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Norway 2, day off to explore....

 We all climbed on board a cute bus with our hosts, Kathrine, Siw and Asne for a day of being tourists in Oslo. First stop, the Norsk Folke Museum where many buildings from around Norway have been brought together to form this wonderful outdoor showcase of houses and buildings.



 Having done folk art for many years it was wonderful to see all the 'hope' chests and other everyday items such as chairs, bowls and kitchen utencils painted...whats the saying if it doesnt move, paint it! I think that saying applied back through the centuries!


 This painted scene was on a brick wall.


 The embrodiery is amazing, I really loved seeing the very decorated clothing.


 Outside was a gorgeous day, this tree covered walkway was not only pretty but very cool temperature wise compared to being in the sun.


 This little field was being prepared I assume for winter or perhaps a late crop of some sort?


 Here we all are stood on the steps of a wonderful long house complete with grass roof. 


Jennifer Keltner (representing Buggy Barn), Cindy and Jina (Riley Blake), Sue Daley, Asne (QuiltFryd), Siw (Quiltegaarden), Jo Morton, Camille Rosekelley (Thimbleblossoms), Kathrine (Kathrine's Quilte Stue) and me!

 Look at how the corners of the houses looked with these huge logs locked together.


 How about this gorgeous doorway which was up a little ramp presumable to make geting the animals food into the top floor easier?


 The scarecrow in the veggie patch was looking a bit sad :-( I think he needs a new shirt!


 The milestones were nice


 I Loved the colours of this barn wall....


The old church was amazing. 

 Photo 3

 Complete with the beginings of falling Autumn leaves and moss the shapes and colours of this drinking water fountain were a treat to my eyes.


 pretty pictures everywhere


 next stop...lunch....

Photo 2

 Here I am with the lovely Annetta who was one of the wonderful assistants during the Norsk Quilt Festival. Anetta was waiting to greet us for lunch wearing her Bunad which is the traditional clothing of the Norwegians. Each area in Norway has its own very distinctive Bunad, the style of the clothing for each region varies. This Bunad had been passed to Annetta from her Grandmother. 


 I loved this carved painted decoration on the chair backs.


 Next stop... the ski jump...this wonderful pine tree had a red leafed creeper in it.


 The view from the top of the ski jump....wow.... the view in all directions was really amazing but I cant imagine myself jumping from here with long sticks attached to my feet......I am first and foremost an indoor girl!


 next stop Vigeland park.....




 Hello everyone, the day is almost over :-(


 Thanks to our hostesses, we had a great day enjoying some of Oslo. It was nice to have too for us all to get to know each other a little better, I will look forward to visiting Norway again sometime in the not too distant future.

Next stop Spain....

Photo 1

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My visit to Norway (part one)...

How lucky I was to be invited to be one of the tutors for the inaugral Norsk Quilte Festival in Oslo along with Camille Roskelley, Sue Daley, Jo Morton, Masako Wakayama, Buggy Barn represented by Jennifer Keltner and many wonderful Norwegian designers whose work was very beautiful.


 The man hole covers in Oslo are lovely, it shows St. Hallvard who is the patron Saint of Oslo....for some reason it made me think of the Starbucks logo, which when you look at the two together are nothing like the same! I dont drink coffee so its not that go to Starbucks that often, there was just something about the two images that made me think twice.


Starbucks logo

 The colours of the buildings here in Oslo are lovely.



This sculpture of a fisherman with the fish caught in his net is outside city hall in Oslo, its such a peaceful statue.


we loved the harbour, looking at all the old wooden boats


 Vince and I walked up to the Ahershus Fortress an imposing medieval castle with a wonderful view across the city and far out into the fiord.


 I had three wonderful days of workshops, where I got to meeto so many talented ladies. We had such fun together, on day one we made a start on the Hexagon Sewing bag.


 Here we are peering at our accoumplishments for the day.....Mrs Hens Needlecase one of my new designs.



 Day three and here are some of my students checking out todays project ' Christmas Friends'.


 Here are just 3 of the 30 reindeer blocks that were worked on during the day! I love the cotton batting snowflakes that some of the ladies did instead of Colonial knots. If you dont know how to do a Colonial knot  then I have added a little video I will show you how to the end of this post.


 At the Norsk Quilte Festival there was a shopping mall where lots of Norwegian shops had booths selling fabrics/patterns and notions.....I may have bought a few things!


 There was a lovely exhibition of quilts. This was my favourite quilt, made by Hanne, the blocks in the quilt are from a book by Liz Lois, called Nearly Insane! The blocks are tiny and Hanne has made it so beautifully, visit Hanne's blog to be inspired by her other creations.


 This gorgeous quilt is from a Di Ford pattern, its on my 'when I retire' make it list!!


 I met up with so many friends, here I am with Jo Morton who was also a tutor here in Oslo.


 Here I am with Masako from Crib Quilts whom I get to see along with her lovely daughter Amy in Tokyo every January and my lovely translator Rebecca whom I had met previously 5 years ago when she attended my class here in Oslo (which I just discovered was her first ever class).


 While I was having fun with all the ladies in my workshops, Vince borrowed a bike and was enjoying exploring the beautiful countryside around the airport in Oslo. This photo which he took on his phone would make a wonderful jigsaw puzzle. Does anyone know if you can get such things made from your own photos?


 As you know I love barns and he saw this lovely one, wonderful colouring.

Photo 1

 And beehives.....another of my favourites. Isnt it great how these are on a trailer making them easy to move from one location to the next.

Photo 2

 To finish, here are some of us at the 'last breakfast' together hoping to make waffles....no waffle making ingredients only the machine....we decided to form a waffle group (see our secret hand signal) and of course we are all wearing the adorable ring pin cushions which the lovely ladies Jina and Cindy from Riley Blake had made for us all....thanks ladies I really enjoyed your company and being a part of the waffle group!


Well its time for me to finish for today, I have lots more pictures to show you from my visit to Norway....back soon....

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Wow, I'm in McCall's Quilting...

_McQ button

 I was thrilled when the lovely ladies at McCall's quilting invited me to design a sweet Chrsitmas project for their November/December issue which will be on shelves from Sept 30th, if you are a subscriber it will be on its way to you 16th Sept. Here is a link to the issue.


 I designed the sweet little 'Mini Wonderland' wall hanging using fabrics from my 'Starry Night' fabric collection

Large starry night small1jpg

I used two of my cheeky reindeer buttons.


My dear friend Kay Harmon made the sample for me and Darlene from Sew Graceful Quilting, quilted it for me.

Image 3

 Its so tiny compared to some of the big quilts that Darlene does that it just fitted alongside one of them!

Image 6

 You can read all about the project here and order a kit from McCall's if you would like.


 If you prefer to get a digital edition of the magazine, it will be available here after 30th Sept 2014.

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