Stitch it for Autumn
Amish buggys and washing lines...

Pretty Flowers Everywhere...

....who had that line in a song? I have remembered but can you??I  will tell you at the end of this post :) Meanwhile I am going to catch up on a few more of the lovely places and people that we visited when we were in the US last month.


 This old church caught my eye, I have always loved old wooden churches and am very attracted to them. This particular one is now someones home.


 The flowers in the grass at this cemetery were so beautiful and being close to Memorial weekend there were flags everywhere.


 Tall timber buildings that stretched to the sky... I like how the timber has been left to weather, it ends up a rather interesting colour.


 Covered bridges are so cute and we managed to find a few near where we were staying with our friends Joe and Mary Koval in Pennsylvania.


 I loved the aroma from the lilac tree near this covered bridge.



This bridge has that weathered timber look .... I like it...


 We shared some lovely long evenings with home cooked food (thanks for the recipies Joe) with friends at Joe and Mary's home.


 We peeked at a few of Mary's quilt treasures, if your after an antique quilt I would reccomend talking to Mary about what you want. 


One of the quilt had a quilt label which had been added in 1996 with all the information the owners had about the quilt and its maker. I see an 'Anderson' in there, probably not a relative but its nice to dream.


 We saw alot of these log cabin homes in this area, very cute.


 Vince and I had dinner at an amazing little resturant one evening, where the food was divine and there was live music. Sadly it eventually rained as you can see from the clouds that are in the background but luckily for us we were undercover!


 These gorgeous pansies (or if not pansies flowers from that family) were hanging in baskets on the veranda where we were sitting for our dinner, they were so pretty.


 Oh new/old home awaits....


Want to Listen to the song I remembered as I typed the title for this post.... follow the link and enjoy stepping back in time...

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