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Cushions & Quilts

This spectacular view of a castle on a hill is the view you get when visiting Cowslip Workshops is Cornwall, UK. In April last year I visited and met some lovely ladies in my workshops, here is the link to my post from last year.


Jo and Steve, owners of Cowslip made me feel so welcome I am already looking forward to my stay there. Their home is filled with family collected treasures and I found it a very insirational place to be. 


Jo let me into her secret when I was there last year, she had been invited to do a book with my publishers David and is a 'sneek peek' at the 'fresh from the press' book.

Cushions and quilts book
I think I sat on this garden bench....Jo has a very unique stype of drawing and I love the way she then converts her drawings to sewing. The pillow on the right is (I am sure) her husband Steve on his ride on with 'Fly' the dog perched behind as they race off to check the sheep.

Jo book 4

The cowslip logo has been nicely used here on the pillow and throw quilt.

Jo book 3

Jo book 1

The big thrill for me was discovering that Jo had used some of our raw wood buttons on projects in her book.

Sewing buttons in book

We have the Love to Sew button packs available to buy if your interested.

I will be teaching at Cowslip Workshops in August this year, I am pretty sure the classes are full but come and meet me at my evening presentation where I will have 'show and tell' and give an insight into how I design and where my inspiration comes from. For bookings look here.

I hope you can join me as I would hate to be lonely in the big hall on my own!

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