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Fall Quilt Market - Houston 2014

 I arrived in the US this time last week.....its such a long journey! Anyhow I am here for the exciting big event of launching my new patterns, buttons and showing the new fabric collection 'Time With Friends' which is due for release early 2015.


Its the 35th anniversary of Quilt market here in Houston so there are lots of very special quilt displays being put up ready for when Quilt Festival starts (retail show). I will show some quilt highlights in another post.


I know you have seen me with this big empty space before.....where to begin?


 Emma had cut me some really cute little dog bone buttons to give away and Sae and Karen had cut and folded these sweet angel delight bundles for my display.


 Once I got started the display came together quite quickly with the help of my friend Kay who lives here in the US. Yes, you can see some new patterns, they are not all written yet but will be available from a store near you soon!


 These samples have been made using 'Hearts and Flowers', this collection is due in stores in November.


Sample Spree, which is a bit like being at Harrods for the first day of the new year sale....yikes its like a stampede! 


 Here I am ready for action on the first day the show opened! Lets hope we get some customers....


 Françoise and I have set the dates for 'Chateau Hexagon' workshops 2015.


 Masako and I have set some dates for me to teach in Tokyo in January 2015.


 I bumped into my friend Camille, it seemed like ages ago since I saw her in Norway at the Norwegian Quilt Festival.


 These are some of the other lovely RJR fabric designers, Kids Quilts from New Zealand and Audrey from Legacy Quilts, USA. I love catchng up with people even if it only happens twice a year.


 I must say I enjoyed opening my fortune cookie...this has to be the best fortune ever and I am going to enjoy following its advice!



Enjoy Lynette