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I went browsing yesterday!

One of my favourite stores to browse in here on the Sunshine Coast is The Lovely Bird, its filled with interesting books, papers, pencils, stamps and other inspiring things all of which are artfully displayed on pieces of furniture I want to buy!

The lovely bird

Of course if I am honest I can never just browse! I bought the sweetest little recycled notebook, some interesting stamped tin hearts which might look good hanging on a tree with little stitcheries glued to them..


the little notebook has this nice stitching through all the pages like the old books do

Stitched book

I also bought a copy of a brand new magazine called 'Junkies' thats produced by some coast ladies, its filled with ideas on how to recycle etc

Junkies mag

the photos are lovely

Mag shot 1

Mag shot 2

I am not sure how often the publishers intend to produce a magazine, perhaps monthly?? I will keep my eye out for another one.

Enjoy Lynette

Angel faces...

Publishing your own books is a lot of work and after doing 7 self published books I now have my books published by David and Charles (F&W Media) a UK publisher. I get less money than I did when I published my own books but I get alot more exposure as publishers are able to sell to a bigger audience than I can as an individual + they often get books published in other languages for instance my books are now available in French, Dutch and Hungarian which is very exciting.

I ramble....what I wanted to show you today was one of the sweet quilts from my self published book An Angels Wish called 'Angels Are Stars'.


We are in the process of re-making 'Angels Are Stars' using my Christmas 2013 fabric collection 'Candy Cane Angels' which is due to arrive in stores from end May/June.

Candy Cane Angels Fabric small

Jill has sweetly offered to make the quilt for me as I am running out of time (and energy) and so in preparing the pack of fabrics and threads to send to her I needed to paint the little faces for the angels. I paint onto quilters muslin which is a fine good quality calico and use Jo Sonja paints which once they are ironed sets the paint permanently.


Once they have been stitched in place the angels can have their hair done! I did this sample (hence no body) so Jill can see how the hair is done for the quilt :)


Emma has had fun creating a digital version of the quilt using the aged muslin as a background for the angels and fabrics from  Secret Garden collection. As you can see these angels are hairless at the moment too and until Emma can work out how to digtially add the hair they are going to stay bald! However I love what the quilt would look like in these fabrics :)

Secret garden angel quilt

The pattern along with 10 other angelic projects is in the book 'An Angels Wish'. If you buy the book $22.95 plus postage, some aged muslin and a fat eight bundle of Secret Garden fabrics (which would get you started, you will need to add border fabrics at some stage). Because I have so much spare time, I will handpaint free of charge a set of 12 faces onto quilters muslin (valued at $26.40) for you.

An angels wish and fabrics

Enjoy Lynette

Stitched By Me...or you?

 We (my family) had a lovely sunday (yesterday) we all gathered at our house for a big breakfast to celebrate all the March birthdays, we ate, laughed and shared news. I just love weekends like that :)

The other thing I love is when you send me pictures of things you have made from my books, patterns and fabrics. Today I have chosen to show you what Rachel sent me. I hope you agree with me, she has done a great job. Rachel tells me that this quilt has been two years (with other projects in between) in the making!

Rachel Stitched By Me

'Stitched By Me' is a sweet 7 part BOM and the beauty of it is that the buttons, tape measure ribbon and pre-cut paper hexagons all come included with the patterns. This is my version (see below), slightly more musted/dirty colours to the ones in Rachels quilt....both lovely.

Y481 Stitched By Me BOM small

 I have managed to source some of the lovely aged muslin that I used, it comes with what looks like crease lines and fade marks (thats why I like it, it already looks old!)  Aged Muslin

Stitched by me background fabric

I dont have the original fabrics that  used but I have to say that my 'Secret Garden' fabrics would look great in this quilt. Here they are in all their loveliness....not much of this fabric collection left now which is a bit sad.

Secret Garden web

Treat yourself to.... Fabric Bundle + aged muslinpattern set

SBM equals quilt

Block 3 SBM

I have had many many requests for individual blocks from various block of the month quilts so here they are. Individual block patterns 

There are several other versions of 'Stitched By Me' on display in the 'I Designed It You Stitched It' album in case you want to see some more colour chouce variations.

Lynette bird on jar

New BOM-the quilting....

I was so happy today to take delivery of a big yellow box today....of course the quilt, my new BOM 'Love Letters' is lovely but just look at the quilting on it. 


Little wool flowers with sweet quilting around them


English Paper Pieced scallop borders that have been delightfully quilted. 


