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Pdf pattern club..anyone??

I have been busy drawing and stitching as I want to offer you membership to the Lynette Anderson Project Club (LAPC). Because I am like you and want everything today, the club will consist of 4 downloadable patterns in a year, thats one new pattern every three months. No postage costs but not the fun of the postman bringing you a parcel...cant have everything!

So here is a little peek at 'Scruffy' Hugo's new best friend...


Quarterly, starting in September you will receive one pdf pattern delivered to your email. The pattern will have a tutorial with lots and lots of photos which Emma has been taking as I stitch. The idea is for you to feel as if you are taking a class with me.


Once you are a fully paid member you will also receive an email from us with a little pattern to get you started and a secret password which will give you 10% discount in the online store from the time you sign up until August 31st 2012.

I love alphabets, hope you do too...


The projects are all small fun things such as bags, purses and pillows. Well I hope that I have tempted you, come and join the fun with fellow Lynette fans.

Join the LAPC now

Lynette bobbin

Eating is dangerous..

How nice do these gorgeous muffins look?...yummy....

  Mini muffin

If your name was Hugo, what lengths would you go to, to get the wrappers... if the humans ate the muffins without sharing???

Muffin wrapper  

Then if your name is Hugo and you get the bin lid stuck on your head the best thing to do is sit nicely, wag your tail and wait until someone notices the awkward situation your in!

Hugo and the bin lid s

Poor Hugo! I hope the wrapper was worth it!

Lynette bobbin

Busy stitching...

I'm stitching away, loving the Cosmo Seasons stranded embroidery threads. The colours are wonderful and I like the fact that you can get this look without changing threads....can you spy Felix?? This is going to be one of the projects for my workshops in September, just working on a Hugo version!

Cat embroidery

Thought I would share this simple stitched verse, I had to remove this from one of the projects destined for the next book as 'No Words are allowed!" Shame as its really sweet. Not sure what I will use it on instead but for now its pinned to my pincushion.


Sm signature

Window Shopping...

The lovely folks at Australian Homespun magazine have included along with some other tempting Christmassy things a peek of my new fabric collection 'Scandinavian Christmas' which and this is the exciting part will be in a store near you very soon...

Windowshopping FINAL

There is also a glimpse of my very cheeky reindeer buttons, which come two in a pack and can been used on all sorts of projects.

YB329 CheekyReindeer

If your local quilt shop doesnt have these buttons in store then you can get them here ..Cheeky Reindeer Buttons

Scandinavian fabric tag on fabric

Cant wait any longer for the fabrics?? I have a very limited supply of fat eighth bundles... Buy your own bundle here


Lynette felix

Limited buttons available...

I have had so many enquires about the buttons for this quilt, if you are one of these ladies then be quick as I managed to get the painters to do x 20 more sets for me. Only 7 sets left, so be quick.

My garden pic

My Garden, the patterns for this popular quilt can obtained free with the purchase of the button pack.

My garden patterns

Visit my online store if you would like to buy the buttons to make this gorgeous wallquilt.

Lynette beehive

The last stitches...

As I put the last few stitches into the last projects for my next book I am already planning the next stitching project or should I say projects as I am preparing to work on the samples that will be for my workshops in September. No peeks available yet....but keep watching...

These yummy hexagons are from my next range of fabrics 'Secret Garden', I will be launching them in October at Fall Market in Houston, USA but for now I have little bits to play with :) This is a panel on a project from the next book which I think is going to be called Country Cottage Quilts.


I love, thatched cottages and they are going to feature quite a bit in my new book which is due for publication in Spring 2012.....which seems ages away!

Walnut Tree Cottage


Ok, well I had better get back to those last few stitches....bye for now

Lynette felix

Until Tuesday...

I bought this book last weekend, I picked it up and put it down and then bought it anyway!  I am sure its going to bring some tears to my eyes. Just looking at the dog on the front makes me look at Hugo to make sure he is just as cute.....

Until Tuesday book

Right now Hugo is asleep lying on the sofa on his back with his legs in the air, his best friend at his side and a goofy grin on his face.

Couch potatos

Do you remember when Hugo first arrived in our household, back in 2007. This was Vince's first meeting with him and you can see they already liked each other.

First meeting

The first time I put his little service jacket on he looked so sweet and was so eager to please everyone...

I am so good

As you can see I was in my blond hair colour years (only lasted for 2, too much work!). We did puppy training everyday and had meetings with our trainer every two weeks with a group meeting monthly.

Puppy Hugo

We met lots of lovely people who were also giving their time to be a puppy carers and during the 18 months we trained together Hugo and I had some very funny moments! Like the day I had been to the supermarket and having put the shopping in the boot, I popped Hugo into the back of the car and went to get in the drivers seat....a voice from behind me politley enquired how the dog was going to help me from the back! 

You have to remember that here in Queensland its sunny most of the time and I would have had sunglasses on! Of course the person who made the comment immediately realised I was just a puppy trainer and we had a good laugh together,

We did fun things like visited the fire station in Brisbane, here is Hugo with a coupe of his siblings and some big strong firemen! These excursions were to get the dogs used to lots of noises and different smells etc.

Hope, Hugo and Harper. July

Sadly despite all my hard work and the work of the professional trainers we never did manage to rid Hugo of his fear of loud noises and his urgent need to run away from them so he was withdrawn from the program and we became his family.

Not long after that we adopted a kitten, Felix who was found in the tree at the end of our street.

Found kitten

The tree at the end of the street is still where you can find Felix if he is not indoors snuggled with the dog and the story of Hugo and Felix (H&F) is the design inspiration behind the first block for my BOM A Kittens Tale.

Month 8 small

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed my little visit back in time x x

Cut out hugo

Front cover girl...

The blue issue

The latest edition of Australian Homespun popped through my letterbox today and I was very excited to see that my 'Hens Nest' table runner is on the front cover. I used fabrics from my 'Summertime Friends' fabric collection mixed with some lovely wool for the flowers and some fabric by Yoko Saito who also works with Lecien fabrics.

Hen table runner

As always lovely photography in the magazine. Did you notice the gorgeous handpainted butterfly buttons that I used?? 

Butterfly button

You can purchase the butterfly buttons from my online retail store... don't forget you will need two buttons to do this project.

Australian Homespun Magazine in conjunction with my fabric distributors here in Australia are having a fabric giveaway. Sadly its only open to Australian Residents, for your chance to win a fabric bundle in 25 words or less you need to email to tell them 'how animals can be our friends'.

I still have some 'Summertime Friends' fat eighth bundles of fabric for sale (we cut them yesterday) so if your interested they are available here

Fabric giveaway

Enjoy x x


Lynette bobbin