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Goodies from Tokyo

 Last year whenI was in Tokyo I bought a couple of these sweet ready made coin purses and wished  had bought a few more as there was so many of you who wanted to buy one. 

Cute purse

 This year they had kits for the very same little coin get everything you need. The kit includes the fabrics, zipper, little buttons, charm and the striped fabric piece that gives the thread effect on the spool is already stitched! I got pinkish and brownish kits.

Pink purse

Be quick if you want a purse kit as I didnt buy very many in case you didnt like them! The other little thing I totally fell in love with was these ready made sewing basket brooch/pins, just look at all the detail and each one is handstitched.

Sewing basket brooch

 The little brooches come in a variety of fabrics, as you can see they are all similar and all very cute. To select yours follow the link Handmade Sewing Basket Brooches  I dont think you will be dissapointed whichever one you choose.


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