Quilts, Chocolate and a margarita, what a day!
My day off cont.

Kawagoe flea market..

Early yesterday morning a small group of us headed off on the train to Kawagoe where there is a flea market on the 28th of each month held on the gounds of a temple. I think some of the stands had been set up very early when it was snowing. Fortuantely for us it was cold but sunny while we were there.


Everyone had awnings up to protect thier wares from the snow/rain.


There were old fabrics, braids....


Carol (QuiltMania) found some old spools form a loom with thread on them.


Can you guess what these are?? I was going to buy some as I thought they would make nice tags for parcels..turned out they are homemade matches! Probably not the best thing to take on an aeroplane! However I still like what they look like, the colours are lovcely.


The wooden frames/stands you can see are for winding the thread for weaving.


You could buy second hand Kimono's...pretty.


We had noodles for breakfast and they were delicious and very hot which was just what we needed.


I have lots more pictures to show you but its time I left for the show.

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