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I'm on the radio today with Pat Sloan...

One of the things I love about going to the trade shows, Quilt Market in the US  is catching up with all the quilty friends I have made over the last 17+ years that I have been making this twice yearly epic journey.

One of the constant friendly faces since the early years of my visits has been Pat Sloan and so when Pat invited me to be a part of her fabulous radio show this month I immediately said 'yes please'.

Pat Sloan

Pat and I got to talk via Skpe (what would we do wothout that briliant pice of technology! Hope you can find the time to listen to us chattering away, although I fear that poor Pat could hardly get a word in! 
Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Lynette Anderson guest

Follow this link to look at Pat's blog where you can see the times the show is airing and follow the links to listen now or listen later :)

You need to scroll down Pat's page a bit as first on air is Ellen Murphy, followed by Amy Smart....then its my turn!

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