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Mexico - my visit...

Hello Mexico City... population around 21.2million!


 On arrival in Mexico City my hosts, Lulu and Brenda owners of Quilting Dreams drove me out of the city to a town called Cuernavaca, locally known as the city of eternal springs due its ideal climate. Cuernavaca was to be our home for the next two days for a quilting retreat.


 There was some show and tell, this is 'Your Home or Mine', I love the brighter 'Mexican' colours that have been used.


 Breakfast, Lunch and a light supper was served in the dining room.


 I had a great time with these ladies for the two day retreat.


 No, this is not a field of  (tipi's) tee pee's, its a field of shocks, corn stalks stacked to dry. Once the stalks are dry the farmers will use donkeys to transport the dried stalks back to thier farms where it will be used for animal feed during the winter months. 


The next two days workshops were held in the store back in Mexico City. We had more show and tell, this 'In Full Bloom' sample was made during a club through the store under the guidance of Lulu.


 I love the variety of embroidery stitches that have been used and the slightly brighter threads look great.


 Lunch each day was prepared in the outdoor kitchen by these chef's :)


 Here we all are enjoying a lazy lunch, relaxing in the garden.


 The days passed quickly, at the end of each day the students were given a certificate to say they had attended a workshop with me and we promised to meet again. 


 I met some lovely ladies during my visit and hope that they are working on thier homework!


 Thank you to Lulu and Brenda from Quilting Dreams for making this adventure possible.



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My quick visit to The Bahamas..

 My brother and his family have lived in The Bahamas for the last 16 years, we take alternate years to visit each other and this year it was my turn to visit them. They have just moved to a lovely new home which has this wonderful outlook.


 Even on a cloudy day the drive along the coast was worth it, the colours are amazing.


 My sister in law has a wonderful home decorating style, around every corner in thier home is a well thought out layout, arrangement.  The panels behind the guest bed (my room) are fabric covered artists canvases which Kate did herself, having covered them with batting and then fabric she then used velcro to attach them to battons that are fixed to the wall. I might have a go at this for behind my bed when I get home as the effect is brilliant.


 This beach view was one we enjoyed while eating out for lunch one day.


 Towering above the resturant this huge (silk cotton tree?? I'm not sure if thats what it is???) tree is estimated to be 150+ years old. It is magnificent and makes a wonderful cool haven inside.


 Everytime I visit Nassau I cant resist taking photos of these pretty painted cottages.



 Nestled under the bridge is this wonderful row of fish outlets where you can get a huge variety of fried fish to eat. The colours of the buildings set against the blue water and sky are wonderfully inspirational.


 How could I resist taking this photo, funny street name probably not the most desirable street address but fun none the less!!


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Quilt Festival, Houston 2014

 Its been a busy year and somewhere in the middle of everything I was invited to design the 12 part block of the month quilt for The Quilt Show which is an online show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson. I could not have managed to complete this quilt had it not been for the wonderful Yvonne Dann who stitched tiredlessly to insure that we got the top completed on time, the girls in my office and store who probably forgot what I looked like and the lovely Angela Walters who did the longarm quilting for me.


 I waned to create a controlled scrappy look for the quilt and based the design on my dreams of living in a big country house in England, there are sweet little appliqued animals and lovely pieced blocks surrouding 'My Country Home'.

For a better look at the whole quilt and to find out how you can get the patterns monthly plus lots of other wonderful tutorials please visit The Quilt Show by following this link. There wil be kits available from The Quilt Show which include the same fabrics that I have used which are from various colections of mine.

During quilt festival in Houston I was a guest on The Quilt Show booth.


 I was also a guest on my friend Mary Jane's booth (The Christmas Shoppe) where I did demonstrations of the Apliquick tools that I love.


Here I am with Kay Harmon, Connie and Mary Jane we had almost got the booth ready for action!


 Mary Jane did some really nice displays on her booth.




 I had fun meeting some of the lovely ladies who love my fabrics and patterns and I got to help them choose what to have!


 The lovely Myriam who joined me for my quilt camp at Chatau de Bessey back in August visited the booth and showed me her finished project :)


 I met two lovely ladies who are going to be joining me for classes in Mexico in less than two weeks. Cant wait to meet everyone and of course to see Mexico, its my first vist there.


 Alex Anderson and I enjoyed a photo on Halloween in front of 'My Country Home'....


 There were lots of Australia's with booths and who were teaching at quilt festival which made me feel very proud. Here I am with Pam Holland who gave me a copy of her lovely book, thanks Pam I will treasure it. Pam has a nice intersting blog, you can visit her here.


 I enjoyed looking around the quilt show, which this year its 40th Anniversary was very big, I think I would have needed two days just to look at all the quilts.

This quilt was by Kyoko Yamauchi, Japan. The detail and the colours really sang to me.


 This quilt was by Barbara Korenburg and was called Zeruah's Legacy.


 This quilt was a champion quilt, truly an amazing piece of work which really looked like a painting. It was made by Nancy Price and Linda French and was called 'On This Winter Day'.


 The eye catching display for most of us were the red and white quilts.




 I hope that you have enjoyed a little peek into what went on a quilt festival in Houston this year.

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Day Outing

 Between quilt market (whoelsale show) and quilt festival (retail show) there are two days, ususally I am busy re designing my booth and setting it up with kits, patterns, buttons and goodies for you to buy but this year my friend Mary Jane is having a booth with my patterns and buttons for sale and I am a guest for a few hours each day.......which means I could have a day off.

A very sweet lady (Tay) offered to take, Kay Harmon, Gail Pan and I to the Texas Quilt Museum at La Grange, which turned out to be quite a drive. Along the way we stopped for a coffee and snack at the bakery. Gail Pan and I loved this carved wooden bench.


 La Grange is a really pretty town with a goreous town square..we had come to visit the quilt museum which has this wonderful quilt mural on the building.


 The building that hosts the Texas Quilt Museum was so pretty with a lovely light airy spaces, perfect for quilt exhibitions. I was very excited when I saw a quilt which I was sure was by Michael James who is one of my quilting icons as he was very inspirational for me when I first started quilting back in 1981. Imagine the thrill when I discovered he was in the building...... It was so nice of them to alow us to take a photograph together in front of Michaels quilt.


 La Grange is also home to some wonderul shops (opps, yes I did buy a new shirt or two), we had a wonderful lunch at a little cafe called Bodega which I can highly reccomend should you ever be in that town.

On the way home we stopped to see the smallest Catholic church which is still being used today.


 We took a peek inside, I loved the door handle.


 There was a hushed calm peaceful feeling inside, I could have stayed there a long time.


 I loved this fire station building at Round Top with its bell tower.


 I am sorry that I wasnt able to get to the fornt of this car to take a photo as it was such fun but the back view is pretty crazy!


 It was a long day but well worth the adventure, thats to Tay our hostess for the day. After dinner Kay and I had this wonderful dessert called 'Camp Fire' which was made from flourless chocolate cake which had been cut to look like the log of a campfire, the logs were nestling on marsh mallows, crunched choclate and obviously had something achoholic in it as the waiter set it on fire before we started to eat...you can see the blue flames on mine!



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