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Sunday Lunch...with a Thai twist

Spirit House is a wonderful Thai resturant set in beautiful gardens, the tables are set in little private areas around this pond. Mum and Dad took us there for lunch yesterday as our Christmas present...it has to be one of my favourite places to eat. I love the little walk through the gardens that you do before arriving at the resturant.


The painted shrine set amongst the bamboo sets my colour buds tingling, the colours as so nice together..... would this make a nice fabric colour combination?


The fragrance from the frangipani and lily flowers in this bath of water was divine.


We started the meal with a selection of small dishes to share, scallops, prawns on sticks and something which I forgot to photograph which tasted divine wrapped in a betel leaf.


I am not sure I liked looking at this fierce looking gold banded snapper but it was delisious to eat, I did think the fish looked like it needed braces as its teeth were very wonky! We had a couple of other delicious mouthwatering dishes including a watermelon salad and some rice to share....plus a glass of wine!


I love this photo, Vince had fun taking a panorama photo on his new phone. Its clever and as long as everyone sits still its nice but dont move while you are being photographed unless you want a good laugh! 


There were alot of these signs everywhere.


Sorry the picture is blurred....blame it on the wine! This water dragon was not interested in food she was interested in the bottle of wine!


This was the wine gazing water dragons partner, he was a splendid fellow and his only interest besides her was in trying to get some food!


This huge bamboo was growing alongside the path on the way back to the car.


 The field opposite the car park had these very pretty, very shy Alpacas...they are so sweet looking.


I had a great Sunday, hope you did too.

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