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Happy Easter to you from me..

My Easter decorations are making the house look so pretty, I think I like decorating for Easter almost as much as I do for Christmas, do you decorate for Easter?


We went very early this morning to the farmers market to buy lovely fresh produce for our big family breakfast get together. We bought lovely bread, including some German Easter cake which was slightly sweet, it smelt so good we almost ate it on the way home in the car!


Once we got home my cousin Christine and I had to make the mixture for sweetcorn fritters, we used an old family recipie. Here they are almost cooked, we made a double batch and they tasted wonderful with guacamole and sour cream. We also had crispy bacon and locally made sausages which Vince cooked on the BBQ.


 Home grown tomatoes and mushrooms that looked like they were picked this morning....


Of course Easter breakfst would not be complete without come cute mini cup cakes with little chocolate eggs on the top, Emma made these for us to share and I can honestly say they were all gone in a blink of an eye!


After breakfast we enjoyed seeing the pictures from Eddie and Emmas holiday in Thailand.


I hope that you are all enjoying Easter x x

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