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Morning walk in Nantes...

Its only a 100m from my room at the hotel in Nantes to my booth and so my legs were feeling a bit cramped as they are used to walking Hugo every morning. So I got up early even though I wanted to stay in bed as the show days here are quite long, 10am to 7pm.

The streets were fairly quiet so early in the morning as I headed up the hill towards the cathedral. This is one of the streets I wandered down, I think I am getting a crush on street lamps!!



The cathedral is huge and very gothic and apparently took 457 years to complete, which means that neither Australia or the US had not been discovered when they started building! At this time in the morning the only other person there besides me was the caretaker who was sweeping the steps ready for the day.



This building was rather interesting and looked as if at one time it was attached to another building, I wish I had time to take a guided tour of the city.


Walking back towards my hotel I got this wonderful sight of the castle, its huge and again I wish it was open during the hours when I am not on my booth....next time I will come earlier and have time for a tour.


I managed to catch up with Linda and Becky from Piece O' Cake Designs who are also exhibiting and teaching here at the show.



Bonnie and I had a bit of a giggle together last night and this morning we were still laughing about it...I will tell more later but for now its top secret.....



I fell in love with the amazing quilts by Shizuko Kuroha, created using a blend of antique fabrics and new.


Her obi was made from tiny log cabin blocks...


then I spotted her mobile phone tucked into her obi...and just look at the gorgeous handstitched tiny fabric logcabin block hanging from it....I want one!


This is part of the display for Shizuko.



Enough browsing the displays for me its time for me to get to work on my booth and enjoy meeting some more ladies who regularly ready this blog, thank you its so nice to meet you x x

see you tomorrow or maybe later,

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Pour L'Amour du Fil, day 2

I have the wonderful Yoko Saito in the next door booth and as we are both working with Lecien fabrics and we are getting to see alot of each other at shows we are starting to become friends.


Yoko has a wonderful room set up here at the show with furniture and quilts, the displays and quilts are really lovely. This morning before the show opened I had a walk around and took some photos.




I have also been catching up with my friends, Petra Prins.


and Mary Koval (who now has a blog)! 


Its been another long busy day and I hope to have another busy day tomorrow so I should be getting to bed for my beauty sleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Pour L'Amour du Fil, day 1

Just before opening I popped to take a quick picture of the crowd waiting for the door to open. There was a huge crowd all chatting away, they were very eager and excited waiting to get inside.


I managed to take a quick photo of my booth before the show opened.......


Here I am taking a photo from my booth looking out into the crowd just after the doors opened, busy already! The young lady in the red jacket is Mary Lou who kindly worked hard all day for me and without whom I could not have managed, she speaks French and English beautifully, was a great sales assistant + we had fun together (we both love chocolate!).


We had a wonderfully busy day, I met so many ladies who regularly read my blog and many of the ladies had taken the time to bring photos of the quilts they have made from my patterns which was really lovely for me and now I fear I may have a big head!

By 7pm when the doors closed I was more than ready for a nice meal, a group of us headed to a nearby restaurant. This was my starter, it was a wonderful combination of flavours and textures and in true French style the cooking was superb.


The red wine was good too and I slept very well! Wonder what today will bring!

Cat and sewing machine

Next stop Nantes...

I arrived safely in Nantes and fell in love with these Llamas, they were not too sure about me but after a while curiosity got the better of them and they came over to say hello.


After a short afternoon nap I went to explore the area around my hotel. This building with its scooter/motorbike outside and wonderful cobbled road seems very typical of France, its a great look.


Around the next corner was a huge castle, not sure if I will have time to go inside as my days are very full but I walked all around it enjoying the late afternoon sunshine.



My classes started on Monday, here are some of the ladies tracing the designs using the big windows in the class room. There was a lot of laughter while they were doing this....


The beehives for the needlebook started to look good by lunchtime as the ladies worked very fast.



The little shed for the journal cover that you can see here is also starting to look very nice.


We also enjoyed making the hexagons for the pencilcases, the ladies found them quite addictive so I think we will be seeing some hexagon quilts in France.


I have had a lovely time with all the students and thanks to a great interpreter, Elisabeth we could all understand what each of us was saying. Thank you Elisabeth I really enjoyed working with you.

 Tomorrow is the first day of the show and I have to say that my booth is not ready but they have closed for the night and so I now have to finish setting up by 10am tomorrow when the doors open to the public so it will be an early start for me! I had a quick peek at some of the other booths and I can already see that I may come home with no money!

I have had a limited amount of this new design for calico bags printed specially for the show, (sorry the picture is terrible quality) anyhow I think they are nice and I hope that people will want to buy them (my new best friend Valerie and Maureen I have one for you both in my suitcase if you want them!). 

