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Tokyo day 4...

Here I am standing with Petra and Mary amongst the fabulous Antique quilts that Mary sells. I had my eye on a couple but my suitcase was so full that I will have to wait to add to my antique quilt collection another day. The other thing that caught my eye was the wonderful array of feed sacks Mary had for sale, the history of feed sacks is interesting and I can see why people love collecting them. I even found one that would make a very cute apron.

Feed sacks

This is an amazing quilt, to capture the facial details so well and I loved the expression on the dogs faces, particularly the Hugo look alike dog...the 'promise I will be good look'.

Girl and dog quilt

This quilt was an amazing piece of mathematical genius, the points all matched and the curves all curved, the quilting was so beautiful and I loved the colours.

All by hand quilt

This little quilted garden was apple themed and the tree was full of apples, hundreds of apples each one pieced, stuffed and then wired along with alot of leaves onto the branches of a real tree.....

Fabric apple tree

Apple display

The next quilted garden was equally amazing, this window was filled with fabric flowers. 

Flower wall

The flower planters were filed with fabric flowers....

Fabric flowers

Today we tried sushi at a little cafe type place near the railway station. It was packed with commuters all getting a quick snack at lunchtime. I was brave and tried lots of different things including eel and octopus.... very tasty.

Sushi train

Enjoy Lynette Cute tree

Day three...

This morning we shared breakfast with Marie Claude who sells my patterns and whom I usually only get to see in the US at Quilt Market it was so lovely to have time to catch up with her. 

Lynette 3

The quilt show was very packed in the mornings so we decided to go and explore and as we wandered around we found this very beautiful graveyard.




Back at the show these ladies were very excited to discover that the fat quarters they had filling this tray were from my 'Summertime Friends' collection, I hope they sold lots.

Lynette 4

 We enjoyed meeting this designer Akemi Shibata, her work was really lovely.

Lynette 5

We then headed to enjoy looking at some more quilts, these ones were in the framed section (about 15" square) and the amount of work was quite amazing. These clothes hanging on lines were all pieced.

Tiny clothes

Little tree framed

Tiny quilt

on the menu tonight for dinner was Shabu-shabu, this was alot of fun and delicious.

More food

See you tomorrow x x Enjoy Lynette Cute house

Pinbles & Pinheads...

Look what was waiting for us when we got back from Japan....




The cuties at the top are called pinbles, they are an ornamental thimble and a pincushion combined....how clever! The sweet little people with hats on are called pinheads...their hats are magnetic, perfect for your pins and needles. We have put these clever creations in our online shop, be quick as we don't have many!

Enjoy Lynette Little doll Ps. Many of these have sold already, thank you! I have more to list including quick unpicks on Monday so please pop back.

Tokyo Stitch adventures (day two)...

Having heard some wonderful stories about 'Fabric Town' how could we resist going! So Petra Prins, Mary Koval (no blog), Emma and I braved the train we even had to change trains so we could visit two whole streets filled with fabric and notion stores. It was a girls dream morning excursion.

I was so excited when I discovered laminated fabric from my 'Stitches' collection. I should have bought some but could not quite bring myself to spend money on my own fabric!

Lynettes fabric in shop

The button wall......

Button wall

Ok, so when you get a bit tired you also get a bit crazy and it was getting close to lunch time when we found these rather fun glasses! We decided that Emma looked the cutest in the glasses and then we found her a shoe phone...perfect!

Funny glasses

Then we spotted this shop from the other side of the street, braids and ribbons hanging from the ceiling, braids and ribbons on the shelves.....and then in the back there were more braids and ribbons....

Trim shop

We headed back to the Tokyo International Quilt Show after lunch and enjoyed admiring some more quilts..

Mermaid quilt

Butterfly quilt

This was what we ate for dinner...good job we enjoy fish (mostly!)

Seafood japan

See you tomorrow with more of our Tokyo Stitch adventures....

Enjoy Lynette Small teacup

Tokyo, day one...

We met up with the lovely Nireko from Lecien fabrics who had volunteered to be our guide/translator for the day, here we are standing in the queue with a lot of ladies anxiously awaiting the doors to open...


Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival is held inside Tokyo Dome, as the doors opened thousands of women poured down the stairs to the floor where all the quilts were on display and where all the stores had their booths.


The first display we arrived at was Yoko Saito's whom I first met last year when she bought some of my wooden buttons which was a very exciting moment for me and I cant wait to see if she uses them on something. Yoko also designs fabrics for Lecien fabrics and so it was nice to get to meet her officially.


