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A good friend...

 I am very blessed, I have many people whom I call friend. Today I wanted to share some of the gorgeous quilts using my fabrics that my friend Wendy Sheppard has worked on through the year.

Here I am with Wendy, we are holding Daisy Chain Cottage quilt which is one of my favourites for this year, we made it using fabrics from 'Pocketful of Daisies'.

Pocketful of Daisies Banner

Wendy worked on the maths for the piecing and I did the applqiue (Kay Harmon made the quilt, more on Kay another day).


Daisy Chain Cottage Angle Shot

We have just three kits left to make this gorgeous quilt (finished size approx. 77" x 89"), the kit comes with the pattern :) Buy the kit now.

Wendy is a prolific designer/blogger, she works tirelessly to create fabulous quilt paterns for many magazines worldwide and this year her lovely book 'Recreating Antique Quilts' was published by Landauer.

Photo 1

 I was lucky enough to be gifted a personalised copy from Wendy and even more thrilled to discover that one of the quilt designs in the book uses fabrics from my 'Starry Night' fabric collection.

Photo 2

 We worked together (Wendy did the pieicing part and I bet you can guess which part I did!) on a project using my fabrics, 'Pocketful of Daisies' which is in Australian Quilters Companion.


 This sweet banner style quilt which was made by one of my wonderful sample makers Jill Beban, looks so nice is this conservatory. In fact it looked so nice the lady whose home was used for the phototgraphy now owns the banner!



 Another gorgeous project will be coming soon in Quilters Companion magazine using my fabric collection 'Hearts and Flowers' so stayed tuned. If you are an international customer or just want to save on postage you may like to get a digital subscription of this magazine from Zinio.


 Wendy has also been working on a few projects for the UK magazine, Popular Patchwork. I love a nice star quilt and there is one in the current issue (see pictures below),  be on the look out for more projects by Wendy coming in future issues...




 If you havent visited Wendy before, she has a great blog where you can find which magazines she has projects in and lots of helpful 'how to's'. Visit Wendy Sheppard's blog by following this link 

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The Quilt Show

 This year has been wonderful, I have visited so many places, met so many lovely people and been offered lots of very exciting opportunities, one of which was the invitation to design the 2015 block of the month quilt for The Quilt Show (Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims).

'My Country House'



Photo 1

The quilt would never have got completed had it not been for the stitching assistance of Yvonne, as we had a very very tight deadline. Thank you, Yvonne. The little blocks above are minatures of the ones in the quilt, they are so cute. After we shipped the completed top (phew) to the US it was quilted by the very talented Angela Walters. The pattern is being tested by the lovely Carolyn (cant wait to see what fabrics she has used!!) whom I met in Denver when I was there last month to film a show for The Quilt Show which will go to air in January 2015. 

Photo 4

So, how do you get the patterns for my new block of the month quilt, 'My Country House'? Easy, you need to become a Star Member of The Quilt Show which you can do for just US$42.95 for one years subscription, read more and join here. Then you will get access to the monthly patterns, helpful hints and tips from not just me but the hundreds of wonderful, talented quilters that The Quilt Show team interview and work with throughout the year.


There is an exclusive to The Quilt Show fabric/thread kit available for just US$189.00, it consists of the exact same fabrics that I have used in my quilt and includes the gorgeous hand dyed Valdani stranded floss/thread that I also used...if you like the quilt the way it is then a kit is the very best idea and represents great value.
Photo 3
Plus for December 2014, The Quilt Show are offering fantastic deals to help you with the freight costs. There are freight discounts for international as well as USA domestic customers. 


BUY KIT now but remember you also need to join and be a Star Member to get the monthly patterns.

I have used the Apliquick tools for the applique in conjunction with my famous black non slip mat and Helen's fusible, water soluble applique paper.  Here is the link to all the things you may need/want/have to have, we have put together some great packages which include all the new 'toys' you need which are available here.


Learn more about Apliquick tools here   and watch the video on how they work...you will be amazed at how easy it is to achieve brilliant results even on small shapes using these tools. 

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Pattern Give-away...


