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Finished and teaching..

The rain here is terrible, they are predicting another 8" (200mm) in the next 24 hours with flash flooding etc. I thought I would distract myself by writing to you all :) instead of worrying that the river will come into the house (we do have an upstairs and I have stocked the little kitchen with food chocolate and tea!) 

This week I have had a few lovely pictures sent to me of finished projects. Thank you to Judy for this lovely Beehive Needlebook and scissor saver that she started at the workshop with me at Little Quilt Store just a few weeks ago - great job.

Judy Beehive sewing book

This sweet little stitchery is from the LAPC and is called Heart and Home, I love the little sheep button that Trish found to use on her sample and the frame is perfect.

Trish Taylor heart and home

I am busy stitching, in fact I have so many projects on the go I am confused! Nothing new there! I have had an enquiry about teaching on a cruise (yes please) in March next year around NZ and the girls at Grandmothers Garden have added an extra days teaching to my schedule for June/July later this year. I am happy as I love getting around to meet you all, I wonder if your coming to one of my workshops??? Let me know if you are and which one you are attending.

Enjoy Lynette

Sweet thread holders...

Yesterday Vince and I spent the day at the store, Vince assembled some extra shelves for the new fabrics and I had fun rearranging everything...it was at one stage a huge mess but after a few hours of moving, straightening and tweaking it all looked nice again :)

This morning while I was in the store I got to meet some lovely ladies.

Lynette with Tracy and Jan

Quilting sisters Jan (Dubbo, NSW) and Tracy (Mackay, QLD) who were on the coast for a 'sisters get together' decided to come and visit x needless to say they went home with thier bags full of goodies!

As you all know we have had alot of rain and some very strong winds here on the coast, we have been luckier than some but during the bad storms our awning at the front of the store got ripped off, it has left some big holes in the window framework and we are getting water in...hopefully the window fixing man will come soon and patch us up! Then we can put the awning back up so we look pretty again.

During this rainy period Emma has been very creative on Lizzie Lazer and cut some sweet thread holders for us to sell, she has made them in two sizes. The larger size is the one we have been using in the store to put the tapemeasure ribbon and but I needed (stamps foot) smaller ones for my embrodiery floss :)

Wooden thread and ribbon spools

There are five designs in all, one of each design is in the pack and all you need to do is decide which size you want. Dont forget LAPC members put your code in when ordering to claim your 10% discount.

LQS Thread Wooden Spools

Thread size and ribbon size

Enjoy Lynette

New things

 People often ask me 'which is your favourite' and I have to be honest and say that its usually the current thing that I am working on but this quilt My Home or Yours holds a special place in my heart. I love the 12 little tyes of houses, from Hugo's dog house to the gypsy caravan and I enjoyed stitching the English paper pieced triangle borders that surround each block.

My home or yours whole quilt

We recently had a customer who asked if I would put together a pack of fabrics for her, she requested that the fabrics be as close as possible to the original ones that I used. I had so much fun playing in the shop finding just the right fabrics, here they are and as you can see I found a wonderful almost perfect combination. 

My home or yours fabrics

The block you can see on the quilt is called Primrose Cottage it was inspired by a lovely old stone cottage we rented in Tasmania one year for a few days. If your interested in a fabric pack visit here.

My Home Or Yours Starter Bundle

The other fun things that arrived today are these wooden spools, they come in two sizes and we have packed them into packs. 
Wooden spools

They are great to store, threads, Ric Rac or ribbons on.

Thread on spools

Small Spool Pack and Large Spool Pack

New tape measure ribbon

How about this new Tape Measure Ribbon I found while I was in Japan :) I love it and cant wait to use it on something.

Enjoy Lynette

My Weekend...

I had a fantastic weekend teaching at Hobbysew Belconnen, here I am with my hosts Najelle and Terrie we are standing in front of the 'free to use' quilt that was designed for use with my Secret Garden fabrics.


We set up a display of my samples in the classroom area of the store, which made the room look very 'Lynette'.


The layout of the classroom was really nice with plenty of room for everyone.


We played with applique, hexagons and had fun embroidering.


We were making Shepherds Cottage bags, the store had put together some realy lovely kits for the students.


There was some lovely 'show and tell', this is My Sewing Bag.


I love how the owner has added a zip to the top and pockets to the inside of the bag, she had also made a sweet matching needlecase and scissor holder to go inside.


The colours in this Stitched By Me caught a few ladies eyes, poor things then just had to have the pattern set!


One of my all time favourites Pond House. The fabrics for this quilt had all been selected from Hobbysew Belconnen, the quilt had a lovely warm feel to it which came from the rich cream backgrounds that had been used.


The catering was wonderful, this enourmous raspberry and white chocolate muffin was for afternoon tea...yummy.... 


