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Stitching group and 'Stitched Farm' BOM...

 We are so lucky we have a lovely group of ladies who are meeting once a month in the store, under the guidance of Karen they are busy working on 'My Home or Yours' .  

Class ladies

It was very exciting this week, Donna came with month 1 finished of the little quilt that I designed for the gorgeous French magazine 'Simply Vintage'. There will be a part of the little quilt in each of the four issues this year, so be sure to collect all four copies (you can order them direct from us if you wish). 

Simply vintage

Nice job Donna, if your interested in the fabrics we have packs of the fabrics that are the original ones that were used in the project.

Simply vintage spring mag

Simply Vintage Advert small

Download Simply Vintage Mystery Project Sign up Form

Fabric packs and threads available here

Enjoy Lynette

Delicious food in Russia...

                                            This is Illi Illi, one of the stores that hosted a one day workshop.


 This is the very lovely owner of the quilt and knitting wool store, she joined the workshop for the day.





 I loved this wonderful homemade fruit tea, it has thin slices of lime, cumquat, strawberries and ??? Would love a recipie if anyone has one and of course I need to buy myself one of these.


This delightful dish (sorry for the bad photo but the cafe was fairly dark inside) is a traditional dish from Gerogia. I found a recipie for it here and wil try to make it when I get home as its delicious. The little salad was lots of beautifully chopped vegetables.


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Classes and Quilts in Russia...


 The ladies loved the Apliquick tools, to order your set of tools please visit here. For wholesale enquiries please email us.


Working on doing nice neat applique, having a good fine sharp needle is essential for good results..


 Showing how to use the glue pen to do hexagons fast, its funny how we forget that not everyone knows how to do things.




This lady had many quilts on display with lots of interesting techniques and textures, you can see my two favourites below. 






My friend from Clover who was here with his team demonstrating the some of the many products that Clover produce.


 There was a nice display of quilts and considering that patchwork and quilting is a relatively new form of craft in Russia I imagine that in a few more years the quilts on display will be truly amazing.





Love the colours in this quilt.


 the flowers are dimensional which gave a lovely effect


 All my students were presented with a certificate at the end of the day, such a fun day and by the end of the day even the very shy ladies were talking to me in English.



bye for now

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Moscow, day two....

 Oh, look...its me....


 This is Sonia, one of the lovely girls talking to ladies about my deisgns and selling my patterns and buttons here at the show.


 This is Julia who has been kindly picking me up each morning and escorting me safely to the Quilt Festival in Moscow.


 Julia takes me on the metro each morning, we change trains at one of the oldest stations in the centre of the city. These wonderful brass statues line the walkways, this one shows a man with his dog, can you see how shiny the dogs nose is?? Everyone touches the dogs nose to bring them luck (of course I did too).


Julia has limited English so I am not sure why everyone stroke the rooster but he seems very popular as he is so shiny...maybe he brings money!


 After the metro ride we walk a little distance and I love this cute little house perched on top of another building! The mural on the wall behind sets the scene so nicely.


 There are lots of lovely quilts here on display that have been made by groups of children, the quality of work is good and its so nice to see that young people are wanting to be creative and for this we have to aplaud the patient teachers who are guiding them. This quilt is my favourite.


This one has a Japanese feel to it. 


 Here I am with grandma, mum and daughter standing in front of a quilt that they helped to coordinate.


These two lovely young ladies have made blocks for one of the quilts on display, the bag I am looking at was made by the young lady in the centre.


 More of the childrens quilt entries, the Olympic one is also one of my favourites. 


 Here I am with one of the lovely teachers standing proudly in front of one of the quilts, this one is all of clothing some I think are traditional, I really like the blocks with the warm footwear, very creative.


 Can you see the buttons that have been stitched to form a collar on this dress, brilliant idea.


 Time for dinner, we went to a wonderful famous resturant called Pushkin. These rolls/pastries are filled with various things, mushroom, fish, lamb, cabbage etc. I chose the mushroom one and it was delicious.


 I chose beef stroganof for my main but this fish dish was so decorative I had to take a photo...pastry back for the boat and fish front complete with sail, the mashed potato was piped on one side to look like ocean waves! Apparently it tasted as good as it looked.


 back with more later

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Russia, my visit to Quilt Fest in Moscow...

 My first Russian meal was a very traditional bowl of Borsche, this delicious bowl of betrrot and other vegetable soup which was served with sour cream....delicious.

Photo 3

This is the view from the studio apartment where I am staying.....

Photo 4

 Day one - my hostess took me on a tour of all the places I have heard of, the wonderful thing is that everything is within walking of where I am staying so we had a great morning together seeing the sights and taking lots of photo's.

Photo 2

 Clear blue skies with a chill in the air, perfect for walking and exploring. We visited the very famous Red Square

Photo 2 copy

 We were lucky the line of people to visit Lenin's Mausoleum was very short.

Photo 4 copy

St. Basil,s Catherdral at one end of Red Square, the sun was behind it this moring so not so good for taking a great picture to show the wonderful colours.


This is where people were beheaded....I think its had a good clean!

Photo 1

the sunshine was lovely.....


 The coloured tiles in the gateway were wonderful.


 After lunch ewe headed to the venue for Quilt Festival to check my classroom and to set up a display of my work. It such fun to see my sign in Russian...


These lovely ladies were so kind helping set up all the displays here at Quilt Fest in Moscow, Russia.


 I was spoilt as my hostess took me to the Bolshio Theatre to see a ballet, my first ballet for 40+ years..I loved it.




Its time for me to go and perepare for my first workshop...see you later x 

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Mexico- Quilting Dreams…..


 Look where I am going to be in November this year....the very lovely Brenda and her mum Lulu have invited me to be their guest designer for a weekend just outside of Mexico City.


 Well I had back to packing for my Russian trip. I leave tomorrow afternoon for 5 days teaching in Moscow at the Quilt Festival and a few days being a tourist in the amazing city with my wonderful host Rimma from Textile Fancy and Russian Quilters Association.

Lynette teacup

Craft Fair At Sea to NZ

 All aboard...


 Mum is looking forward to this trip...


Sydney Opera House


 This elegant towel swan was on my bed the first night...very clever.


 The sewing machine classroom, just look 24 brand new Brother machines ready and waiting....


 My classroom in the sky which had specatular views and great light for hand sewing.


 a herd of stitched owls and a possum...


 first stop...Milford Sound...mum is wearing my nice Norweigan ear warmers that I bought a few years ago when I was is Norway (looking forward to teaching at the Norweigian Quilt Fest in Spetmeber this year).


 After a lifeboat drill, the crew gave us a 'power out' drill...choosing fabrics by torchlight....you just cant stop happy quilters!


 This was the pretty view from our porthole one morning...I have to say that given a choice a room with a balcony to enjoy some fresh air would be my preference.



 all aboard for a sightseeing tour


 great views from up here...


 can you....

see our cruise ship (and another one) down in the water??? They looked so tiny almost like toys!


 pretty flowers everywhere


 lovely sparkling seas


 good company (love you mum x x)


 cocktails with new friends and we got to keep the glasses!


 hexagons were made


 embrodiery was stitched, Grace had fun adding some pretty seed beads to her finished Birdhouse Blossom project (from my book Stitch It For Spring).


The 'Be Friends' wallets were finished in one day!


 we learnt how to use curved needles to attach our sewing to the 'Be Friends' purses.


 Apliquick Tools were used with great results.


 We visited quilt shops.


 where there were displays of my fabrics and kits...



we had show and tell on our last night...


 packing to come home is always sad...we met so many lovely ladies and made some great friendships onboard...hope to keep in touch with you all x


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