Pattern Giveaway

I have had a lot of fun transforming an Asian food steamer into a delightfully useful sewing basket..... I do just have the best ideas sometimes! We were at a friends wedding and my rice came out in a cute steamer and the idea just hit me.....I couldnt wait to rush home and make a steamer basket into a sewing basket. the great thing is that they come in lots of different sizes....I have used an 8" one for this design.

Steamer basket1

 Everyone loves my scissor holders so I have included the instructions for one in this pattern that beautifully holds the small size Apliquick scissors, not only are they the sharpest scissors but I love the brushed silver look. Dont forget the more steamer baskets you buy and line the taller your sewing basket will be....fun!

Inside basket

The more baskets, the more stuff you can store in it! Look how cute our wooden thread holders with the Valdani 6 strand floss/thread would look inside your 'make do sewing organiser'.

Photo 2

 This pattern for my 'Make do Sewing Organiser' comes as a pdf pattern or paper pattern, we also have fabrics kits ready.....you could win the pdf pattern for this project by leaving me a message and telling me why you need it! If you have already bought this pattern thats Ok, you can still leave me a message and if your lucky enough to be the winner you can select an alternative pattern of the same value. 

Congratulations to Catherine from Bretagne in France, please be watching your inbox for your PDF pattern. The you to everyone that left me a message :)

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Free to use, Christmas Card and Stitchery...

 As many of you will know I have not been very well for the last couple of weeks, I have had a severed bout of bronchitis and although I am on the mend I am not better yet. However yesterday rather than working on what are some now overdue project deadlines I felt like doing something 'just because'. So I sat and drew and then had fun paintng this cute design, which Emma has cleverly turned into a printable pdf for you and me to use (if you like) as your Christmas cards.

Christmas card

 Keeping in mind there are two paper sizes used in the world, Emma has prepared both for you.

Download Lynette's Christmas Cards A4

Download Lynette's Christmas Cards LETTER

I have also been enjoying stitching the design... I am using these needles and could not resist having a cat micro needle threader although Hugo thinks I should get the dog one! 

Photo 1

 I am enjoying working with Cottage Garden stranded embroidery floss (I am using 2 strands for my sample). I love how as long as you open the pack carefully the thread which is pre-cut can stay in the pack as you use it....brilliant! We have the threads in lots of different colours, you can see them here.

Photo 3

So here is the stitchery design for you, see below where its a download pdf file for you. Christmas stitchery design

I am going to add some log cabin strips (I think) to mind so its a mini-wallhanging and hand it on one of these sweet hangers.


Download Free Christmas Stitchery Design

I hope you enjoy the designs :) Let me know what you do with them x

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Mexico, my tourist day....

 My last day in Mexico was to be a tourist day....first stop after the drive into the city centre was of course a coffee shop and a visit to the bathroom.....wow, just look at this bathroom I thought I had landed in quilters heaven!


 The first part of our city tour was by foot. It was a cloudy morning and our guide had very long legs so we had to run to keep up with him which left my photography a bit lacking! This is the city centre square.


 Running to keep up and trying to take photos meant that I pressed without realising some stupid filter button on my phone and ended up with an interesting collection of odly coloured pictures!


 We peeked in to a very lovely hotel, the Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico, which was originally a shopping mall. It was art nouveau with a spectacuar soaring stained glass roof and if I get to go to Mexico City again, I am staying here even if it is only for one night!


 We drove past the 'Angel of Independance'.


 We were headed to the Mueum de Anthropologie . This towering fountain was in the entrance to the museum.


 I loved all the paintings depicting how the ancient city would have looked.


 So many amazing statues


 The colours on this massive tomb were wonderfully muted, just my style.


 Inside the tomb was interesting, I wonder why the bodies were curled up and they were really quite tall people.


 The decorated walls were amazing, again the colours were perfect for me and the detail intricate.



 How huge is this carving.....it never got completed, you can see where the stone broke where it was being carved in the quarry and work stoppped.




 Outside they have cleverly erected some copies of buildings that were found in the jungle areas, it made it feel as if we have stumbled on them ourselves.


 We had had a very busy morning and were feeling hungry but not hungry enought to try cicada's!


 Instead we went to a traditional Mexican resturant where the food was great. I loved this wall filled with these colourful  handmade baskets.


Until next time Mexico, thank you I had a wonderful time x x 

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