We forgot on both days to take a group picture and when we remembered this was all that was left...thank you ladies for making my weekend such fun and I hope I get to visit this store again one day.


bye for now

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I'm busy stitching...

Drawing, choosing fabrics and stitching give me great pleasure, I know you know how I feel about the whole process...I am busy working on something lovely for the ladies who are joining me in Tasmania next month. Its a sweet little surprise with a row of cottages....and other things! I am using my favourite Cosmo thread colours which are available on spools or as skeins.


Helen and lynette Flyer
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Workshop at LQS...

LQS little logo

On friday we had the first ever workshop at Little Quilt Store....


Some of the ladies chose to make the Beehive Needlebook, for which they had bought one of our kits.


Did you spot all the packaging with Japanese writing scattered on the table??? We were trialling a brilliant new product during the workshop and I will tell you more about it later, we all loved it so I am sure you will too but before I can tell you all about it I need to wait for MrPostman to bring my parcel that I sent myself from Tokyo.

Others had chosen to make Shepherds Cottage bag, we had fun learning some simple embroidery stitches, applique and used our glue pens to make doing English Paper Pieced hexagons quick and easy. I loved the little scrap holder one of the ladies brought for her rubbish, so cute.


Lousie and Judy had come all the way from Sydney to attend the day, they stayed at the Ramada which is on the beach across the road from the store.

If you wondering about the quilt on the wall its from my book 'An Angels Wish' which contains the pattern for this quilt and 9 other angel orientated projects :) This book was one of my first self publsihed books, Lara the girl who did the layout for most of my self published books is now the creative director for Frankie Magazine and her unerring style is evident in my books as well as the magazine.


Well, its a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here and its time for me to make a nice cup of tea and plan what to stitch...think I need to write a list and prioritise the stitching as I seem to have rather alot of half started things and really they need to be finished with patterns written things! 

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Mini shirt... super cute jam jar cover...

I know it was a long title but I am not really sure what you would call this really cute cover for a jam jar full of useful things! This one has been made using fabrics from my Follow My Heart collection and I think you will agree its really cute, much nicer than having a naked jam jar on my studio bench.


If you want to make one of these cute shirt storage covers you can get the free to use pattern here.

Enjoy Lynette

Workshop at Hobbysew, Australia

Seems like I only just got home (hang on....I did only just get home) and already I am trying to decide what to pack for my weekend in Canberra at Hobbysew in Belconnen, ACT, Australia. Maybe your already booked in to the class or maybe your still deciding?? I know that one of the days is full and the other has a couple of places left, so why not come and join me.   

 Najelle and Terrie the store managers have been working hard to prepare two days of fabulous fun for us, we will stitch,learn new techniques, make friends and have some good food. I would love to meet you and the girls tell me that they have a few places left so dont delay in booking your place and I will look forward to meeting you.

saturday 16th feb - 1 day workshop
sunday 17th - 1 day workshop
enquiries p: (02) 6253 0011 e: belconnen@hobbysew.com

I am filling my suitcase with lots of my lovely samples to show you and the girls at Hobbysew tell me there is a nice space for me to do a display. ....hold on Hugo, you cant some with me....actually with him in the suitcase I probably cant pick it up but he does look cute!

Suitcase Hugo

see you in Canberra x

I'm home...free chopsticks...

I flew home from Tokyo on thursday night, it was a night flight and I slept like a log all the way...of course I now have a stiff back and a crick in my neck but I am sure a nice massage will have me straightened out in no time!

If you dont read my Facebook page then you wont have seen these gorgeous Kokeshi dolls that I bought at the flea market. I started out buying the big one and then chose a few friends to go with her...then I saw and fell in love with the small ones. What a great collection they make, they are quite heavy and I had to show them to Australian Quarentine on my way back into Australia so they could be checked for bugs (all OK) and I am so happy I bought them. 


This was the little box of chocolates that I bought at Chocolate Paradise to bring back and share with the girls in the studio.


yummy, although perhaps too cute to open and eat!

Inside chocolate box

I also had fun choosing and buying some chop sticks (these are not chocolate, they are made of wood) and if you would like a pair all you need to do is go shopping at Little Quilt Store, buy anything you want. The first 20 customers will get a pair of chopsticks free :) I had such fun choosing them and I hope you will enjoy using them x be quick as there are only 20 pairs available (until I go to Tokyo again next year!).

Chop sticks

Those of you who ordered the nice rotary cutters last week may have got them in the mail already as they were posted out on Friday afternoon last week, I hope you like them as much as I do. I managed to fit more cutters ($24.95 each plus postage) into my suitcase and so if you missed out on the first batch please email Emma and she will send you a Paypal money request.

Olfa Cutter

Its time for me to head home from the studio, check on Hugo and get busy sketching....I feel a new button club design coming on!

Enjoy Lynette