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Trying to catching up….

 Wow, that a trip we have had...not the best trip....it started with the journey taking longer to get from LA to Pittsburgh than it did from Brisbane to LA due to a problem in one of the major airports in the US. Anyhow we finally arrived in our hotel in Pittsburgh, hooray..first job setting up the booth for Quilt Market.


An empty booth is a bit daunting when you first look at it, I always have a plan in my head where I want to put everything but its often not until you get started and can see whats happening around you that you can get a real feel for the way things should be.


My Quilt Sherpa is always on hand to help me set up. Emma organised this brilliant t-shirt for Vince which he loves and due to many requests we will be getting some to sell in the store anyday.


My Quilt Sherpa has a special survival instinct, he knows when to walk away and leave me to my mumblings....and just because the display looked like this when he walked away does not mean it will look like this when he gets back!


 I have had so much fun designing for Christmas, my new fabric collection called 'Starry Night' is due in stores around the world any day now.....we have re-stitched 'Christmas Fun' using it and I have designed 12 little patterns, 'sweet christmas ornaments' which are done in redwork are perfect for that special christmas tree we like to decorate for the month of December. More info here.


 Here I am standing in front of the 'free to use' Christmas quilt pattern, Wendy Sheppard designed the piecing and I did the applique but my dear my friend Kay Harmon who is standing with me kindly made the quilt and Darlene Szabo from Sew Graceful Quilting did the lovely quilting.


 Wendy Sheppard, me and Kay Harmon (the dynamic trio)


 Spring market is where we all show the new fabric collections and the new patterns we have designed to go with the fabrics. My new collection for August is called 'Pocketful of Daisies', alot of the drawings that I used for the Chateau Hexagon quilt are on some of the prints so you will see little gardening gloves, wheelbarrows, flowers and more. You can pre-order a fat quarter bundle of these fabrics here.


 My booth would not look right without my now famous white picket fence and watering can (thanks Terri from Whimsicals who was ditching these props several years ago, I love them).


While I was finishing setting up my booth I got to meet the crazy/fun Rob Appell who was doing interviews for The Quilt Show.



This is the view from upstairs of half the booths at Quilt Market.


Here we are set up and ready for 'sample spree', the crazy two hour sale  which is from 8pm to 10pm where we all rush around trying to get our hands on something new!


 If you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram you will know that Vince was rushed to the emercency department of Mercy hospital on Sunday night (thought it was the food we had eaten) but it turned out to be a kidney stone! I would like to thank the hotel security guard for checking it was safe to let the ambulance crew into our hotel room (no, I had not stabbed my husband), the 5 very large police officers who filled our hotel room and scared the heck out of me while they checked us out (felt like a scene from CSI) the ambulance crew who were very caring and the wonderful staff at the hospital who looked after Vince who was in a great deal of pain and me (I was in total panic mode).


We ended up staying in Pittsburgh for a couple of extra nights, thankfully by tuesday night Vince felt alot better although very tired (me too) we headed slowly towards Amish country where we stayed with friends.

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