Quilters Companion No.68, its out now...
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Initials pattern - new...

 I love a pincushion, well actually I love all my pincushions and I have quite a collection, do you? Many of the ones I have made and have collected have been for or from a 'pincushion' swap within our stitching group and I must admit as I look at them I remember who they came from......etc etc... I am feeling a bit nostalgic today!


I am loving all the red prints that in my Starry Night fabric collection and the ones that are coming soon in my 'Hearts and Flowers' collection which is just a little collection of 10 prints (reds and greys). Yummy.... so a hexagon pincushion (or two, or three, thanks Yvonne for your stitching help) was started and what nicer thing to stitch on the side of a pincushion is some tape measure ribbon.


 Then right in the middle of pincushion craziness I found these gorgeous mini embroidery hoops...so, it was decided to applique a hexie on a nice red print background and then embroider an initial on it....looks nice doesnt it. Framing your initial in one these gorgeous mini hoops is really easy and such fun, Emma and I cant wait to wear ours. We have the mini embrodiery hoops with necklace included and the tape measure ribbon available separately to the pattern.


 Of course it goes without saying that these would look done in any colour combination, I just wanted to work with red....

Enjoy Lynette