Mexico- Quilting Dreams…..
Moscow, day two....

Russia, my visit to Quilt Fest in Moscow...

 My first Russian meal was a very traditional bowl of Borsche, this delicious bowl of betrrot and other vegetable soup which was served with sour cream....delicious.

Photo 3

This is the view from the studio apartment where I am staying.....

Photo 4

 Day one - my hostess took me on a tour of all the places I have heard of, the wonderful thing is that everything is within walking of where I am staying so we had a great morning together seeing the sights and taking lots of photo's.

Photo 2

 Clear blue skies with a chill in the air, perfect for walking and exploring. We visited the very famous Red Square

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 We were lucky the line of people to visit Lenin's Mausoleum was very short.

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St. Basil,s Catherdral at one end of Red Square, the sun was behind it this moring so not so good for taking a great picture to show the wonderful colours.


This is where people were beheaded....I think its had a good clean!

Photo 1

the sunshine was lovely.....


 The coloured tiles in the gateway were wonderful.


 After lunch ewe headed to the venue for Quilt Festival to check my classroom and to set up a display of my work. It such fun to see my sign in Russian...


These lovely ladies were so kind helping set up all the displays here at Quilt Fest in Moscow, Russia.


 I was spoilt as my hostess took me to the Bolshio Theatre to see a ballet, my first ballet for 40+ years..I loved it.




Its time for me to go and perepare for my first workshop...see you later x 

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