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Fernhill finished...

It hardly seems like yesterday when I was sat drawing the pattern for this years button club, Fernhill. Once the drawings are completed I love choosing the fabrics and then my chief button designer gets working to finalise how the buttons will look to compliment the design.


Once she has done a selection of different colourways everyone in the studio has fun making the final decisions as to what buttons will be used. Of course we all have a different opinion so it can take a few days before we all agree!

Here is all its glory is 'Fernhill', which if you remember is named after the woods and fields where I played as a child in Dorset, England.

Fernhill email size

Today we got the first picture of a completed Fernhill, thanks to Anne Marieke Booij. The fabrics Anne Marieke has used are lovely, perhaps we will see it again once the quilting has been completed??? 

Anne Marieke Booij Fernhill

Fernhill Christine Barnsley

Christine Barnsley's Fernhill


If you didnt get to join in on the month by month patterns and buttons then we have  x 17 full sets which we have saved just for you xx so why not treat yourself or a friend for Christmas, you can  buy them here.

Fernhill patterns

or earlier in the year when we had 'just the right fabrics' we put together a few fabric, pattern and button kits..... tempted?....visit here to buy the kit with patterns and buttons.

LQS Fernhill Kit1

In case your wondering the cream square in the bottom right hand corner of the above picture is not a post-it note! Its a cream bit of wool for the bunnies tail!

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