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Day 1, Chateau Hexagon - Quilt Camp in France

Arriving at the Chateau...

 This lovely long leafy driveway with its magnificent towering old trees gave us our first glimpse of the Chateau where we are going to be living for the next week.


There two gorgeous dogs (Vizsla, Hungarian Pointer) came racing down the driveway to meet us, they are the proud parents of 10 puppies who were born in May. I think its amazing that they managed to feed all 10 puppies all but two have gone to thier new homes.


 Here is my Chateau that was the model for my quilt 'Chateau Hexagon' and it is here in a wonderul marquee in the gardens that I am having my workshops on thursday, friday and saturday this week. The chateau is amazing, its simple elegance inside is a delight.

I am so excited to finally he here at 'Chateau de Bessey' (aka Chateau hexagon)


 Françoise and Phillippe Aubert who live here, opened their home to visitors wanting a historical place to stay almost 12 years ago. They have 6 rooms that are Chambre D'hote (bed and breakfast). After almost 48 hours of travel time, it was nice to be welcomed into this beautiful family home.


 Having a celebratory 'we survived the journey' drink  in the dining room with Phillippe and Françoise.


 I love this acorn tassle, thats on the key of the dresser door.


The dogs have a chair each side of the fireplace, the chairs are quite small and I am amazed to see how small the dogs can curl themselves up to fit.


This amazing tiled floor is at the top of the wonderful main staircase.


The view from our bedroom window is so peaceful and of course I love the iron work on our balcony.


 We enjoyed a couple of hours looking at my friend Emmanuelle's quilts and her new fabric designs. Emmanuelle (Alice and Co) did a fabric collection for Lecien about the same time that I started working with them. She is now working with a new company, yet to be revelaed and I am working now with RJR Fabrics as you know.


 Whilst I set up my little shop out in the tent, mum and Emmaunuelle prepared the 'goodie bags' for the students.


 Look how cute the bags look, mum kindly bought the sweet koalas for the goody bags.


 coffee came in these gorgeous cups....


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