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Congratulations cat

Congratulations to Kate

Thank you all for leaving me messages over the past 6 years, yes, I have been blogging for 6 years wow....thats alot of typing!! I was taking a trip down my blogging memory lane and found one of my early posts about the snake that came into my TV room...yikes!!.

Anyhow, back to today the 21,000th message was left by Kate and this is the present that I have put together for her which we will post out once she sends her street address. I have chosen to give an angel delight (approx. 9" square) pack of pretty Japanese fabrics, a pattern and the buttons to make A Day Spent Sewing.

A day spent sewing pack

This is what the project looks like when its finished, I have put mine on one of the lovely wire stands we sell.

A day spent sewing on holder

If you are interested (since not everyone can be a winner) in getting the fabric pack, pattern and buttons we have put the pack together for a special price. 

A Day Spent Sewing pack
Wire table top frame 

LAPC club members remember to you use your 10% discount code when ordering x

Enjoy Lynette