Look at the quilting on this roof, I love it---- you should see the other rooves, each one is different.


A huge thank you to Darlene of Sew Graceful Quilting and to my friend Kay for adding the finishing stitches to the quilt and for putting the binding on x x 

In case your wondering and before you ask I combined fabrics from Hollyhock Cottage and Follow My Heart and threw in some dark green checks and plaids and some warm cream textured backgrounds to make this quilt.

Well, its time for dinner. Tonight I am cooking an all time favourite, pork parcel and the aroma from the kitchen tells me its time to go and put the vergetable on and get the gravy ready. Tomorrow I will start writing the patterns for "Love Letters' a nine part block of the month quilt.

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My Week In Tasmania...

I have had a lovely week in Tamsania attending a conference with Vince. Vince got to attend lectures during the days  and I went shopping and slept in! Then we danced and partied the nights away :) 

My favourite night when we are away at a conference is 'Mystery' night, we never know where we will be going or what we will be doing..... First we boarded this interesting looking boat....she smelled of fresh paint and it turned out it was her maiden voyage!


Loved the view from the back of the boat.


These funky sheep were seats, we sat on these girls in preference to the cows!


We arrived at MONA which is housed in the most amazing building, a modern castle?


Walking along this suspended walkway reminded me of being inside some of the tombs we visited many years ago in Eygpt.


There was a fantastic bar in the basement.....


This painting/collection of paintings covered one huge curved wall and as you can see was several yards/metres high.


There were many confronting art pieces/statements and I am not sure that modern art is my thing but this water display was the winning thing for me. Jets of water shot down some 30ft or more at regulated intervals and with each shot of water a word appeared which was a brief summary of the news...brilliant and I could have watched it for ages. I was so excited that after taking 15 photos I finally got the rythym of the water jets and captured a word to show you.


After tour little tour of the museum ( you need to spend a few days here to see everything) we headed for the resturant where we had a wonderful meal. Later much later as we walked toward the bus that was to take us back to our hotel, we spotted the signs in the car park!!


Saturday was the last day of Vince's conference and Helen Stubbings (Hug n' Kisses) and I gathered together some stitching friends and we spent Saturday together.  Jo had beautifully decorated the goody bags with my sweet birds and Helens cute little pins, the bags contained the kits that Helen and I had prepared for the workshop.

Birds on bags

On each table there were sweetly painted branches in jars that were filled with pebbles, the branches had more of my little cut out birds hanging on the branches and on the flip side of each bird was a nice little word or saying :)

Birds on trees

Each lady had a name tag...this is mine....(I love it)

Lynette name tag

Helen and I each set up a little shop for the ladies to buy some goodies :)

Tassie shop

Here are the attendees all busy stitching talking and laughing!


The catering was done by some of the girls from the local rowing club as a fund raiser. The food was lovely, thank you girls x

Enjoy Lynette

New little kits...

Lynette is teaching in Tassie today and has designed a cute new project called Blossom Tree especially for the class :) It is so cute...I just love the owl!

Y380 Blossom Tree

We have a few kits left over and we have made them available in Lynette's Little Quilt Store.

The kit contains the pattern which includes an iron on transfer, fabrics to make the top of the wall hanging, thread and a cute hand painted bee button.

Blossom tree kit

Have a great weekend


Yummy new books...

Lynette has found the English versions of these two lovely books by Japanese quilt designer Yoko Saito. Lynette and I were lucky enough to meet Yoko and visit her store when we were in Japan last year :)

Yoko Saitos Scandinavian Quilts

The photography inside these books is just gorgeous...

Scandi pics

Scandi bag

Scandinavian Quilts...This book has a number of projects in the Scandinavian style of quilting and home decor.  There are projects ranging from table decorations to handbags, wall art to clothing accessories. 

Scandi 2


Houses houses houses

Houses, Houses, Houses...This sweet book has projetcs for wall hangings, pouches with zips, table decorations, cushions, and even cute free standing houses.


How cute are these little houses...how fun would it be to make a whole little village.


House bag

We have a limited number of books in Lynette's Little Quilt Store.


Wearable Miniatures...

These gorgeous handmade pendants which measure just one and a half inches are one of the things that came home in my suitcase. Julie a very talented quilter stitches these amazing miniatures and her sweet husband does the glass and the stained glass style edging. How could I resist....


I couldnt resist and have kept a couple of these pendants for myself, if you need to have one then visit here.

Enjoy Lynette