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Happy New Year.

Obelisk boxes...

Remember this gorgeous scrap book paper that has been produced under license by a UK company using my designs??...


Well, look what a very clever friend of mine has made using not only the paper but the stickers and braids that coordinate. These brilliant obelisk boxes stand about 5 1/2" high, mum and I were each given one on christmas day....

Taks a close peek and you will see that each dot on the paper has been transformed by adding some irridesant glitter, a brad cleverly holds a loose gift tag and around the base of this box some of the printed ribbon has been stuck....


This box has had a similar treatment but this one has some of the ric rac trim around the base to give a nice border. 


I love how the paper cut outs have been given dimension by adding a fat piece of double side sticky stuff (probably there is a real name for this sellotape stuff??).


Of course the second best thing after admiring the boxes was that the bottom of the box opens and mine was filled with chocolates! Yummy.....


If your feeling that you need to have fun playing with paper then I still have a few bits and pieces left, paper pads, brads, ric rac braid, pom pom braid and sticker sheets. Visit here to do some shopping :)

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