Kawagoe flea market..
NHK Partnership Quilts...

My day off cont.

Kawgaoe dates back to 1100 and the old houses in the little part of town we walked thorugh were really pretty, I didnt realise we were near the sea and wished we had found our way there as I am sure its very beautiful.


This wonderful wood bell tower Toki-no-kane (Time Bell Tower) was just down a side street, set against the blue sky it is an impressive wooden building.


I really like how the Japanese take the time to make every space an interesting one, this arrangement outside a doorway is very pleasing.


This store was selling dried everything, mostly fishy things! I was of course attracted not to the dried goods but the lovely old salt barrels that the goods are stored in.


To give you an idea of how the dried goods are presented here is some dried squid.


I couldnt resist taking a picture of these lovely wooden items that were outside a hardwear store.


Can you guess what the shop sells that had this healthy looking specimen outside its door? (By the way I love Brussel sprouts)


One corner of the room had this collection of things, it reminded me of my workshop at home in the everything I am using today is out on the table. A working mess!


Did you guess correctly what tyoe of store it was???? Its a seed shop :)


We had heard that there was a small quilt display in the Hilton Hotel, so on the way back to the show we took a detour and popped in for a visit with the quiltmakers.




There were other lovely quilts on display but we we not allowed to take photos as the quiltmakers were not there.

What a great day out I had and Sae and Nireko had been very busy at the show with an amazing 39,000 vsitors attending again today.

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