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Where have the last few weeks gone?? For me at least they have flown past... I am going to do a recap to get you up to date with what we have been up to. We arrived in Houston for Quilt Market on the 24th Oct. This was our empty space at the Geroge Brown Convention Centre, Houston. I always find the emptiness a bit daunting when I first arrive...there is always the worry that I will not have all the things I need in my suitcase to make the space look nice.


My wonderful friend Kay who lives in the US arrived with a big bag of goodies one of which was the quilt that is made from my new fabric collection 'Follow My Heart' this quilt pattern is 'free to download' from Lecien's website. I love how the colours from the new collection work together.


Look at the gorgeous quilting that Darlene from Sew Graceful has done for me. 


There are 4 yarn dye fabrics (plaids) that go with this collection, they are so nice to work with and have given all the projects a real zing (in a dirty muddy coloured way). The plain looking yarndye on the far right is the one I use for most of my stitchery backgrounds, I love the textured almost linen look this fabric has maing it an interesting background for stitchery.

                        Red-navy plaid yarndye          Navy-tan check yarndye          Tan plaid yarn dye          Plain yarndye for stitchery

Here is the booth almost set up ready for quilt market. You can see a tiny peek of my new quilt 'My Family' and 'Hearts and Paws' approx.60" square which is a really fun quilt that has the option of either putting a pair of cats (Fatcat and Felix modelled for this) in the centre or a dog (Hugo modelled for this).

This little 3m square area was our place of work for the next 3 days....


Vince booked us tickets to see Madona (MDNA) who was in concert for two nights in Houston when we were there. The show was amazing and although it was a very late night we enjoyed every moment and we managed to stay awake!


We went to this amazing place for dinner one night with friends Audrey and Tommy from Pin Peddlers



We shared this delicious starter (appertiser).


then we each had one of these mesquite skewers which was wonderful, we are going to make a visit to this place an annual event.


fabulous food :) great back soon with week two of our US adventure...

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