" x 43"...hope you like it? This week had been a bit frantic but now the quilting is competed, the binding is on, the photographer has done her bit and the patterns are being printed as I type and so I am feeling a bit more relaxed. 

Y481 Stitched By Me BOM small

If I do say so myself its turned out very well and I love the colours, as you know however we (we = me and my wonderful stitcher Val) are busy stitching this very quilt using fabrics from my new fabric collection and its going to be equally gorgeous and very pretty. I hope to have all the blocks made by Sunday and the quilt completed by the end of next week...I am thinking positively!

Buttons and tapemeasure trim
Each block features some special buttons, we have had such fun designing and making them. To make life simple for the you I have decided that the buttons, the tape measure ribbon which I have used on a couple of blocks and the paper hexagons for the little quilt that the birdcage is sat on will come included with the pattern (on the appropriate months), so no hunting around for the odd bits and pieces!

So, what do you think? 

Enjoy Lynette Star2