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Apliquick Tools

 This last year I have been busy showing everyone how to use the Apliquick tools, they are so simple to use. Maybe you joined me for a class or visited my booth at a show in any case if  bought them (and are using them) I am sure you will agree they are to easy to use and you end up with a great result really fast.

Bird and rods

For those of you who havent seen these tools in action...are you ready??? Emma and I have had fun this morning playing with the video on my phone (not a very good quality picture, sorry)...but you will get the idea.


For a closer look at what I'm doing... 


 I have put together some packs of the tools to make your (or your partners) shopping experience easier....

LQS Special Apliquick Tool Pack

Apliquick Tool Pack

 Get your pack here

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Farmyard Friends Give-away

 This quilt is one of my early designs 'On The Farm', it was one of my favourite quilts to teach. Lots of fun blocks to choose from and lots of homework for the students! We still have the pattern available if your interested in making the quilt and I can honestly say I havent met a child or adult yet who didnt like this quilt!


To celebrate my original 'On The Farm' quilt we have recently remade a more modern looking version and called it 'Farmyard Friends'. Its been made using fabrics from my new 'Mending Fences' fabric collection which will be in stores now. This version uses the blue/green fabrics from the collection.

Farmyard Fun blue version

 and this one the pink/green fabrics. Both quilts look great and I am sure the children will love those big animals.

Farmyard fun pink version

Here is a sweet little display of the 'Mending Fences' fabrics so you can get a real feel for the fabrics. We have the fabrics available as various bundles (angel delights, fat eigths and fat quarters or by the yd/m)

Mending fences1

The applique on our sample has been done with a machine blanket stitch, with some great quilting in the background.


 For your chance to win a pattern to make your own 'Farmyard friends' quilt, leave me a message. The pattern shows the blue version on the front with a picture and fabric info for the pink version on the back and inside the pattern.

Congratulations to Becky in Georgia, please be watching your inbox for my email. Thank you to everyone that left me a comment :)

Cover pic y103


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Last show of the year...

 The last show of the year was in Melbourne, Australia last weekend. Just a short flight for us from Brisbane for which I was glad as the thought of another long flight at the moment does not appeal to me!  I only had a small space for my display but it looked pretty and I love catching up with all the store owners and showing them my new creations.

Lynettes booth

 Vince tested the chicken tea cosy which is from my new book 'Stitch It For Autumn' out as a hat....combined with the fabulous fluro saftely jacket that we all had to wear to set the booth up the fashion look is interesting!

Vince with tea cosy

 I demonstrated the Apliquick tools all weekend to interested store owners and many of them went home with some to play with, you will find the Apliquick tools in a store near you very very soon. For a tutorial on how they are used please visit here.


Friday night we went to an amazing resturant called 'Cookie' which is in Melbournes Swanston street. We were treated like royalty as the resturant manager is the daughter of one of the lovely ladies who worked for me for several years. 

We chose a mussel cake, dumplings which were too pretty to eat, although we did eat them eventually and they were divine.


 We ended up walking back to the hotel as finding a cab was impossible at that time of night, the fairy light filled trees were magical.




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Lynette Anderson's Quilt Camp 2014...

I am so excited today to share with you my news...here in the office and in the studio we have been planning an exciting adventure for you to join us on in late July next year. 

Quilt Camp Logo Large

Yes, the very first 'Lynette Anderson's Quilt Camp - Chateau Hexagon 2014' is to be held in the beautiful Burgundy region of France at Chateau de Bessey-lés-Citeaux, just 30mins drive from the picturesque Dijon. 


Join me for workshops, friendship, fabulous food and fun, whether you bring a friend or come alone you will make some stitching friendships to last a lifetime at this lovely chateau in France which was the inspiration for my button club this year.

Hexagon row

When Is It: 27th July to 1st August 2014  (join me for two days or stay for four days the choice is yours). Cost: We are working on it at the moment but wanted to see if anyone was interested in coming first.

  Quilters can travel stamp

 There is still lots of planning to do but the dates and venue have been chosen.... are you ready to join me?  Please  Download My Expressions of Interest Form which you will need to complete and either scan or photograph and return to me preferably via email (post can take a while). 

If there is enough interest we will continue with the planning...if not, well its a nice dream!!

Fingers crossed you can come x If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me on my dedicated email quiltcamp@lynetteandersondesigns.com.au

Tentative bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis.

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I'm reading this book...

As you probably know I love my dog, Hugo the 'wonder dog' as we often call him. He is always at my feet, resting on the sofa with me or trying to figure out how to sneek onto the bed at night! 


We moved house recently and the swimming pool at our new house is lovely but poor Hugo suffers and cries when Vince dives in and goes completley under the water, beacuse for a brief second Vince vanishes from Hugo's sniff-ometer...


and having read a few chapters of this book I understand a little about why he cries when he vanishes....

Book cover

 picture from Amazon

the book is interesting and it has made me understand a bit about what dogs can smell compared to us and perhaps why the act like they do sometimes....

I havent got to the part in the book that might explains why some cats and dogs get along and why some dont. Whatever the reason I dont mind as long as these two continue to share the (in this case middle of my bed), go bug hunting together or try to drink from the water bowl at the same time...


 I have learnt from the book that this bored looking attitude is not perhaps what it seems, the book suggests that he is picking up on the fact that I have worked too long at my computer/sewing table and that maybe a break would be a good idea! He is probably always right.


 I love that he is a willing particpant in everything and anything if it means he is not left at home on his own! Cycle ride anyone?


 How he hated modelling this hat but he did it because I wanted him to x x I thought he looked cute but I think his mind was on how he could get the hat off and chew it up really quickly so I couldnt make him wear it again!