Well my omelette dinner was delicious and the wine has gone to my head so I think its bed time for me!

hic, nite nite everyone x x

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We have had many people guess correctly for the easter egg game.... so we put all the names that guessed 46 into a hat and drew one out. The lucky winner is Brigitte. Congratulations, we have sent you a personal email.

Emma1 Bird on jar

1st stop...Paris

My friend Véro kindly picked me up from the airport at 6.05am and this simple breakfast was a welcome sight after my long flight from Australia...


In order to keep me busy all day in the hope of avoiding jet lag we headed out into Paris early, the Eiffel Tower was our first stop and as you can see from the sky it was cloudy but fine.


An hour later the sun was out and the sky a wonderful shade of blue, what a spectacular building and I loved all the flower beds that were filled with spring flowers. I could not believe how many people there were everywhere and so early in the morning!


Next stop...


Not that I was buying anything in this store but it was very nice to go inside and have a look at the displays and to admire the lovely bags, shoes, clothing etc


I love the outside of this shop and inside was even prettier (no photos allowed inside). 


We enjoyed a cup of tea and a few delicious macaroons, we choose pistachio, caramel and rose which despited being pink (not my favourite colour) was my favourite falvour. Click here to visit the website, its worth it and have the volume on its fun!

One of the things I enjoyed about my walk around in Paris were these lovely roundabouts each surrounded by fabulous buildings.


My day in Paris was full of sightseeing, walking and talking and then after a good nights sleep I headed back to the airport...off to Nantes for my workshops and where I am having a booth at Pour L'Amour du Fil.

Hope to see you there

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PS. I bought a few of these cheep touristy trinkets...

If you leave me a message you may be the lucky recipient of a cute 'Paris' keyring...I cant send it to you until I am home mid May but leave me a message anyhow so I know you are enjoying my trip with me x x

It's all about the chocolate...

I'm the baker in the family (get that from my mum)...so I get the fun job of making yummy things to bring to all the family events (birthday cakes are my favourite). I have been busy this morning.... As you may have guessed chocolate is going to be my key ingredient.

Choc cupcakes

Yummy rich chocolate cupcakes... lots of chocolate, sprinkles and nuts for the tops...

(Lynette got mini ones of these for her birthday, they were super cute)


My triple choc brownies are always a winner.

Hot cross muffins

Now this is a great idea...take your favourite Muffin recipe (mine is choc chip) and melt some white chocolate and then pipe crosses on the top. You now have hot cross muffins... much easier to make than real hot cross buns.

It's a good thing I love baking... I have to do it all again tomorrow for Sunday afternoon's festivities.

I'm sure there are readers out there who have been slaving in their kitchens to create edible art...as I like to call it. I would love to hear your family favourites.

Have a great weekend

Emma x

How many?

Hi everyone...Emma here.

Lynette has set off on her 3 week adventure today (France, The Netherlands and the US), she has promised me that she will take lots of pictures for us to all see.

Close up eggs

Would you like to win a prize?

Eggs in jar

Come to think of it...that was a silly question. Who wouldn't want to win a prize, especially when the game is so easy. All you need to do is leave a comment with how many yummy chocolate easter eggs you think are in the jar.

If you guess the correct number you will win.... an Easter Table Runner pattern and some gorgeous sewing buttons from Lynette's range.

Good Luck

Emma x

Hello everyone, I see you are all having fun guessing the eggs in the jar!  I just thought I would let you all know that I am in Singapore safely awaiting my next plane and I managed to get the internet to work on my little laptop...which is quite an achievement for me as Vince usually handles all the computer stuff. 

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Getting ready...

Things are getting a bit frantic here with only 2 days before I leave for Europe on my trip. Ist stop, Paris where I will get to spend two lovely days with my friend Véro from Born To Quilt. Then on to the beautiful city of Nantes where I am teaching two one day workshops, then I must be crazy as I am having a stand at the show Pour L'Amour du Fil'. Luckily for me  they have found a nice lady who speaks French and English who is going to be my assistant as I dont really speak any French. 

Beehive drawing

Today, I have been busy preparing the step by step assembly stages of Beehive Sewing book (needlecase and scissor saver) so I can show my students how to complete their projects at home. As you can see I had a very good helper this morning!

Fat cat beehive 2

Looks like we are going to have a lot of fun making our needlecases.

Class things

For those of you not joining my workshop the patterns and button packs will be available on my stand at the show or are available now from my online store...or....just for you we have kept a few of the lovely kits that we made.

Y354 kit L

The kits have some of the gorgeous fabrics that Emma and I bought specially for this project in Japan and carried home in our suitcases...how exciting is that! Just be aware that they are not exactly the same fabrics that are in my original sample shown here. Buy a Kit Now.

Y354 cr

Fatcat loves stitching and as you can imagine he is an expert at getting the threads tangled so you can't use them! I had better go as I think he has his eye on tangling these ones!

Fat cat beehive sewing book


Lynette beehive