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'Stitched Farm', mystery quilt revealed...

 If you want to join in and make this 'Stitched Farm' quilt you will need these 4 issues of Simply Vintage Magazine. The magazines are so nice they are a bit of a 'must have' for the coffee table.


I really love the attention to detail that the magazine has inside, lovely diagrams and wonferfully inspiring pictures of the projects. The magazine is produced by QuiltMania and was originally in French but thankfully its now in English. 


 You will definitely need this gorgeous fabric bundle, I love how the girls have wrapped it for display in the store.


 The bonus is that the fabric pack comes with this lovely thread holder which was specially designed for this project and cut on our lazer cutter here in the studio.


I used Cosmo embroidery threads, which I like as they are so smooth to work with and the colours are perfect for my stitcheries. Here are the colours I used (we do have thread packs available).


Sandy has sent these pictures of her stitched blocks so far, I love that she is using a variety of different yarn dyed fabrics for her backgrounds. When I see these designs I realise that they would make great punchneedle designs too,  all I need is a few extra hours in my day!


Runa has completed her quilt already!! Very speedy work, it looks so nice the stitching is very neat, well done Runa.



 I hope you enjoyed taking apeek at 'Stitched Farm' my mystery quilt form 2014 that was in Simply Vintage magazine.

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Stitched by you....

 Lots of lovely projects that have been made by you from my patterns and fabrics :-) keep sending the pictures to me, I love seeing what your making x


Picture above: A Day Spent Sewing , Trish Taylor 


Picture above: Little House Pillow, Sylvia Barranco Rivera - Mexico


Picture above: Hexagon Sewing Bag, Sara Ruiz - Mexico


Picture above: Jodie - work in progress on ‘Waiting For Santa'


Picture above: Little House Pillow, Nellie - Mexico


Picture above: This is the block I made for Quiltmaker magazine. Helen the lady who won the block brought it to Quilt Festival, Houston and asked me to sign the block and has now made it into a lovely pillow.


Picture above: A Dog's Life, Cesclo2


Picture above: Chateau Hexagon, Sandy Harkless


Picture above: Sandy Harkless


Picture above: Chateau Hexagon, Karen Moore


Picture above: My Garden, Jutta from Berlin.

Photo 1

Picture above: Chateau Hexagon, Karen Gavrilovich

I hope you have been inspired seeing these lovely pictures to start a new project or finish one thats half begun! 

Enjoy Lynette


our Fijian holiday..

 Waiting at the airport...something I am getting very good at!!


The view of the beautiful Fijian islands as we came into land was incredible.


 I love the Fiji money, its so pretty. Much too nice to spend!


 Our hotel room bed was decorated ready for our arrival with flowers and lovely sarongs for us to use during our visit.


 The route from our little cabin on the beach to the dinning room took us across the stepping stones at the pool.


 The pool was spectacular! Looking out to the ocean made it seem enourmous!


 My favourite breakfast drink was coconut water which was still in its original packaging!


 We really enjoyed the traditional lighting of the lamps each evening as dusk was decesnding.


Here we are enjoying pre-dinner drinks at the little island bar out in the ocean.


 New Years dinner for two complete with crackers! What a wonderful peaceful view...


 As we waited for the fireworks to begin I looked up to see Mr moon peeking out from behind this tall palm tree.


 We had fun one morning making baskets... 


 ...and watching hats being made.




I love my hat which sadly as its made from plant material I was unable to bring back to Australia. I hope I watched how he made it well enought to try and make one here.


 A quick selfie (with my BF), while we waited for some villagers to perform some traditional songs and dances for us.


 It was a wonderful show, we both had a great evening.


 We farewelled our holiday island on a rather wet morning and were laughing as we had to travel out to the ferry via a very small tin boat and were contemplating how wet we would get when the hotel receptionist gave us each a disposable poncho to wear...very stylish!!


What a great time we had, we have come home relaxed and ested and ready for an exciting 2015.

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