Pixie hugo

 Hugo is my inspiration and as you all know he 'stars' in many of my designs...


He is going grey on his muzzle which makes me sad as I realise that time passes so quickly (he is 6), do you remember when he joined our household and what his role was meant to be? If not read here.

 thank you Hugo for sharing our lives x

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Printed Calico Sacks....

 I love these calico sacks, they have a slightly longer than normal handle which make them perfect for slinging over your shoulder. 

Calico bags

 I got a new batch printed with one of my favourite designs on the front for Quilt Festival in Houston. We almost sold them all at the show but I had shipped a few home so there is a very limited quantity available to buy online...

Puppy and angel calico bag

 You can buy one of my calico bags here 

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Candy Cane Angels

 Yesterday, I heard someone say that its less than 6 weeks until Christmas....yikes....I had better get some presents sorted out. Then I remembered that we are going on holiday to Fiji on boxing day...so thats also less than 6 weeks away..hooray.

Anyhow, now that Christmas is on my mind.... I think I need to make a tree skirt as mine is so old and falling to pieces, not sure I will get it done this year but its fun thinking about it and these fabrics would be perfect.

Candy cane angel bundles

We have a limited number left of the Candy Cane Angel fabric bundles left, to see what there is available look here.

My friend Wendy designed this lovely pieced quilt 'Winter Wonderland' for one of the top US magazines called The Quilter.

Wendys candy cane angel quilt

Wendys candy cane angel quilt 2

 To read more about Wendy and to see more pictures of the quilt why not Visit Wendy's Blog

I also got a lovely email from Marie in France, do you remember the lovely card covered Advent Train that she made and that was available as kits last year? Click here to read the post and see the pictrures.

This year Marie has designed this gorgeous 'Village de Noel' which uses fabrics from my Candy Cane Angel collection.

Church and houses

You can purchase the Village Pattern/kit direct from Entrez sans Frapper

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Candy cane angel small swatch blog

so much catching up to do...I missed you...

Sorry to have been quiet for so long, my trip to the US was both successful and exhausting...on arrival we had some late night, last moment stitching to do...


We went shopping the day after we arrived in the hope of walking off any jet lag we might have had! I ended up with a lot of shoes, I have become addicted to Tom's  which are affordable and great fun.


The next day we set up the display for quilt market. Its always such a relief to see the yellow DHL boxes waiting for me when I arrive.


I had two companions for this trip, Raewyn whom many of you will remember used to work for me and Lesley who lives in NZ with whom I have become good friends.


We tested yummy salted caramel biscuits...they were great and I can reccomend them.


How exciting to see my name on the board outside one of the Schoolhouse lecture rooms, not that this is the first Schoolhouse I have ever done but each time it feels very special. I stood alone outside my room for a while... all alone....until...


 a big crowd arrived and I knew I had friends.


My room was full of store owners and fabric distributors from around the world, each visitor got a charm pack of each of my new fabrics compliments of RJR fabrics.


I did a video presentation on how to use the Apliquick Tools for all those tiny pieces of applique that are challenging to needleturn, once its been loaded on YouTube I will give you the link. I thought I would be nervous being filmed but I managed Ok without making too many 'opps'....


I had fun doing two book signings and met lots of lovely ladies which was fun.



This is the 'free to use' quilt 'Towne Square' which was designed by my friend Wendy Sheppard and is 77" square when finished, it combines my 'Quilter's Garden' and Bread and Butter Cream fabric collections which will be in stores in early 2014. We will be offering kits for this quilt, please email us to express your interest and once we have prices and a delivery date we will let you know. You can download the pattern by following the links from here.


I had fun wearing the tea cosy from my new book 'Stitch It for Autumn', of course it would also make a very nice door stop if you added a base and filled it with sand. All the projects in the book use Mending Fences fabrics and I brought a limited number of fat quarter bundles home with me so if your interested in getting one look here.


I met with the lovely Christine who is planning to make a short movie for the Sundance Movie Festival and I have been invited to make one of the quilts for the movie ...how exciting!


I am now home and having had a quiet few days and feeling more or less back to normal. I am busy planing my teaching trips for 2014 and 2015....lots of work to do co-ordinating everything. Hopefully I will meet you somewhere in the world, my list includes, Australia, Norway, Spain, Mexico and Russia....I guess I had better make sure there are plenty of pages left in my passport!! 

Quilters can travel stamp

 I am also working on a Lynette Anderson 'Quilters Gathering' in France which will be towards the end of July, it will be held at the beautiful chateau that inspired this years button club quilt.


I will send an email newsletter with more information once I have got a few more things finalised but it should be alot of fun so if your not already recieving my newsletter and fancy a stitching extravaganza with me in France next year please sign up for the newsletter today.

bye for now

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A Dog's Life

I wanted to show you all some pics which Ruth emailed me of this cute mini A Dog's Life wallhanging.  Ruth has used block 1 and block 3 from Lynette's pattern set to create this lovely piece.

Ruths a dogs life

It is always fun to see Lynette's designs in different colour ways :)

Ruths a dogs life2

Here are a list of stores where you can find Lynette's A Dog's Life pattern set

Antique Angel, UK

Cowslip Workshops, UK

Cross Patch, UK

Little Quilt Store, AU

Mulberry Lane Quilting & Crafts, AU

Patchwork Chicks, UK

The Christmas Shoppe, USA

The Quilting Bee, CA

Tranquility Crafts 'n Crafts, AU

Village Fabrics & Needlecraft, NZ

A dogs life small


A dogs life puppy