Happy New Year.
Hearts and Paws..

Photo shoot preparations...

I have been very busy working with my Spring release fabrics Wildflower Wood to create the projects for 'Stitch It For Spring' the seqel to 'Stitch It For Christmas' and since I am always dreaming about my work and planning the next thing I have been keeping an eye out for an interesting piece of furniture that would look as great on the front cover as the gorgeous vintage white dresser did on 'Stitch It For Christmas'.


As luck would have it when I was visiting my local recycled furniture shed 'Moss' which is run by two lovely ladies Lea and Lisa, I spied the cupboard that these ladies use as their desk....it is perfect but would they be prepared to loan it to me for a few days??? I explained what I did and then bravely asked if they would allow me to use their cupboard for my photo shoot (pretty please)...


...they were very excited and sweetly said 'yes of course I could borrow it'. Yesterday Vince and I picked the old meat safe up so I could have a couple of days playing with the set ups for each photo...as you can see 'SpecialKat' was having a wonderful time investigating the inside of the cupboard.


The photo shoot for the new book will be on friday 4th Jan...so with that in mind I had better get back to my stitching as I have a couple of the samples still to finish. Thank goodness for Downton Abbey which I am watching/listening too as I stitch.

Lynette felix