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When I was at the Festival of Quilts in the UK back in August this year, I met many lovely people one of whom asked if I would sign a piece of calico that was for the quilt label for the back of her Noahs Ark quilt. I hadn't thought about it again until this week when I received a lovely email from Yvonne in Belgium with photos of her completed quilt + its label!



Thank you to Yvonne and the many others of you who have sent me pictures throughout the year of 'I designed it you made it'. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to see that how I earn my living gives you pleasure too. My youngest has now finished school and having a job all these years where I could drop everything and go and be a mum has been wonderful.

I continue to work not only because I need the income but because I love my job, we hope that our last boy will be going to University next year and we want to support him through those years where we are able.

So, I also thank you for your support in buying my patterns, books, fabrics and buttons x o x

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SBM bird on bobbin




PS. You can buy the Noahs Ark patten as a downloadable pdf file here for just $5.50


Opps, the days fly by so fast I just realised with all the Christmas planning going on that I have forgotten to show you this block from 'My Garden'. I adore the butterfly button on this block, she is so pretty and was very fiddly to paint! 

MG month 5

Many of you have been asking, will there be another 'free pattern' BOM with the purchase of a button after this one.....would I let you down..of course not. My thinking cap is on for a theme. How do you fancy Christmas and not just because it is Christmas but because its a favourite theme for me, someone suggested crows which got my mind thinking, someone else has suggested circus but I think that could have limited appeal. What do you about these ideas or perhaps you have another suggestion, let me know your thoughts? 

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Christmas party....

On Saturday, Vince took his staff and I took my girls to a combined Christmas party at the Spirit House cooking school, which Vince and I went to a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed. This is the entrance to the cooking school, very Thai looking.


The preparation area was ready when we arrived.

The kitched

Mum and I decided to have a cup of tea together before we started the morning.

Ruth and Lynette

I was chosen to peel and shred the green paw paw which tasted of nothing but added an interesting texture to a salad we were making! First I had to put some rubber gloves on as paw paw is very slimy to peel, I really dont like slimy/sticky things so I was glad to wear the gloves.

Rubber gloves

As you can see from my face alot of concentration was required to peel the paw paw.... oh, can you see the tips of red in my hair....just got them this week for fun.


after peeling the slippery paw paw, I had to chop at it machete style without chopping my fingers!

Chopping the pawpaw

Then using a rather nifty gadget I shredded where I had chopped.

Shredding the green paw paw

Here we all are listening intently as chef Annette Fear explains whats we are going to do next.

Chefs talking

Emma (my computer whizz and My Garden button club manager) and Lyn (office manager and pattern folder extraordinaire) are busy pulverising something in the pestle and mortar, I think it was some garlic.....

Two chefs

Mum got a tired arm using her pestle and mortar and came up with an alternative use for the pestle...her Karaoke antics did keep the smiles on our faces! 

Karoke Ruth

We cooked prawns


fried some shallots

Crispy shallots

We prepared and made some chicken curry puffs.

Curry puff filling

Mum cooked the curry puffs, they were delicious.

This was the BBQ chicken that had been done outside, smelt delicious and tasted nice although I am not very good with bones in my food!

BBQ Chicken

Sorry but once the food got to the table I didnt take anymore photos as I was too busy eating, laughing and enjoying a glass of wine before heading home.

As you can see we had a great morning cooking and a fabulous lunch.

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Stitched By Me giveaway...

My lovely new BOM, 'Stitched By Me' which is being offered by lots of stores around the world. Some of them are offering it as patterns only and some with fabrics, the stores have been busy sourcing fabrics that are just right and for those offering the quilt in the sweet taupe colourway they are awaiting the arrival of my fabrics.

Y481 Stitched By Me BOM small

Y481 pretty fabrics s

The patterns come with all the little extras included ie. the buttons, the tape measure ribbon and the paper hexagons.

SBM patterns

Here is a list of some (not all) of the stores who have already got the patterns in stock, some of the shop links are to the relevant page where possible on the stores websites and some are email links and you will need to enquire to find out about start dates/colours/costs etc.

Les Secrets de Marie - Italy

L'atelier du Patchwork - France

Atelier Patchwork et Point Compte - Belgium

Mi Casita de Patch - Spain

Cross Patch - UK

Patchwork Chicks - UK

Creative Patches and Sewing - USA

Traditional Pastimes - Canada

Lines Hobby AS - Norway

Patchwork and Quilting - Netherlands

Square Liz Online - Sweden

The Patchwork Tea House - AU

The Patchwork Angel - AU

Moore Patchwork and Quilting - AU

Patchwork By The Sea - AU

The challenge is on, we have had fun guessing the length of Felix's tail and playing word games and now for the chance to win a full set of my new BOM 'Stitched By Me' can guess the length of the Ric Rac?

How long is the ric rac

Look forward to hearing your guesses.....

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Pour L'Amour du Fil...I'm going...

I am so excited to be going to France is April next year. First I am going to spend a couple of days with my friend Véro in Paris, we are going to have such alot of fun together I can hardly wait to be in Paris. Then I am going to be teaching two, one day workshops on the 25th and 26th April at Pour L'Amour du Fil for more information please visit their website.


Of course everyone wants to know what I will be teaching??? Well I am very busy stitching something at the moment......so its still a secret....but it will have stitchery, applique and I hope you will like it.

Red yoyos

Redwork closeup

If your coming to the show on the 27th to the 30th April then please come and say hello to me as I am also have a booth where I will be selling my books and patterns.

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Congratulations Deb, Csigi, Jolanda and Angela... you are the lucky winners of our guessing game. Be sure to check your inboxes for my email. Felix's tail is 13.5" (35cm) long, Thank you for everyone that had a guess...there were defiantly some wild ones.

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