Part of her display was this gorgeous fabric village, one house even had a dog peeking out of its kennel.There were some lovely wool felted birds (Mr Owl was our favourite) perched in a rather clever timber tree.


Before the crowds engulfed us we headed quickly to the overall show winning quilt which was 'Twelve Days of Christmas'. A truly beautiful quilt which captivated me with the attention to detail, I think it was all hand stitched and handquilted. 

1st prize quilt

Detail 3

Lunch time arrived and Nireko bought us each a Bento box filled with an interesting assortment of foods. I have to say that neither Emma or I are very skilled with chopsticks so the whole experience was quite funny!


This was another of our favourite quilts, its made up of thousands of tiny 1/4" squares!

254000 squares

I loved the colours of this quilt and again the attention to detail which I know is hard to see from a photo.

Brown tree and bird quilt

There was a whole section of bags and this fun guitar bag caught our attention.

Guitar cat bag
We walked and looked at quilts all day and of course bought a few fabric goodies......which I will show you later....

Enjoy Lynette Small behive

Home again...

Blue bird

A big thank you to everyone who emailed me to say 'happy birthday' last week, it was so nice to get so many well wishes. Emma and I were in fact travelling all day on my birthday as we headed to the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival. Here's Emma waiting patiently for the check in to open at the airport, ready for her first overseas adventure to begin. 

Emma airport queue

We arrived home safe and sound today having had a wonderful time, we will be back in the office on thursday and will show you a glimpse of all the wonderful things and people we got to see, the things we ate and some of the amazing quilts in the show.

best wishes and bye for now, I am off for a quick snooze on the sofa with my beloved cats and Hugo the dog xox

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Rainbow-Gods promise

Kris from Tag Along Teddies sent me this picture of two gorgeous needlecases that she has made to donate to flood victims. Kris has adapted the dove and rainbow from my downloadable pdf Noahs Ark pattern ($5.50) for the front of the needlecases to great effect. Visit Kris to read more about how you can help either by stitching a needlecase or by donating some sewing goodies.

Flood needlekeepers1

My other friend Natalie from Cinderberry Stitches is generously offering for Auction one of her original quilts, maybe its a quilt you would love to own and at the same time be donating money to Queenslands flood appeal. 

Ok, well I am off to my cupboard to see what quilt I can live without to offer for Auction......so watch this space....

Enjoy Lynette Blue bird

Gorgeous Journals...

On one of my weekend trips earlier this year I found these absolutely gorgeous handmade journals, each flower, leave tree trunk has been cut from the nicest papers and appliqued (with glue not stitched) onto a handmade journal.


How could I resist, well I couldn't as my will power is almost non existent so I bought one for everyone and then I thought about all of you.....so I asked very nicely and the lovely lady has made some for me to offer for sale.

Cute note books

Oh, I almost forgot. Did you see the cute pencils?? They have also been covered to coordinate with the journals....they are so nice I would like a whole pencil case full of them. The journals are loving handmade and so they vary, please choose yours carefully. Hope you dont all want the one I want, hurry to my online store


Small teacup Enjoy Lynette

Australian Homespun Yearbook..

Australian Homespun Magazine have 10 copies of my book to give away, (Australian Residents only) courtesy of my wholesale distributors here in Australia Capricorn Link.

For the chance to own a copy of Its Quilting Cats and Dogs' email Homespun Magazine at jvermeulen@universalmagazines.com.au by 5pm on 18th February and tell them in 25 words or less what it is about my work you love best .


If your keen to purchase a copy of the book then check with your local patchwork store and remember its available in English, Dutch, French and Hungarian (gosh I feel very proud when I say that).

PS. Please feel free to copy the email to me so I can see what it is about my work that you love so I know what to keep doing, and what you might like to see me doing in the future

Enjoy Lynette Cotton reel



Thread Separator

Its still raining so hard here and there is severe flooding in many areas close to us with hundreds of people having to leave thier homes and move to higher ground, so far we have been lucky and are keeping dry indoors.

I have had fun finding a few interesting/useful products to sell alongside my patterns in my little online store a couple of days ago I received this lovely email  regarding the thread separators and thought I would share it with you.
Hi Lynette,
I just wanted to give you some feed back on the thread separator I purchased from you it is great I just love it no more twisted messy thread.  I think it is one of the best gadgets I have ever purchased.

Thanks Kim, its good to know you are enjoying your thread separator as much as I love mine. Read this earlier post to see just how it works.


Strand separator

Thread separator

 So if you are feeling the need for a thread separator you can get yours here in my little online shop

Enjoy Lynette

Bird on jar